Why Oklahoma Joe Pellet Grill Auger Not Turning On [Reasons + Solutions]

A dead auger motor, cropped shear pin, clogged auger, defective power source, and a faulty auger are mainly responsible for your Oklahoma Joe pellet grill auger not turning on. 

oklahoma joe pellet grill auger not turning on

However, if you are struggling with this auger difficulty, you shouldn’t get worried. Because going through our today’s guide sharply, you will definitely get the perfect solution to your auger turning issue. So, let’s explore…

Why My Oklahoma Joe Pellet Grill Auger Not Turning On [Reasons + Solutions]

While using the Oklahoma Joe pellet grill, you may encounter several problems, including the auger making sound and not turning on. If your grill auger fails to turn on, you should focus on the solutions to the following issues. 

1. Dead Auger Motor

A faulty or dead auger motor is a significant cause for which the Auger of your Oklahoma Joe pellet may fail to turn on.

The defective Auger motor fails to come off, hindering the overall Auger running process.


Replacing the dead motor is the only solution to this problem. Contact a technician or manufacturer and replace the auger motor’s whole assembly if required. 

2. Cropped Shear Pin

The shear pin can crop when the Oklahoma Joe Pellet Grill Auger fails to handle too much workload.

The augers safety mechanism consists of a shear pin and is designed to break when the auger’s torque becomes too significant. The other reasons for this problem are: 

  • Too much workload and augers excessive use 
  • Too great augers torque
  • Pins shear strength is less than the auger overload


If your Auger is not turning on, contact a technician to check whether the shear pin is broken or not. Replacing the broken or cropped shear pins is the best solution to this problem. The other keys are: 

  • Don’t use the Auger excessively and reduce the workload
  • Avoid using too excellent an augers torque
  • Ensure enough strength of augers pins shear
  • Replace the broken Auger

3. Jammed Or Clogged Auger

If any nail or screw is stuck into the auger pellet hopper, it will stop turning on. Accumulation of various dirt causes blockage in the auger motor which leads the auger to stop working. The other reasons for the auger motor jamming are: 

  • Complex foreign objects contamination in auger
  • Water affects the pellet hopper
  • The open hopper lid gets wet by the rain shower and moisture developed in the auger
  • Wet expanded pellet jammed in Auger


Jam or clog in Auger is a typical reason it stops its regular operation. The first key solution is removing and cleaning the blockage or clog from the auger. The other options are the following: 

  • Use a wrench to clean the auger blockage 
  • Check and clean the foreign object stuck in the auger
  • Make sure your grill auger is safe from water and moisture
  • Ensure the hopper lid is closed so that water can’t enter it
  • Use dry pellet in Auger, which is easy to burn

4. Auger Motor Pin Is Not In Place

The Auger motor pin is an essential component for the smooth running of the Oklahoma Joe Pellet Grill Auger. Displacing the auger motor pin is responsible for stopping the Auger’s turning-on process. The other factors of this problem are:

  • Missing auger pin
  • Auger pins get loose in grills inside
  • During the assembly, the auger pin fall out 
  • Floating auger pin in grill


The auger motor pin ensures the Auger’s security inside the auger shaft. If the motor pin becomes dislocated from its proper place, it hinders the Auger’s easy operation. Thus, ensure that the auger pin is in the right place. The other solutions are: 

  • Check the grills jiggle and hopper to find the missing auger pin
  • Contact customer service or a technician to tighten the pin
  • During the grill assembly, make sure that the hook didn’t fall out
  • Replace the auger pin if required

5. Defective Power Source

Power source supply power to the Auger for smooth running. But if the power source itself is faulty, then obviously the auger motor will not turn on. Various factors can make the power source defective, including:

  • Defective outdoor outlet
  • The grill has no power supply
  • The controller is not lighting up


To solve the above problem, you should contact an expert and professional technician to handle it. However, the other solutions to this problem are: 

  • Check the defective outdoor outlet and replace it if necessary
  • Make sure the grills controller is lighting up
  • Ensure proper power supply to the grill

6. Defective Auger

The defective Auger itself is the most significant cause of the Auger not turning on in the Oklahoma Joe Pellet Grill.

If the grill auger has any defects or stops suddenly, it will not turn on again. The grills auger can be defective for the following reasons:

  • Auger motor’s high-speed turning
  • The gear set constantly turns the Auger with a much higher force
  • Weak auger motor
  • Pellets feed slowly because of low auger pressure
  • Fluctuating grills temperatures


When there is a fault itself in the Auger, the only option is to replace the Auger. Contact the manufacturer or an expert technician to return the Oklahoma grill’s Auger. You can also follow the solutions below: 

  • Ensure the auger motor is turning at a low speed
  • Replace the weak auger motor before it makes the whole Auger defective
  • Increase the auger pressure so that the pellets feed properly
  • Ensure smooth grill temperature to keep the auger safe

7. Excessive Force Place on Auger Motor

The Auger motor fails to run smoothly when we place excessive force on it. Extreme pressure on the gearbox causes the auger motor failure; as a result, it may not turn on. Moreover, the excessive gearbox force causes a jam in the motor. 


Avoid overusing your grill and putting excessive force on the grill’s auger motor. Instead, clean the auger clogged pellet feed properly to not face pressure while running. Again another solution is swapping the new fuse in the grill’s control panel. 


How to Clean the Oklahoma Joe gas grill?

Maintain the cleaning routine regularly. Use a warm, damp, or soft cloth to wipe the spilled marinades or sauces from the Joe gas grill. Again, use a nylon bristle brush to brush off the grill’s grates. 

Is Oklahoma Joe Grill good?

The Oklahoma Joe grill is sturdy irrespective of its model. These smokers are long-lasting, and they will provide you with long-term service. The key to its longevity is slow cooking at a superficial level. And for this reason, it’s so well revered by the users. 

Are Oklahoma Joe thermometers accurate?

Accuracy is a problem in Oklahoma Joe thermometers. 10-15 degrees is the acceptable level for the Oklahoma Joe thermometers, and the allowable temperature range is 200-250 for a grill or smoker. 

How to turn off the Oklahoma Joe pellet grill?

Once the Pit Control Screen of the Oklahoma grill flashes the message “DRN HOP,” it will start shutting down. The letter indicates to use of the pellet storage bucket to drain the unused grill pellets. Then, 2-3 times, pull the handle to release the shell. 

Who owns Oklahoma Joe’s?

Joe Don Davidson is the owner and founder of the company Oklahoma Joe. Under barbecue smoke’s significant influence, Jeff and Joe together decide to invest in the restaurant business. 


I hope this troubleshooting guide was helpful for you, and now you know the reasons for the Oklahoma Joe Pellet Grill Auger not turning on. We tried to incorporate all the relevant problems and their solutions. If you find this post interesting, you can comment to inform your point of view. 

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  1. Extremely dissatisfied with my Oklahoma Joe’s deluxe smoker. Had it for 2years. Have had to replace motor, thermostat, and the heat probe. Auger still will not work. We’ve gone through all your troubleshooting and it still will not work. Any advice you have would be much appreciated. Please turn our very dissatisfied experience with a good one.

    • Hi Bill

      In such a case, it would be wise to contact the Oklahoma customer support center or your local Oklahoma dealer to inspect your unit to find out the main culprit behind the pellet grill issue & fix it.

      Best of luck!


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