Optimus Heater Keeps Turning Off [5 Easy Solutions]

Optimus heater keeps turning off due to faulty power supply, tripped circuit breaker, defective thermostat. Also, blocked air filters and an activated tip-over safety switch will constantly shut down the heater.

However, if you are struggling with the heater shutting off issue, you are in the right place.

It’s because, in today’s, Optimus heater troubleshooting guide, we will break down the above annoying issues. So, let’s get started. 

Optimus Heater Keeps Turning Off [5 Easy Solutions]

Here, we have triggered the leading causes behind this problem. Also, we have included the effective solution steps below. So, scroll down…

1. Check The Power Supply

To operate any electric appliance, there needs a fluent flow of power supply. If somehow there is an inadequate power supply, the heater starts malfunctioning, including keeps turning off.

Before moving through the solution period, let’s have a glimpse about the root cause behind the faulty power supply:

  • Worn out wires
  • Defective electrical cord
  • Faulty outlet
  • Incompatible voltage and wattage supply
  • Loosely plugging in
  • Damaged power socket.


  • Start by checking the visible wires. If it is worn out or damaged, don’t be late to fix them right now.
  • Then, look at the power socket. Sometimes it is got damaged. Repair it.
  • While checking the socket, don’t miss the power cord. If you find any brownish stain or damage there, you have to repair it as well.
  • Now, measure the voltage and wattage of the heater. Note that 1500 Watts (W) or 1.5 kW will be perfect here. But it differs from the heater model.
  • Then verify that you have plugged the heater tightly.
  • It will be better to connect the heater to the different outlets. 

2. Has The Circuit Breaker Been Tripped?

The circuit breaker is the primary power source of any house. It states on the top of the house where all the electric devices are connected in a row neatly. But when there is an overload of electrical devices, it gets tripped.

When any of the switches of the breaker trips, it immediately shuts off the power supply of that specific appliance.

This happens because of the underprovision of voltage. In some cases, the breaker becomes faulty itself or has damaged wires inside. 


  • First, turn off your heater and unplug it from the socket.
  • Then, come to the breaker. Here, disconnect all the electric devices from it except the heater.
  • Now plug in the heater only and check if it is working or not.
  • If yes, be sure there is a problem with the breaker.
  • Also, if not, check all other devices like this.
  • Anyways, if you find any tripped breaker of any switch, just unplug it for some while and plugin again. This will reset the breaker.
  • Besides, replace all the worn-out wires from the breaker. And if the breaker is faulty, replace the circuit breaker.

3. Defective Thermostat May the Culprit

A thermostat is the most vital part of any heater. The main function of the thermostat is to regulate the temperate and set the room at your desired room temperature.

When the heater overheats, it shuts off itself and the heater as well. Also, it may start malfunctioning for several reasons. Like:

  • Improper temperature setting
  • Loose or damaged wiring
  • Dead batteries
  • Incorrect installation of the thermostat.

How To Fix Faulty Thermostat

  • First of all, change the dead batteries of the thermostat.
  • Then, check all the visible wires attached to the thermostat. Replace or repair all worn-out or cracked wires.
  • Now make sure the proper position of thermostat. Always place it away from the sunlight, air vents, and kitchen, and up to 60 inches above the floor due to heat reasons.
  • Finally, set the templates of the thermostat higher than your current room temperature. 
  • You may need to replace the melted, damaged, or broken thermostat.

4. Blocked Air Filters

Block air filters are the root cause for causing such issues. Clogged filters are the main obstacles to flowing air fluently.

Lack of air flowing overheats the heater and turns it off constantly. So, if you have so long to clean your heater, it is the right time. Go through the below steps:


  • Turn off the heater and disconnect it.
  • Allow the heater to get kool for a few minutes
  • Firstly, have a microfiber cloth and carefully clean the exterior with the cloth.
  • Then, suck off the debris from air vents using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Wipe down the grill of the vents with a damp cloth but make sure the water does not enter inside of the heater.
  • Finally, plug in the heater and turn it in.

5. Activation Of Over-Heat Protector

Optimus Heater features two overheat protectors and a tip-over safety switch. They equip the unit for safety purposes.

When the temperature of the heater becomes overheated, they quickly shut off the heater to prevent any accident and internal damage. 

When the unit shuts down, the red caution light will be on. Anyway, you can fix the issue by just resetting the heater. 

How To Reset Optimus Heater

With a Reset Button:

There has a reset button on the back panel. It is near the top in the middle of the panel, where an element connection covers it with 3 Philips screws.

Just remove the cover and start pressing the button. Then, the heater will remain shut off for two minutes. After two minutes, it will restart.

Without Reset Button:

Don’t worry if your unit does not have any safety switch. Turn off the heater. Switch off the thermostat as well and disconnect the heater from the power line.

Leave it for 10-15 minutes until the caution light is off. Then, press the ON/Off button and start the heater. 


Why is my portable heater not working?

A faulty power supply will be the leading cause of this. Also, defective heating elements, a blown fuse, a damaged switch, a defective thermostat, and heat sensors will not let the heater properly work.

Why is my space heater blowing cold air?

When your space is blowing cold air, be sure the clogged air filters are the main cause. Also, faulty heating elements or cracked wires are responsible for this.

Final Verdict:

Hopefully, our comprehensive guide has been helpful enough to you, and you could have easily fixed your heater’s problem. 

Don’t forget to share your valuable thoughts with us. Also, if you have any queries, write a comment below. We are here to help you.

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