Optimus Heater Troubleshooting [6 Easy Solutions]

Whether you have an Optimus electric heater or Optimus dish heater, you need to know about optimus heater troubleshooting. This is because you can face many problems like a faulty heat sensor, fuse problems, remote control problems, and more. The advantage of knowing about a troubleshooting guide is that you can solve these problems by yourself without calling out professional help.

We declare that after reading this guide, you will be happy that you can know 6 Optimus heater problems, their reasons and you can solve these problems by yourself. So, let’s get started on the main discussion.

Optimus Heater Troubleshooting [6 Easy Solutions]

It can be a worrisome problem if you don’t know the reasons and solutions for your optimus heater not working. To solve your worries we have come up with 6 reasons and solutions to various Optimus heater problems. Check the below guide for details.

1. Faulty Heat Sensor 

There is a round heat sensor at the top of the dish heater, situated just above where the heating elements are. It can be faulty to cause your heater to rotate without any heat being produced and the alarm signal lights up.


To solve this, you need to take the back of the heater off which is the portion with 3 screws holding it to the back of the heater and you need to expose a few wires. 

Connect the white wire which you need to remove from the fuse to the set of red wires that are connected by heat shrink tubing. For doing this, firstly, cut the red wires separately after eliminating the heat shrink connection. 

Now, rewire the red wires back together using a ring terminal. Then, attach the new connection to the post to where the white wire is attached to. By doing this, you can bypass the heating sensor and solve the problem. But as you are bypassing a security feature of the heater, it is a risky solution.

2. Fuse Problems

Sometimes, there can be fuse problems in your Optimus heater, causing alarm signal lighting up and no heat is produced but the heater is powered up.


To solve this, you need to find the cover that has three screws which are located behind the reflector. Unscrew the cover and you will see two wires, a red wire, and a white wire. 

A white wire from the terminal goes into a white sleeve and becomes a red wire. Inside the white sleeve, there is a special fuse situated. Cut out the white sleeve and remove the fuse.

Now, cut the fuse with the wires. Connect the white wire to the red wire with electrical tape. Finally, ensure that wires are wrapped with electrical tape. This way you can solve this problem.

3. Remote Control Problems

At times your Optimus dish heater doesn’t work with the remote that comes with it. However, it will work without the remote. In this case, the remote control of your Optimus dish heater has problems. \


To solve this, you need to replace the battery of the remote.

4. Master Switch Problem

If your Optimus dish heater doesn’t work with the remote that comes with it or without it, then there can be a master switch problem.


In this case, you need to turn off the Master Switch on the heater. Then, unplug the heater and wait 12-15 minutes before plugging it back in again. Now, turn on the Master Switch on the heater and try working it. Hopefully, that time out will provide the Master Switch with sufficient time to reset itself and solve this problem.

5. Wires Problem

If your Optimus heater is old and you have used it a lot, then there can be corroded wires in your heater. As a result, your Optimus heater will not power up. The wires erosion to the point where they just fall away from where they were connected. It can cause switches to get friable and break apart and thermostats to go bad. 


In this case, remove the cover to look at the ends of each wire. When the ends of the wires look bad, you need to replace them. Ensure that you use the same gauge or thicker wires with high-temperature insulation. Newer heaters generally have fuses. So look wherever you have not looked before where there is a power wire.

6. Overheating Problem

Sometimes your Optimus heater will flash white light and red light and it won’t work. This problem occurs because your heater is overheated. A maximum of Optimus heaters have a thermal fuse for protection overheat in case of thermostat issues and failure.

It is situated inside the heating coil place so it can sense an overheating temperature. The thermal fuse might be covered with an insulating material with the thermal inside. When overheating occurs regularly in the heater, this thermal fuse can get damaged. You need to replace the thermal fuse to solve the problem.


How to reset optimus heater?

To reset the Optimus heater, you need to press the reset button. You will find the reset button on the back panel of the heater where the element connection cover is situated with 3 screws holding it. Remove the element connection cover and press the reset button. After pressing it, the heater will shut down after two minutes. Then, press the reset button again and it will restart within one minute.

How to fix a broken heater?

The first thing you need to do when fixing a broken heater is to detect precisely what is wrong with your system. It can give you a better idea of how you can solve it. Simple fixes might include ensuring the power is turned on and the circuit breaker is functioning properly. The thermostat of the heater might have problems and you might need to replace the thermostat with a newer, better working one.

Do space heaters have fuses?

Yes, space heaters have fuses. Space heaters generally have fuses coming with a rated current of 8-15 Amperes, and a rated voltage of 120-240 Volts.

Why is my propane heater not igniting?

If the thermocouple is a long distance away from the flame, it can cause the pilot to go out and not ignite the propane heater. Another common issue behind this problem is a clogged gas pipe. Also, if the propane heater sparks but won’t ignite or stay lit, the gas cylinder that supplies it might be finished or the gas might even be turned off.

Do most space heaters turn off automatically?

Generally, every space heater should have an emergency turn-off in the circumstance they turn over by accident. However, it can vary in various space heaters. Maximum cheap space heaters won’t shut off automatically. Even if you own a space heater with an automatic turn-off feature, you should not depend on its automatic turn-off feature to stay secured.


If you are eagerly wanting to solve your Optimus heater problems, then this Optimus heater troubleshooting guide is just for you. Here we have elaborately discussed 6 Optimus heater problems, their reasons, and easy solutions. 

We are hopeful that this guide will help you to do the Optimus heater fix for your various Optimus heater problems. Still, if your problem has not been solved yet, then let us know in the comment box. We will try to solve it ASAP.

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