Why My Pelonis Heater Not Working + How To Fix [Solved]

An electric space heater is a perfect way to boil the frigid condition of any space. You can carry it wherever you go and bring a warm & toasty environment back even on the chilly days by turning the heater on.

But there is no guarantee that it will give you the heat for years. Like other electric appliances, your electric heater will start malfunctioning over time, no matter where the heater comes from. 

For example, Pelonis heater not working is an issue that may suffer you in the ice-cold days of winter. It will get defective due to a faulty circuit breaker. Therefore, you will get no heat if you set the thermostat to the lowest setting. 

And we compiled this guide to help you fix the heater issues to get the heat you need to warm yourself in the cold winter days. 

Why Is My Pelonis Heater Not Working?

In this section, we will highlight all the possible issues that may cause your Polenis heater to not function properly. 

1. You May Not Plug In The Heater

You will never turn on your heater if you don’t connect it with electricity. Without plugging the unit into a standard outlet, you can’t power on your space heater.

Besides, check the electric outlet for a trip. If it gets tripped, your heater won’t get the electricity it requires to turn on. 


Ensure you plug the Pelonis heater into the electric outlet. Of course, don’t forget to inspect the outlet to check it’s in good condition. If needed, replace the electric outlet.

2. Circuit Breaker or Fuse Gets Defective

If the circuit breaker gets defective, you can’t expect the heater to work or function. An electrical fault, overloaded circuit, a power surge, or faulty component will cause the circuit breaker to get tripped.

Before plugging the unit, check if the circuit breaker is in good condition or not. Therefore, a blown fuse is also responsible for the heater not turning on.


We recommend you plug your space heater into an electric outlet that is not used to power other electric appliances. If the circuit breaker gets faulty, replace it or plug your heater into another standard outlet. 

3. Obstruction In The Heater

Check the heater if there is any obstruction to it. Dirt, debris, or particles can make a home in your space heater. And it may make your heater malfunction. In the worst cases, it may be responsible for an overheated heater. 


If you find any obstruction, turn off your heater and unplug it from the electric outlet. Then, leave the heater for several minutes to let it cool down. Finally, remove the obstruction. 

4. Internal Temperature Exceeds Normal Operating Temperature

Every space heater comes with an overheating safety feature. If the internal temperature of your heater exceeds the normal operating temp, your heater will automatically shut it down itself. 


Just turn off the heater and detach it from the electric connection. Then, leave your heater for 10-15 minutes to let it cool down. Next, plug the unit into the outlet and turn it on.

If the heater still gets overheated, turn it off and reach out to the manufacturer’s support team for help. 

5. You May Set The Thermostat Too Low

Setting the thermostat too low is another culprit that will shut off your heater automatically. Besides, the unit will turn off if the room temperature goes higher than the temperature you set on your thermostat. 


Setting the thermostat to a High position will solve the issue. If it doesn’t fix this issue, call customer service for help. 

2 More Issues With Your Pelonis Heater

Here are two more problems and their simple solutions with your Pelonis heater:

Issue 1: Pelonis Oil Filled Heater Won’t Heat Up

Sometimes the oil-filled heater from Pelonis won’t heat up when the pilot light is on. It happens if the thermostat fuse gets burnt.

So, replace the thermostat fuse and make sure you connect the wires tightly. Then, test the thermostat with a multimeter and you should get less than 1 ohm. 

Issue 2: Pelonis Heater Smells like Burning Something

Your Pelonis heater may smell like it burns something. There are three reasons behind the burning smell. They are:

  • Maybe some foreign objects get stuck between the sections of the coils.
  • The circuit gets overheated and makes the cord or outlet too hot also.
  • May have been a tiny oil leak in the coils.

Firstly, unplug the heater from the electric outlet and let it cool. Then, remove the obstruction from your heater. Secondly, change the defective circuit. Finally, call customer service to fix the tiny oil leak. 


How do you reset a Pelonis heater?

Here is how to reset the Pelonis heater: Turn the unit off. Then, you should unplug it and leave it for 10 minutes. And finally, plug the unit into the electric outlet and turn it on. 

How do you start a Pelonis heater?

Make sure the power switch knob is in the off position. Then, plug the heater into a standard 120V outlet. Next, power on your heater and turn the power switch knob to your desired position (low, medium, and high). Finally, turn the thermostat to Min or Max. 

Can heaters cause power outages?

Yes, heaters can cause power outages if you plug another appliance into the outlet where you already plugged the heater and turn it on. 


If you want to let your Pelonis heater function smoothly for years to come, maintain this heater properly. Clean the unit before and after the winter season. 

Then, follow the troubleshooting steps we mentioned to detect the problem your heater goes through. Then, take the action to solve a specific problem. 

Otherwise, call customer service to solve the issue for you if you can’t fix the heater problems by yourself. 

3 thoughts on “Why My Pelonis Heater Not Working + How To Fix [Solved]”

  1. I just got my pelonis heater for a small bathroom, it gets used no more than 15 minutes each day, Its model PSHO8GF 1ABB , The fan blows yet no heat. It may warm up just a bit then cool air again, Both settings are set to Max and # 3

    Also once a week I vacuum the elements through the vents, both sides, please advise

    • Hi John

      First, check the thermostat setting that may be set to the lowest setting. Set it correctly. Also, check the circuit breaker as due to a faulty circuit breaker your heater won’t work. If the circuit breaker gets faulty, replace it or plug your heater into another standard outlet.
      If it doesn’t work, take help from a technician or Pelonis heater help center.


  2. “Like other electric appliances, your electric heater will start malfunctioning over time, no matter where the heater comes from. ”
    I have two older heaters, probably from the 60’s or 70’s which never have failed me. I have seen at least 5 of the Pelonis heaters all have problems on the lowest settings or even medium settings, operated according to instructions, all have difficulties staying on.
    The new heaters must have some safety feature that limits their usability is my only guess. If your heater comes from a different time-period, they should work without issues, but not the new heaters.


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