11+ Polaris Water Heater Problems, Errors & Alerts [How To Fix]

The common Polaris water heater problems are water noise from the heater, no green or yellow light, drain valve leaking, and water leakage.

polaris water heater problems

Today, here we will talk all about the Polaris heater problems with causes and simple solutions.

We can confidently assure you if you read the article by the end, you will be capable of dealing with your Polaris water heater problems, errors, and alerts all by yourself like a skilled professional. So, let’s get started.

5 Polaris Water Heater Problems & Their Solutions

Here are the most common Polaris water heater problems and their solutions. This discussion will help you to effectively deal with your water heater problems within minutes. 

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1. Unusual Noises:

Water heaters produce noise when they are operating. Not all types of noise indicate trouble. But, you should not ignore any type of unusual noise. 

Noise caused by sediment buildup is one such problem that requires attention. When sediment builds up at the bottom of the tank, it creates an unusual noise. Too much sediment build-up can even lead to premature tank failure.

To fix this noise, you have to drain and flush the tank. Here’s what you can do:

  • Safety comes first. Before jumping into the main process, turn off the electric supply of your water heater. Then shut off the gas valve
  • Now, turn off the cold water inlet valve & turn on the nearest hot water faucet
  • Take a hose and connect its ends to the drain valve and to the drain
  • Open the water heater drain valve and drain the hot water from the tank
  • Flush the tank with running water to remove the sediments
  • Finally, close the drain valve and fill the tank with water again

After completing these steps, check the heater by turning it on.  

2. No Green Light:

If there is no green light when the heater is powered on, it is a matter of concern. You may even have to call Polaris water heater tech support to solve this problem.

But before doing that, follow these instructions:

  • Check the wire connection and see if the 120V is connected to the black wire. The L1 server should be connected as a ground wire
  • Inspect the 24 VAC on the transformer. Replace the transformer if it’s defective
  • Check the 24V in the terminal block. If you notice any defect, change this part as well 
  • Finally, if nothing works, change the blower cover safety switch

This should light up the green light when your Polaris water heater is powered on.

3. No Yellow Light:

If you notice that the yellow light of your water heater isn’t on, here’s what the Polaris water heater manual tells us to do:

Checking the set pot:

  • Set the temperature to the lowest setting. Then, set the ohmmeter at X1
  • After that, remove the orange wires from the t-stat board and see if the reading says 20,000 ohms
  • Set the dial to the highest setting
  • Make sure the resistance drop to zero from the highest setting
  • If the reading is not like this, change the set pot

Reassembling the black wire:

  • If changing the set pot doesn’t solve anything, try reassembling some wiring
  • Remove the black wires from the t-stat board and test the black sensor wires
  • The water temperature in the tank must match the appropriate reading
  • Change the sensor or the E.C.O, if the reading is not perfect

Reassembling the yellow wire:

  • Make sure that the yellow wire is connected to the ground and matches the 24V module
  • If it doesn’t, then change the yellow wiring
  • Replace the thermostat circuit board

After getting these things right, the yellow light of your Polaris water heater should be on.  

4. Polaris Water Heater Leaking:

A faulty Polaris water heater blower motor can cause your water heater to leak. Such leaking can lead to disaster because there is electric wiring in the system. This is why it’s important to fix this problem.

Here’s how you can fix the water heater leaking problem with 3 steps:

  • Find the shut-off valve at the top of the tank and rotate the valve to turn off the water supply. You can shut off the main water supply as well
  • Open the tub spout to relieve the pressure of hot water. You can use the level of the TP valve as well. 
  • If these 2 steps don’t solve your problem, turn off the gas or the electric signal. Then, drain the water heater using a garden hose

While you are doing these, be aware not to touch your heater while it is still connected to the electricity.

5. Drain Valve Leaking:

If the drain valve of your Polaris water heater leaks, it can be problematic. But, this problem is easy to solve. Just take a rubber washer and use it to seal the tank. And now you have fixed the leaking drain valve.

If you can keep the above discussion in mind, you shouldn’t have any problem dealing with the most common problems of Polaris water heaters.

3 Major Polaris Water Heater Error Codes & Their Meaning

Polaris water heater is a very user-friendly device. Not only does it work with efficiency, but its features also help the users to maintain the overall device.

One such convenient feature is the error codes that come up on the water heater display. The diagnostic system of the Polaris heater can detect problems and flash signals accordingly.

If you know the codes, it can save your water heater from heavy damage.

And if you don’t know the codes yet, you will in a moment. Here are 3 major error codes of Polaris water heaters and their meaning.

Error Code 1: Pressure Switch Closed Failure

This error code means that the pressure switch has failed to close properly. This indicates that the ignition control module or the ICM is unable to detect any fresh air in the Polaris water heater. 

No fresh air means no combustion. And as a result, your device will fail to function.


In this case, the problem is probably with the pressure sensor valve. If too much dirt gets clogged in the pressure sensor valve, this error code will flash. So check for dirt in the pressure sensor valve and clean it thoroughly.    

Error Code 2: Pressure Switch Open Failure

Polaris water heater error code 2 indicates malfunctions in the pressure switch. It means that the ICM or the Ignition Control Module has failed to test the air pressure of the incoming airflow. This is happening because the system is unable to close the pressure switch. 

This results in a scarcity of air inside of the unit. Eventually, the water heater fails to start a burn cycle due to the unavailability of oxygen. This error code can mean dirty air filters as well.


In case of error code 2,  you can try doing the things. Firstly, see if there is a stable power connection. This problem can occur in case the 24Vac isn’t across the pressure switch.

Check for cracks in the PVC tubing. There can be leaks as well. Fix any form of cracks.

Lastly, check the exhaust/intel air vent. A clogged air vent can be the reason for error code 2. So, thoroughly clean the vent and make sure there is nothing stuck there. 

Error Code 3: Failed Ignition

Water heater ignitor problems are actually quite common. When the ignitor fails to light up, or just stops the mid-way, Polaris water heater error code 3 appears. 

Polaris water heater distributors can solve the issue of American standard water heaters, not lighting. But, solving a failed ignition can be tough even for them.


Despite being a complicated issue, if you know the tricks, you can easily deal with Polaris water heater error code 3. You just have to reach the ignitor and examine it thoroughly.

You have to:

  • Look for dirt and debris
  • Look for leaks in the gas pipe
  • Look for clogging in the ignitor and burner

Look for the problem and take adequate measures. You have to make sure that there are no cracks, leaks, or clogged dirt. Knowing about these 3 error codes will save your water heater from severe damage. However, these are not all. There are 5 more minor error codes as well:

Here’s an overview:

Error CodeProblemSolution
1Faulty Gas valve Hardware> Look for leaks and fix the crack/
> Change the gas valve
2Faulty Flame Sense Hardware> Change the hardware
3False Flame> Shut off the water heater and restart it after 15 minutes
4Faulty Ignition Control Hardware> Check for cracks and debris
5Faulty Ignition Control Software> It’s better if you call an expert at this point

If you know about all these error codes and the actions they require, you will have no difficulty using your device. 

4 Polaris Water Heater Alert Messages & Their Meaning

In addition to the error codes, the Polaris water heater displays internal faults by showing an alert message. 

If you are aware of these alert messages, you will be able to fix your  Polaris heater easily. Here are the 4 alert messages and their plausible response:

Alert Message 1: Ignition Failure

Cause: There is no detectable flame

What to Do:

  • Use a manometer to measure the gas pressure. It must be at least 1.5” WC
  • Make sure that the gas control valve wire connections are solid and neat.
  • Make sure that the flame sensor connection wires are clean and tight
  • Ensure that the wire connection to the spark ignitor is compact and unsoiled
  • Examine the realign igniter gap and the spark igniter is in proper condition 
  • Ensure an adequate electrical ground for the heater  

Alert Message 2: Blocked Exhaust

Cause: Restricted exhaust pipe

What to do:

  • Check the exhaust pipe. Clean, if debris or anything is blocking it. 
  • Inspect the exhaust elbow, condensate drain, and outside termination to make sure there are no cloggings
  • Make sure that the pressure switch connections are tight and clean
  • Check the pressure switch. If you find that the switch is open, replace it with a new one
  • Observe if the high wind is affecting your device

Alert Message 3: Blocked Air Intake

Cause: The air intake is restricted

What to do:

  • Make sure that the pressure switch connections are tight and clean
  • Inspect the intake pipe, air filter, outside termination, and inlet moisture drains while the blower is running
  • Clean off any obstructions you find
  • Notice if there is any excessive negative air pressure
  • Replace the inlet switch, if it doesn’t remain open

Alert Message 4: High-Temperature Limit Has Exceeded

Cause: The energy cut-off has shut off 

What to do:

  • Ensure a tight and clean wire connection to the upper-temperature probe
  • Take the water temperature of the heater. It shouldn’t be more than 140°F
  • Measure the continuity between the upper-temperature probe and the two red wires. Use a multimeter for measurement 
  • Replace the temperature probe or flame sensor, if the water temperature is below 160°F
  • Turn off the gas supply and the electric power, if the water temperature rises more than 195°F 

These are the 4 alert messages of the Polaris water heater that can save you from trouble. 

4 Things To Do To Keep Your Polaris Water Heater In Good Condition

To be honest, maintaining a Polaris water heater can be tough. You need patience and dedication to keep your water heater in good condition. 

In all of Polaris water heater reviews, you will find information regarding the features of this device.

You will get to know about Polaris water heater troubleshooting from them as well. What you will not find is a proper guide that will help you to clean the water heater easily.

But don’t worry, we have got a clear set of instructions for you that will help you to keep your Polaris water heater in good condition for a really long time. 

Here’s how to maintain a Polaris water heater perfectly in 4 steps,

1. Flushing and Draining The Water Tank:

The water heater tank must be flushed at least once every 6 months. The purpose of flushing is to dispose of the sediment that will build up during usage.

You need to keep the water tank empty during cold weather as well.

To Drain the Tank You Have To:

  1. Turn the gas shut-off valve to turn off the gas supply
  2. Turn off the supply of electricity to the heater
  3. Open the hot water faucet and keep it running till the water is cold
  4. At the bottom of the heater, you will find the left-handed access panel. Open it.
  5. Open the water heater drain valve to allow all the water to drain from the tank
  6. Flush the tank to remove all the sediments
  7. Close the drain valve and then replace the access door before refilling the tank
  8. Restart the heater.

Your water tank is now clean. If you don’t maintain this process regularly, too much accumulation of sediment can damage the water tank. It can even result in cracks in the water tank.

2. Check The Temperature & The Pressure Relief Valve:

The temperature valve and pressure relief valves are some of the most important Polaris water heater parts. These parts control the basic functionality of the device.

The pressure relief valve and the temperature valve must be checked at least once a year to ensure that they are in perfect condition. If you notice any damage, you must have a new pressure valve & temperature valve and replace them immediately.

Here’s How to Check the Valves:

  1. Slowly lift and release the lever handle of the temperature and the pressure relief valve
  2. Notice if the valves are operating freely and returning to their closed position
  3. Shut off the gas valve immediately, in case the valve fails to reset and releases water instead

When this happens, you need to change the valves as soon as possible. But, if there is no leakage or anything, you can rest assured that your valve is in good condition.

3. Make A 3 Month Inspection:

Every three months, do a visual inspection of the complete device. During this inspection, you will examine the exhaust pipe, the water pipe, and the combustion air inlet.

Do the Following Things During this Inspection:

  1. Inspect the venting system for damage, deterioration, or obstruction. Make sure none of these factors are affecting your device.
  2. Examine the whole water heater for any kind of leakage and damage. Take adequate action if there is any. Calling an expert would be the best thing to do in this situation.
  3. Make sure there is no flammable material near the installation area. 
  4. Ensure that there are no combustible elements near the water heater.
  5. Restart the device after you are done and see if there are any noticeable changes.

4. Replacing The Gas Valve:

The gas valve controls the flow of gas and thus. It basically controls the water heater. You probably understand now just how important this part really is.

This is why it’s important to make sure the gas valve is okay. For this reason, if you find any trouble with it, have a gas valve & replace it.

Here’s How To Replace The Gas Valve:

  1. Turn the temperature dial counterclockwise and set the settings to the lower option. Then, turn off the electrical power and the gas connection as well.
  2. Remove the pressure tap from the gas valve, but don’t disconnect the hose.
  3. Remove the head screw that’s holding the electrical plug. Then, remove the plug from the gas valve.
  4. After that, remove 3 of the T-25 Torx head brass screws. These screws basically attach the gas valve to the venturi manifold. 
  5. Remove the gas valve from the unit. But, don’t remove the rubber gasket. Keep it attached with the valve.
  6. Now, It’s time to reattach the gas valve. To do that you have to remove the O-ring from the flange first. 
  7. Attach the new O-ring that came with the valve kit
  8. Reattach the elbow flange that you removed earlier. Reattach it tightly to the gas valve. Place the screws accordingly.
  9. Attach three T-25 Torx screws through their designated holes in the venturi manifold flange.
  10. Install the rubber gasket perfectly.
  11. Place the gas valve and screw it in its position with a T-25 Torx wrench.
  12. Reconnect the pressure tap and the external gas supply line to the new gas valve
  13. Reconnect every line and turn everything on to make sure the water heater is working properly
  14. After making sure that the water heater is properly working, reinstall the access door

And just like this, you will have perfectly replaced the gas valve. This is a very important part of maintaining the Polaris water heater. So, do it with utmost care. 

If you can maintain these 4 parts regularly in the methods discussed above, you will be able to use your Polaris water heater for a really long time.

Also for a better understanding, you can watch the video on how to replace the gas valve of a water heater.


What Trips The Reset Button On A Hot Water Heater?

In most cases, a bad thermostat trips the reset button on a hot water heater. Other reasons that can cause this to happen are:

  • Shortage of heating element 
  • Faulty wiring
  • Malfunctioning switches

Should the Water Heater Be Turned Off If No Water?

Professionals recommend that it is better to keep the water heater turned off if you do not intend to use it in the next 24 hours. In addition to keeping the water heater switch “OFF”, you should empty the water tank as well.

How Long Will Water Stay Hot In Water Heater Without Power?

If the internal temperature of your water heater reaches the maximum level and the power goes out, the water will remain hot for at least an hour. Depending on the situation, the water can remain warm for two hours as well.

Should I Turn My Water Heater Off at Night?

Most people believe that it’s better to keep the water heater on all the time. But, this is not true at all. It’s better if you keep your water heater off at night. This will keep your water heater healthy for a long time.

To Conclude:

The Polaris water heater is an impressive device. But everything has a downside. May it be for improper maintenance or internal malfunction, the Polaris water heater can have different issues.

But, if you follow our instructions and utilize what you have learned from our discussion you won’t have any problem dealing with it no matter what happens to your Polaris heater. Comment below, if you have any problems we didn’t cover.

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