Ravelli Pellet Stove Error Codes [9 Easy Solutions]

Like other pellet stoves, the Ravelli Pellet Stove also displays error messages to let you detect the specific problems with your pellet stove. However, the error code on the Revelli Stove is known as an alarm message. 

ravelli pellet stove error codes

For example, the digital control will pop up ‘AL 01’ if there is no voltage during the work phase.

Below, we will disclose some alarm messages, their meaning, and how to clear those Ravelli pellet stove error codes. So, keep reading till the end. 

Ravelli Pellet Stove Error Codes [9 Easy Solutions]

Here is the list of the common pellet stove error codes & their meaning. We will also break down the way of clearing those error messages. 

Error Code #1. AL 01

The digital control of your Ravelli Pellet Stove will pop up the alarm message ‘AL 01’ if it gets no voltage. In other words, the stove doesn’t get electric supply during the working phase. 


Switch off the unit by pressing the off button. Then, turn on your Ravelli Stove again. We hope it will clear the error message. If the alarm code doesn’t disappear from the digital display, contact the area Technical Assistance Center. 

Error Code #2. AL 02

K probe failure or AL 02 will flash on the control board due to the following reasons:

  • The wiring of the K probe gets disconnected from the electronic board.
  • The K probe itself gets defective.


First off, inspect the K probe’s wire connection. If the wiring gets loosened or detached from the control board, tighten up the wire connection. Secondly, replace the defective K probe with a new one. We recommend you hire a certified mechanic to solve the K probe issue if you are not inclined. 

Error Code #3. AL 03

Overtemp issue or alarm message ‘AL 03’ will pop up on the control board because of:

  • Nonoptimal combustion in the brazier due to the clogged internal stove ducts 
  • The tangential fan gets damaged


Firstly, turn off your pellet stove and unplug it from the electric power. Then, clean the brazier and tube bundle using an air compressor.  On the other hand, replace the tangential fan with a new one if it gets defective. 

Error Code #4. AL 04

If the fume exhaust of your Ravelli Stove gets damaged, the digital control will show the error message ‘AL 04’. An incorrect connection of the fume exhaust encoder or a malfunctioning fume exhaust is responsible for this issue. Plus, a blocked fume extractor or no power to the fume extractor is another culprit behind this Ravelli stove problem.  


Clearing this error message ‘AL 04’ from the display is a bit challenging. If you are mechanically inclined, follow the direction written in the manual. Otherwise, it is better to hire a certified technician to solve this issue. 

Error Code #5. AL 05

No switch-on or the error code ‘AL 05’ will be displayed on the control board if:

  • The pellet tank remains empty
  • Incorrect pellet calibration and suction during the switch-on phase
  • The position of the ignition coil is incorrect or it gets defective 


Check the pellet tank for fuels. If there are little to no pellets, fill the tank with high-quality wood pellets. Then, call customer service to solve both the pellet calibration and ignition coil issues. 

Error Code #6. AL 06

The pellet stove will show the error code ‘AL 06’ if the pellets in the hopper get finished. Or, the gear motor is malfunctioning and it doesn’t load wood pellets. Turns out, the Ravelli stove will pop up this alarm due to insufficient pallet load. 


Inspect the container for fuel. If there is an insufficient wood pellet, top up the tank with pellets. Secondly, replace the gear motor if it gets faulty or damaged. In this case, hire a professional if you don’t know how to replace the gear motor. And lastly, regulate the pellet setting. 

Error Code #7. AL 07

Ravelli RV100 classic error code 07 or AL 07 will flash on the digital display due to these reasons: 

  • A defective control board
  • The connection of the manual reset thermostat to the hopper gets triggered
  • The brazier and tube bundle gets clogged


Firstly, inspect the control board. If it gets faulty, replace it with a new one. We suggest hiring a certified technician to do this task for you. Secondly, reset the thermostat by pressing the button you can find on the back of your pellet stove. And lastly, clean the brazier and the tube bundle evenly to clear out this stove issue. 

Error Code #8. AL 15

The following reasons are responsible for displaying the error message ‘AL 15’.

  • An internal part of the control or electric board that controls the pellet infeed screw gets faulty
  • Incorrect input voltage or the possible voltage gets dropped


First off, inspect the flue to see whether it’s free & clean or not. If it is dirty and gets clogged, clean it and remove the blockage. Secondly, check the main voltage. If the problem continues, call Ravelli customer service for help

Error Code #9. AL 17

Ravelli pellet stove error code 17 or AL 17 is another issue you may encounter. This error message will pop up due to airflow issues. The display will show the ‘no flow’ alarm if the flow meter fails to measure the input airflow correctly. 


Ensure you close the door and drawer correctly. Next, inspect the air inlet pipe for obstructions. If it gets dirty, clean the air inlet pipe evenly. If the problem still persists, call customer service for help. 


From the top to the bottom of this article, we discussed the common error messages your Ravelli Stove displays. We also broke down their meanings and the way of erasing those error codes.

So, follow the steps we mentioned in the ‘Solution’ section under each stove problem. If the stove problems persist, we recommend you hire a certified technician to solve the pellet stove issue. 

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