Ravelli Pellet Stove Problems [9 Easy Solutions]

The most common Ravelli pellet stove problems every owner suffers from are: 

  • No pellet alarm
  • Black-out
  • No ignition alarm
  • Alarm fan broken
  • Depression alarm
  • Thermal alarm with reset
  • And smoke sensor alarm
  • Blower not working
  • And error codes
ravelli pellet stove problems

In this Revelli pellet stove troubleshooting guide, we will disclose the reason behind these stove problems. Plus, we will also break down how to solve those issues. So, read on till the end to fix the issues with your pellet stove. 

Ravelli Pellet Stove Problems [9 Easy Solutions]

Ravelli pellet stove is an electric appliance. So, it starts malfunctioning over the course of time or a lack of proper maintenance. From this section, you can learn about the stove issues you will encounter often. 

1. No Pellet Alarm

Your Ravelli Pellet Stove will display the ‘No Pellet’ message for the following reasons:

  • There is no wood pellet in the hopper
  • The gear motor doesn’t function to load the wood pellets
  • No pellet loading


First off, check the hopper to see whether there is wood pellet or not. If the gear motor doesn’t turn on, inspect the hopper for foreign objects. The unknown objects in the hopper may prevent the correct functioning of the screw. Lastly, regulate the pellet setting if no pellet feeding. We suggest you contact your local Ravelli pellet stove dealer if the problem persists. 

2. Black-Out

The stove will pop out the ‘Black-out’ message if there is no electric supply during the working phase. 


Set the on/off switch to the On position. Then, turn on your stove again. If the stove problem continues, call customer service to solve the electric supply issue. 

3. No Ignition Alarm

Ravelli Pellet Stove No Ignition! When your pellet stove will display the ‘no ignition’ alarm, we bet the hopper is empty. But the main culprit behind this issue is the igniter that gets defective or the position of the igniter is incorrect. 


Inspect the hopper for wood pellets. Fill the hopper with fuel if it is empty. Next, check the position of the igniter on your pellet stove. If you are not inclined, hire a certified mechanic to do this task for you. If the igniter issue persists, you should replace the igniter.  

4. Alarm Fan Broken

Your Ravelli Pellet Stove will display the ‘Fan Broken’ alarm due to the following reasons:

  • The flue fan encoder connection is not correct or it is not functioning correctly.
  • There is no power supply to the flue fan. 
  • The flue fan gets clogged. 


If you are mechanically inclined, check the direction written in the Ravelli Pellet Stove manual. Otherwise, it is better to inspect the flue fan issue of the pellet stove with a professional. 

5. Depression Alarm

The depression alarm will be displayed on your Ravelli Pellet Stove if: 

  • The combustion chamber gets dirty.
  • The chimney gets clogged by dirt, dust, and insects.
  • A malfunctioning pressure switch.


Clean the combustion chamber evenly by using a wet cloth. Next, check the chimney for dirt. If it’s dirty, clean the chimney with soapy water. Lastly, test the pressure switch for proper operation. If the pressure switch is malfunctioning, replace it. In this case, it would be wise to hire a professional to do this task. 

6. Thermal Alarm With Reset

Hot smoke alarms or thermal issues will occur due to a defective air fan. Improper combustion in the firepot is also responsible for this issue. Therefore, the thermal alarm issue is the result of the intervention of the thermostat with a manual reset. 


Replace the defective air fan with a new one. To solve the combustion issue, turn off the stove first. Then, clean the firepot and regulate the combustion with the setting of the pellets. Thirdly, fix the thermal issue with reset by resetting the thermostat. Just press the button on the back of your stove to reset the thermostat. 

7. Smoke Sensor Alarm

You will encounter the smoke sensor issue if the sensor itself gets defective or damaged. Plus, the loose wire connection from your smoke sensor to the control board is responsible for the sensor problem. 


Hire a professional to replace the smoke sensor or repair the wiring of the sensor. 

2 More Issues With Your Ravelli Pellet Stove

Apart from those 7 issues, you could also go through the following problems with your Ravelli Pellet Stove.

1. Ravelli Pellet Stove Blower Not Working

The blower of your Ravelling pellet stove will not spin if the blower fan blades get too dirty by dirt or lint. Consequently, it restricts the airflow through the heat exchanger. And it will trigger the ‘Hot Smoke’ Alarm. 

You can fix this issue by removing the dirt & debris buildup from on and around the blower blades. Therefore, the blower won’t spin if the motor gets bad or the control board gets defective. Now, you may ask- how can I understand if the motor is not functioning?

Simple, use your fingers to spin the blower. If you can rotate the blower effortlessly, understand it’s a problem with the motor. So, replace the blower motor with a new one. On the other hand, you should hire a professional to fix the control board issue. 

2. Ravelli Pellet Stove Error Codes

Ravelli Stove will pop up some error codes like error code 07 or 17. Each of them has a different meaning. For example, error code 07 means the control board gets defective.

On the other hand, you will encounter this issue- ‘Ravelli pellet stove no flow’ when the display flashes out the error code 17. We recommend you call the support team of Ravelli to clear these error codes or alternatively you can read our comprehensive guide on how to fix Ravelli pellet stove error codes.


What is the life expectancy of a pellet stove?

The typical life expectancy of a pellet stove is 10 years under normal use. However, you can expect the stove to last longer if you maintain it properly.

What is the most reliable pellet stove?

Here is the list of the most reliable pellet stove you can consider:

  • Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22 
  • Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22 
  • Breckwell SP24I 
  • Breckwell SP24I Pellet Stove Insert 
  • Osburn 2500 Freestanding Pellet Stove 
  • Osburn 2500 Freestanding Pellet Stove 

Why did my pellet stove stop working?

Your pellet stove will shut down because of improper pellet feed rates. Therefore, a defective auger is also responsible for the pellet stove issue.

How can I make my pellet stove quieter?

Follow the below steps and maintain them to make your pellet stove quieter.

  • Ensure everything in your unit is secure & tight.
  • Keep the feet of the stove leveled
  • Keep the heat exchanger rod clean

Why does my pellet stove make so much noise?

Improper air and fuel balance inside your pellet stove will make your stove produce a roaring noise. 


Throughout this guide, we have discussed problems associated with the Ravelli pellet stove. We also have broken down how to solve the issues. So, follow every troubleshooting step we have mentioned. 

But the best suggestion is- to maintain your pellet stove properly. Inspect and service your pellet stove once a year by a professional. We hope regular maintenance and annual inspection of your stove will prolong its life. 

Well, if you face any other issue with your pellet stove, the comment box is free for you. Just let us know. We’ll be happy to help you.

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  1. I thoroughly cleaned my entire stove including the firepot. I am now getting an alarm “Do clean firepot” what could be the cause of this alarm?

    • Hi Kim

      Try cleaning the firepot again using a wet cloth properly. If it doesn’t work, take help from Ravelli Pellet Stove Service Centre or a professional technician.


  2. Do you know how I can establish the firmware version on a Hydro model? Our backlight on the display (7 button) has failed but we are being told we will need to provide our firmware details before we can order a replacement unit. Thanks

    • Hi Sarah

      To solve your pellet stove issue, first, clean all vents. Then, check all the gaskets & repair or replace them if needed. Plus, increase the airflow & increase/decrease the feeding rate to adjust the air-to-pellet ratio. Then, try again to turn the fire on.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Best of luck!

    • Hi Richard

      To fix the issue, first, clean the combustion chamber & hopper again & make sure sufficient airflow. Plus, ensure the fuel or the air is not being blocked from getting the fire.

      If it doesn’t work, visually inspect your pellet stove for any worn parts that you may need to replace.

      Hopefully, you’ll get the solution.

      Best of luck!


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