Rec Tec Temperature Problems + How To Fix [3 Easy Solutions]

Rec Tec is not heating up or the grill gets defective are some examples of Rec Tec temperature problems. Putting low-quality wood pellets, windy conditions, and ash accumulation in the fire pot are responsible for the temp issues. 

If you don’t gain the ambient temperature, you can’t cook soft and delicious meat. To fix the grill temperature issues, we compiled this grill troubleshooting guide just for you. So, without further ado, let’s dive deeper into this article. 

Rec Tec Temperature Problems

In this chapter, we will focus on the temperature issue of your Rec-Tec grill. Therefore, we also provide the solution to fix the temp problems.

1. Rec Tec Not Heating Up

Your Rec Tec Grill is not heating up or fails to maintain the temperature for several reasons. First off, putting low-quality wood pellets in the hopper is the culprit for not producing the heat you need for grilling. 

Secondly, an obstructed fire pot with ash is responsible for insufficient airflow. You can’t expect the grill to hold the ambient temperature if there is an airflow issue. 

The environmental issue is another culprit behind the temperature issue of your pellet grill. When in direct sunlight, it will cause the Rec-Tec high temp issue. In other words, your grill will reach higher than your desired temperature level. 

Temperature fluctuation is the result of windy conditions. For your better understanding, you can also read our ultimate solution guide on why my grill not heating up.


Make sure the pellets you put are dry & fresh. Then, move on to checking the fire pot for ash accumulation. If there is any ash, vacuum out all the pellets from the fire pot. 

Lastly, move the grill from direct sunlight or keep the Rec Tec Grill under a shed. And don’t forget to place the grill in a less windy area. 

2. Defective Temperature Probe

Rec Tec Temperature Probe problems like dirt accumulating on & around the probe or it may get bent is responsible for the grill temp issue. 

The temperature of your grill will climb up to your desired temp level if the temp probe gets defective. You will not get an accurate temperature readout if the temp probe gets bent and touches the side of the grill. 

Turns out, the grill will show you inaccurate or higher temperatures if dirt gets accumulated on and around the temp probe. 


Firstly, check the temperature probe for dirt accumulation on it. In this case, pull out the bracket hanging over the probe. Now, use a washcloth to clean the temp probe. Don’t scrub the RTD probe roughly as it’s a fragile part. 

If cleaning the RTD probe will not fix the issue, replace the temp probe with a new one. 

3. Rec Tec Losing Temperature

The fire continues to go out, or your grill keeps losing temperature is a common temp issue of your pellet grill. If you set the temperature setting too low, you will never get the temperature you expect from the grill. 

Besides, a clogged hopper with wood pellets is also responsible for losing the ambient temperature. On top of this, putting the moist wood pellets is also the culprit to not generating enough temperature. 


Make sure you increase the temperature on your grill. To raise the temperature, turn the temp dial clockwise to the higher position. If the hopper gets clogged, remove the wood pellets from the hopper. So, turn off the grill & unplug it from the power. Then, vacuum out the pellets from the hopper.  

Why Is My Rec Tec Overheating?

The following reasons are responsible for an overheated grill. 

1. You May Open The Grill Lid Frequently

The grill temperature will swing if you open the lid for a while. Opening the grill lid often will affect the internal temperature. Once you open the lid, the temperature of your grill will go down. To compensate for the lost heat, the controller of your grill will overshoot the temperature. And it is the reason for an overheated grill. 


To fix the overheating problem, don’t open the lid frequently. Once you set the cooking temperature, walk away and keep an eye on the grill. It will do the rest of the cooking for you. 

2. Grease Fire

If the grease fire occurs, you will experience an overheating issue. Grease fire will occur for several reasons. If you don’t clean the drip tray and the cooking chamber of your grill, grease will build up. And it causes the grease fire when the fire comes in contact with the grill fire. 


You must keep the cooking chamber of your grill clean to prevent a grease fire. If you cook oily foods like bacon, you should clean the cooking chamber often. Also, make sure you place the drip tray in the right place to prevent ‘grease pooling’. 

3. A Defective Controller

If you experience the grill overheating issue, make sure the controller works correctly. The controller of the grill will control the grill completely. From turning on/off to adjusting temperature, the controller does everything. 

If it gets defective, more wood pellets will feed into the fire pot, which will cause the overheating issue. Therefore, it will show you an inaccurate temp readout if the controller gets faulty. 


Check the controller to see whether it’s working properly or not. If not, replace it with a new one. Call the Rec-Tec support team to get a new one for free if your gill is under warranty. 


Temperature issue is a common problem every pellet grill owner will encounter. Environmental conditions, putting low-quality pellets, and defective temp probes are responsible for not gaining ambient temperature. 

Fortunately, we provided every solution to the temperature problems of your Rec-Tec grill. Therefore, we mentioned how you solved the overheating grill issues of the grill. So, follow the guides we provide to let your grill provide proper temperatures. 

Happy Grilling!

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  1. My grill is making a squeaking sound and kicks the breaker after about 3 minutes . Everything seems to be working right auger, blower and igniter not sure if there’s a bearing or something that is freezing up ?

    • Hi Bill

      Usually, the grill makes a squeaking sound because of air humidity, air temperature, air pressure or gas volume in the bottle. To fix this issue, you can exchange your pressure regulator. Again, if the grill’s bearing freezes up it could cause this issue.


    • Hey Bill – did you ever get this fixed? I put a brisket on at 8pm the other night to go all night. I came outside at 8am the next day to wrap it, and the meat was cold. The breaker kicked around 2am (according to the app). I have nothing else on that breaker, and it’s never happened before. I gave it a good cleaning, and tried using it tonight, but I heard the same squeaking you did, and the temp kept dropping. I wonder if there’s something wrong with the hopper.


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