Remington 75 Heater Blinking Green Light [Solved]

Remington 75 heater blinking green light is mainly an error indication from the heater system. There is a built-in lamp in the control panel of the heater. When there is a solid green light, that is a sign of normal operation. 

But the lamp starts flickering green light when the control panel senses something wrong in the heater system. Also, it shows an error code on the beside LED display. 

The most common error codes for the Remington heater are “E1”, “E2”, and “E3.” Each of the codes defines different malfunctions of the heater. 

To erase the error, you have to know the actual meaning of the appeared error. Follow the below guide to learn about the exact meaning of these errors and the corresponding responsive factors.

Remington 75 Heater Blinking Green Light [Solved]

Below we have explored each of the error codes for the Remington heater for why the lamp blinks green light. Also, learn how to resolve the problem effectively:

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1. Heater Main PCB Shuts Off & LED Display Shows “E1”

Most of the time, it seems that the heater is igniting properly, but the main PCB shuts off after a short period of time. At that time, the lamp starts flickering green, and the LED displays the error code “E1”. 

This is the most common phenomenon for the Remington kerosene-forced air heaters. There are a few reasons for the sudden shutdown of the PCB and blinking error code E1. For instance:

  • Incorrect pump pressure
  • Clogged fuel filter
  • The blocked input-output filter
  • Dirty nozzle
  • Dirty photocell lens
  • Incorrect installation of the photocell
  • Defective photocell
  • Improper electrical connection between main PCB and photocell

Follow the below instruction to erase the e1 error from the LED display of your Remington heater.


  • First up, you need to adjust the pump pressure. The pressure gauge reading should be in close proximity to the PSI listed chart below:
remington heater pump pressure setting
  • Access the pump set screw through the back of the heater. 
  • You will find the pump set adjustment located on the right side of the pressure gauge. These screws are used to adjust the pump pressure.
  • Take a flathead screwdriver and adjust both screws in quarter-turn increments to the right to increase the pump pressure. Turn the screws to the left to decrease the pump pressure.
  • Now check the air filter. Clean the filter if it is clogged with debris.
  • Clean out the fuel filter and nozzle as well. To clean the nozzle, remove it from the burner head and blow compressed air through it. 
  • If there are hard dirt particles in the nozzle, soak it in k-1kerosene to loosen the dirt.
  • Clean the photocell using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or water. Maintain this routine at least once per heating season.
  • Make sure the photocell is adjusted to the correct position.
  • Ensure a proper wiring connection between the main PCB and photocell. 
  • Follow the below diagram.

2. Heater Is Not Operating & LED Display Shows “E1”

There is another reason why the green lamp will flicker, and the LED will show “E1.” Here, the heater will stop operating, or the motor will run for a short time. 

The problem mostly occurs when there is no sufficient fuel in the fuel tank. Also, the clogged fuel filter and the dirty nozzle are highly responsible for this issue. Let’s have a glimpse at all other possible reasons for causing the “E1” error while the heater is not operating.

  • Incorrect pump pressure
  • Corroded spark plug or incorrect plug gap
  • Having moisture in the fuel tank.
  • Igniter wires are not connected to the spark plug.
  • Damaged igniter
  • Improper electrical connection between transformer and circuit board.

Here we have included the corrective steps to diminish the error from your air-forced heater:


  • First up, check the fuel tank. Clean out the fuel filter. Before cleaning the fuel filter, make sure the fuel tank is empty, and the fuel line is purged.
  • There might be moisture in the fuel tank. Rinse the tank with clean, fresh k-1 kerosene.
  • After cleaning, fill the tank with fresh kerosene. 
  • Clean out the nozzle as well.
  • Then, adjust the pump pressure. Access the pump set screws from the right side of the pressure gauge. Turn the screws right or left to increase or decrease the pressure.
  • Inspect the spark plug. After removing the spark plug, clean the terminals with a wire brush.
  • Verify igniter wire is connected to the spark plug.
  • Check the spark plug carefully if it is corroded or damaged. Clean it or replace the plug if needed.
  • Check out the igniter as well. Replace the igniter if it is not in working condition.
  • Finally, inspect all electrical connections between the transformer and circuit board. You have to ensure a proper wiring connection.

3. Remington Heater Lamp Flickering Green & LED Display Showing “E2”

If you turn on the power switch of the heater, but the fan fails to start on, the lamp will start flickering green. Also, the LED display will show the “E2” or “E1” code. 

The “E2” code on the kerosene air-forced heater is most likely related to the thermostat. If the thermostat is set too low, the fan will not start. 

In most cases, the incorrect electrical connection of the heater is the culprit for this issue. Improper wiring connection between main PCB and motor will not let the fan start.


  • Turning up the temperature of the thermostat will solve the “E2” error of the heater. 
  • You will find the thermostat set range is from 40 ºF to 110 ºF. Turn the control knob to the higher temperature setting.
  • If still the green lamp is flickering, check out all the wiring connections of the heater.

4. Remington Heater Lamp Flickering Green & LED Display Showing “E3”

If the heater lamp will flicker green light and the LED displays “E3”, be sure it is the error indication of thermostat switch failure. There is a built-in thermostat in every kerosene air-forced heater. 

The core function of the thermostat is maintaining the set temperature. There is about a 40 ºF to 110 ºF temperature range in the thermostat, which can be controlled by a control knob. 

The control knob is referred to as the thermostat switch. If anyhow, the thermostat switch fails to operate properly, the LED will display an “E3” code signifying an error, and the green light will start flickering. 


You need to replace the thermostat switch to diminish this error and to get back the heater operation. Disassemble the old thermostat and install the new thermostat back in place. But you have to ensure a proper electrical connection while installing the new thermostat.  


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Wrapping Thoughts

Hopefully, our comprehensive guide on Remington heater blinking green light could help you to fix your heater issues. From now, whenever you notice your Remington heater flashing green, just follow our guide and solve any error from your heater unit by yourself.

If still, you have any queries, don’t hesitate to comment below. We are here to help you.

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