Remington 75 Heater Blinking Green Light [4 Easy Solutions]

Remington 75 heater blinking green light is common in most heaters. It might be a sign of a healthy heater or a significant issue that must be solved instantly.

You may be able to repair the Remington 75 Heater if you know what is wrong with it. Wiring, low gas, air circulation, and thermostat may cause your Remington torpedo heater to blink green light. It will be simpler to choose your troubleshoot by reading this article. 

Flashing Error Codes Meaning For Remington Heaters

It is difficult to provide all error codes for every kind of heater. You should keep an eye to check out for the most prevalent codes. The principles listed below are only valid if the heater flashes green.

  • Furnace Flashes Often And Quickly: When it comes to heating your house, this is what you want to see. It is an indication that the furnace is turned on and working correctly.
  • Furnace Keeps Flashing– But Slowly: This indicates that the stove is turned on and in excellent operating order. The thermostat, on the other hand, has not requested heating.
  • Between Breaks, The Furnace Flashes Five Times: The furnace flashes five times, then pauses for a moment before flashing five times again. It is an indication that the flame is not where it is meant to be, indicating that the furnace has rolled out.
  • Between Pauses, The Furnace Flashes Twice: This indicates that your furnace has been turned off. The heater may become unresponsive to input while locked out. Unless you have to reset, the light will flash twice, then rest before flashing twice more.
  • When The Furnace Flashes Seven Times, Do The Following: If your furnace flashes seven times between breaks, there is a problem with the gas valve. Perhaps there is an obstruction in the heater, or the pressure is too low.
  • Eight Flashes generally indicate a low flame, whereas nine flashes indicate a damaged ignition system.

Remington 75 Heater Blinking Green Light [4 Easy Solutions]

Even when everything is operating well, the heater will flicker. It will flash green – but fast – if your heater is in excellent working condition, is switched on, and is operating properly. Now check this problem and the solution to troubleshoot by yourself. 

1. Blower Motor Issue

Your heater may have a wiring issue that necessitates Scott Temperature’s assistance. All of the lights are gently blinking. This indicates that the blower motor in your heating system is most likely broken. This component transports hot air from the furnace throughout your home.


Turn off its electricity at the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker should be clearly labelled. Lift the blower compartment lid to access the blower wheel and motor. Search for a small red and yellow button on the top of the air compressor. Hold down the reset button if it appears.

2. Low Gas

If one light flashes slowly while the other blinks quickly, your furnace may be experiencing a low flame indicator. This may happen even if your heater is working correctly. It might be a build-up on the flame detecting a poor location on the burner. Even sometimes, the water gets contaminated. 


Low flame may be caused by a lack of gas pressure, a bent or kinked supply line, or an obstruction in the nozzle or pilot tube. In this case, you must switch off the cylinder valve and replace it. While the outside temperature is below 40°F and the tank is less than 1/4 full, the odds of a low flame are considerable. In this scenario, a full cylinder is required.

3. Air Circulation

The igniting flame needs air to heat, and too much air will absorb it. You may be unable to ignite it due to airflow entering via a door or an open window.


If the pilot does not ventilate, it will not obtain adequate oxygen. The stumbling block is most likely at the ventilation opening, and it has to be removed. It may catch fire when the heater is turned on.

4. Thermostat Issue

The flickering thermostat might indicate a broken or dead thermostat. If the thermostat is gone, but you remember replacing it after the previous DIY repair, the heater may not be properly attached.


Check to check whether the thermostat is turned off. If that is the case, switch it on and set it to the heat setting (at least 5 degrees above room temperature). If batteries power your thermostat, you may need to replace them. Here you can learn how to install a thermostat from our thermostat instructions guide.


My Kerosene Heater Keeps Switching Off For No Apparent Reason.

If your wick is not working correctly, your whole kerosene heater will malfunction. It would help if you were on the lookout for the following wick issues: The wick has a layer of ash on it, which may prevent it from igniting. To clean the wick, burn it completely dry or replace it with a new one.

Does Kerosene Have A Life Span?

Kerosene that has been stored for a long time might become harmful. One of the causes is condensation, which adds water to the kerosene. Kerosene may also produce sludge due to bacteria and mold living in the fuel and breaking it down.

Is A Photocell Susceptible To Failure?

If your light continues to burn, the photocell has failed, and you need to replace the complete photocell unit.

My Dusk To Dawn Light Bulb Is Not Going On.

Turn off the lights first and foremost. The next stage is to switch it off for a fraction of a second. Finally, return the light to its original position. When it comes to adjusting your dusk to dawn lights, that is all there is to it.

Why Is Not My Torpedo Heater Working?

Make that the air pump filters and the fuel filter are both in good working order. – Examine the airline that links the air pump to the burner nozzle for any holes. Remove and check the air pump rotor for fractures and damage if no holes are found. – Depending on the source of the problem, replace the airline or air pump rotor.


Your heater’s flashing green light is not necessarily a positive indication. It might be positive, but it could also indicate a significant problem. So, before it is too late, stop what you are doing and troubleshoot it. Comment below your queries. We are here to help you .

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