Remington Heater Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

The common Remington heater problems are the heater not turning on or won’t ignite at all. Plus, the heater keeps shutting off, blinking green or red lights and the heater not getting power are frequent issues the users often face.

Ensuring the right pump pressure and airflow fixing the air leak, you can ignite your Remington heater and prevent it from shutting off. Sorting out the blown fuse will allow your heater to turn on without any obstacle.

However, still, if you find your heater not working or find you are struggling with other heater troubles, then go through our Remington heater troubleshooting guide till the end. You will absolutely get your heater problems fixed. So, let’s start…..

Remington Heater Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

The problems with Remington heaters are quite similar to each other but yet you couldn’t sort out the issue with the ones mentioned above. So, here we’ll show you some problems that Remington heater users mostly face nowadays: 

1. Remington Heater Won’t Ignite

The Remington heater won’t ignite because of either incorrect pump pressure or insufficient ground. Every heater has a fixed unit of pump pressure set according to its nature. When you don’t match the same pump pressure, your heater won’t ignite. 

The other case of insufficient ground occurs when the heater isn’t grounded properly. To attain zero voltage or stay away from a short circuit, you must ground your heater in the right place with sufficient space. If any of them is absent during the ignition, your heater won’t ignite. 


Before the ignition, look for the correct pump pressure and change the settings to it. Then your heater will ignite without causing any problem. In case of space, you better check out the sparks in your spark plug and ensure the spark ignites the heater. 

2. Remington Heater Won’t Stay Lit

Air leak is the reason behind this problem and you can’t sort this out till you open up the entire heater. But from now on, when the heater won’t light, understand that there’s an air leak in your heater. 


The full flow of fuel gets obstructed when there’s an air leak in your heater. So, you can fix this issue by simply ensuring a full bowl of fuel. Then there’ll be no air leak and your heater will stay lit. 

3. Remington Heater Not Turning On

When your heater is not starting on, then it is because of the blown fuse. Often due to an excessive load of work, a heater can blow out the fuse. The fuse can get blown when it’s passed its age as well. 


The best way to deal with this issue is to buy a new fuse from the market. It is the cheapest part of the heater, so you should purchase a new one and replace it with the older one right away. 

4. Remington Heater Blinking Green Light

If your heater flashes green light, that means there’s an issue with the nozzle or fuel filter. Most of the time this occurs when the fuel filter or nozzle is dirty. When you let your heater accumulate dirt from the air, it starts blinking green light. 


To deal with this issue, you need to keep your heater’s fuel filter in check all the time. Otherwise, the heater can get dirty or clogged which will lead the way to blinking. So, checking from time to time will ensure a clean fuel filter. 

5. Remington Heater Blinking Red Light

If your heater is flashing red light, then a ruptured airline should be the reason behind this. Often Remington heaters start blinking red light when there’s the presence of a ruptured airline. It can also cause issues with the ignition of your heater.


To fix this issue, you better repair the ruptured airline as soon as possible. If you can buy a new one, you should probably do that. This will certainly fix your red light flashing issue with the Remington heater.  

6. Remington Heater Stopped Working

The reason behind this issue is the lack of electrical power. When any heater doesn’t get the proper amount of electrical power, then it’ll stop working automatically. Electrical power is what keeps things like heaters and other gadgets running. 


To deal with this not working issue of a Remington heater, you must check the power panel first. Ensure the right amount of power to your heater, it won’t stop working in any situation. 

7. Remington Heater No Power

Anyone can guess the reason behind this problem just by reading it. Yes, when the Remington heater doesn’t get the required power to start, it’ll show a sign of no power. It can occur because of the leakage of power in the power panel or any other issue with the power panel for which your heater isn’t getting any power. 


In order to fix this issue, go and fix the issues of your power panel first. If everything seems fine, then put the power on and turn on your heater. No power issue will be gone by then. 


How to maintain a forced-air heater? 

To maintain a forced-air heater, you need to keep some things in regular check. The power supply is flowing properly or not, the right settings of the timer and temperature, thermostat setting, and the sufficiency of the fuel in your heater’s tank. 

Can you use other fuel without kerosene? 

You should never try to use any other fuel on the heater than kerosene. Kerosene is the most suited and prescribed fuel by the manufacturer. So, using other fuels without kerosene is not a good idea. 

How to adjust the pressure on the pump on your heater?

To adjust the pressure on the pump of your heater, first, bring out the user manual. The right amount of pump pressure will be mentioned on your heater. Adjust the same number on your heater and it’ll be adjusted right away. 

Can you use any extension cord? 

You can certainly use any extension cord for your heater. Though it isn’t something the manufacturer asks their customers to do. But if needed, then you can use one. 

How can you adjust the gap between the rotors?

To adjust the gap between the rotors, you need to open up the heater first. Then find out the rotors and adjust the gap between them manually according to the user manual. After adjustment, try resetting your heater and it’ll be adjusted. 

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you’ve got a clear picture of the Remington heater problems and learned the easy solutions as well to fix them by yourself. Once you understand the process of finding out the problem through their symptoms, things become easy for you. 

But if after reading through the entire article, you couldn’t sort out what the problem is with your heater, then let us know about your issue. We will be happy to offer you a solution in no time.  

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