Saber Grill Igniter Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

A defective igniter battery, burner blockage, malfunctioning electrode, faulty ignition module, and an improper connection between the propane tank and gas grill mainly cause the Saber grill igniter not to work.

saber grill igniter not working

Whenever the grill’s igniter is not functioning properly, you should focus on the above-mentioned problems. However, don’t worry if your igniter suddenly stops lighting. If you read through this troubleshooting guide carefully, you will undoubtedly discover the answer to your igniter’s problem.

Saber Grill Igniter Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

Several factors play a crucial role in stopping the usual functioning of the Saber grill igniter. Below we discussed the possible causes and solutions to this igniter issue.

1. Defective Igniter Battery

Most gas grills, including the Saber grill’s igniter module, consisting of a battery. The battery is the power source for the igniter. A healthy and perfect power source ensures proper running of it.

Now, if there is an issue with the battery, your Saber grill won’t ignite. The probable causes of this problem are the following:

  • Incorrect battery installation
  • The battery’s protective plastic remains in it
  • Damaged battery


The battery system igniter module depends significantly on the battery for ignition. The defective battery is responsible for the igniter not working. The solutions to this trouble are the following:

  • Ensure correct installation of artillery within the module. Take help from the technician to install it if necessary
  • Often we forget to remove the protective plastic from our brand-new grill. Make sure that you properly remove it.
  • Replace the damaged or defective Saber grill igniter battery

2. Clogged Burners

The ignitor electrode sparks near the Saber gas grill burner. Thus, if the burner itself is dirty or has a clog, it may hinder the igniter’s easy working process. The following factors contribute to becoming a dirty burner:

  • Dirt, dust, or foreign objects build up within the burner
  • Leftover oil and grease in the burner tube
  • Dirty or damaged burners
  • Grime and insects clog the burners tube and ports


The clogged burner is one of the main culprits that hinders the Saber Grill’s igniting process. Ensuring the burners are in good condition is necessary. Thus, the above problem’s solutions are the following:

  • Inspect your grill’s burner regularly
  • Use a soft-bristle broom or cloth to remove the burner’s inside dirt or other foreign objects
  • After finishing cooking, use a delicate thing to clean the oil and grease leftover in the burner tube
  • Replace the damaged burner
  • Remove and clean the burner’s tube and ports

Note: You can also read how to fix a faulty Rec-Tec pellet grill igniter.

3. Faulty Igniter Electrode

The electrode is responsible for gas ignition and burner spark. If the electrode is not okay, the gas grill will fail to ignite.

The faulty electrode is one of the leading causes of the igniter’s lighting problem. Various causes can lead to a defective electrode, including:

  • Rust or dirt build-up in the electrode
  • The electrode fails to get an adequate gas supply
  • Flame tamer and cooking grates in it
  • The improper placement of the igniter mounting screw


If your Saber Grill igniter stops working because of a faulty electrode, the keys to solving it are the following:

  • Use a toothpick, bleach-free cleaner, or toothbrush to remove the rust build-up from an electrode
  • Contact an expert repair specialist to replace the faulty or damaged one
  • Ensure adequate gas supply in the igniter electrode
  • Inspect whether the electrode is okay or not by pulling the mounting screw in it

4. Defective Ignition Module

Proper functioning of the ignition module is essential for the smooth working of the Saber gas grill’s igniter. The igniter electrode receives current from the module and helps with lighting.

However, due to the defective module, the igniter fails to produce light in the grill. The causes leading to these issues are:

  • Igniter button press for too long or too frequently
  • Dead battery
  • The module fails to deliver the clicking sound


Replacing your defective ignition module is necessary to ensure the tip-top shape of your Saber gas grill. If the faulty module is the culprit for which the igniter is not working, you should follow the solutions below:

  • Contact a technician and replace the defective module
  • First, check the igniter battery and then press the button
  • Replace the damaged or dead battery
  • Ensure the module is producing a clicking sound

5. Worn-Out Spark Generator

The spark generator in the Saber gas grill comes in piezo or battery form. The worn-out spark generator in your grill may hinder the igniter’s working condition.

The causes that create this difficulty are the following:

  • It’s not producing the hard snap or clicking sound
  • The spark generator is not in good shape


Whether the spark generator is worn out, adequately working or not depends on its clicking sound. The ways to get rid of this issue are the following:

  • Make sure the generator is producing a hard snap or clicking sound
  • Ensure the generator’s good shape
  • Unscrew the generator’s cap and check the battery

6. Improper Ignition Wire Connections

An improper ignition wire connection is another component that keeps the igniter from working. If you see your igniter is not lighting, check the wires first.

Maybe the loose or improper connections between the cables create obstacles to the igniter’s proper functioning. The causes of this problem are:

  • Loose connection
  • Damaged wires


To solve this problem first, you should check whether the igniter wires are appropriately connected or not. The other solutions are:

  • Disconnect and reconnect the wire to ensure proper connection
  • Check that there are no loose wire connections
  • Replace any damaged wires

7. Faulty Connection Between Propane Tank and Gas Grill

If your igniter stops working, you can take a quick look at the connection between the propane tank and the gas grill. This factor is another culprit that creates the igniter lighting problem. Improper coupling nut connections can cause this issue.


Fortunately, the solution to this problem is easy. Properly connect the propane tank’s cylinder valve’s coupling nut to the gas grill, and the igniter will start working.

To adjust the coupling nut, you don’t need any tools. Instead, use the hand to adapt it, which prevents the threads from stripping.


How do I test the Saber grill igniter?

Watch the ignitor in the mirror, and a few times press the Saber grill control panel’s igniter button. A properly functioning igniter will spark at each click. If you don’t see any spark, you should replace your Saber grill igniter.

How do the Saber gas grill igniters work?

The igniter consists of a small hammer. When the hammer forcefully connects with the quartz crystal, the igniters work. The electrode rod jumps off onto the igniter’s ground plate because of this action.

Does a Saber grill igniter need to be grounded?

No grounding, wiring, or splicing is needed in your Saber grill igniter. Instead, slide the 6-burner igniter with six connectors. This simple action is enough for the smooth running of your Saber gas grill.

Can you light a Saber gas grill without an igniter?

When the grill’s igniter becomes problematic, you can manually start your gas grill. Open the Saber grill’s lid and start it manually. Make sure that all the control knobs are off. Remember to use caution when lighting it manually.

Are there batteries in Saber grill igniters?

Yes! Saber grill igniters run on batteries. It’s not the same for all grill igniters. The igniter also runs on gas and makes a spark similar to the long gas lighter. The burner holds the gas and supplies it to the igniter to spark.


Hopefully, this troubleshooting guide was helpful to you. Remember, any of the factors above could be responsible for stopping your grill’s igniter.

However, now you know what may cause the Saber grill igniter not to work. Most of the time, you can easily fix it yourself.

Finally, if you have any ongoing issues with your Saber grill igniter, please share them in the comment box below. We are here to help.

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