Sta Rite Pool Heater Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

The most common Sta Rite pool heater problems are not turning on, won’t ignite, not heating, or the heater cycling on and off incessantly.

Also, some other major troubles of the Sta Rite Pool Heater are keeps turning off, ignition lockout, or making noise while functioning.

sta rite pool heater troubleshooting

Users need to learn all the effective procedures to fix these issues. To think about this, we are here bringing a well-proven Sta-rite pool heater troubleshooting guide. So, to get the best solutions for each problem, thoroughly read this article till the end.

Sta Rite Pool Heater Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

If your Sta Rite Pool Heater triggers any major problems, you have to figure out the responsive factors for that problem first. Then, you will need to approach the corrective steps to fix the problem.

The below guide has complete details of the major factors responsible for each Sta Rite heater problem and their quick solutions. Let’s start…

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1. Sta Rite Pool Heater Won’t Turn On

This is the most common query among pool heater users. If your pool heater won’t turn on, be sure the degradation in power supply from the source is the root reason. The other possible reasons are:

sta rite pool heater won't turn on
  • Low water flow
  • Incorrect temperature settings in the thermostat
  • Wrong valve settings
  • Defective heater transformer
  • Malfunctioning of the safety switches

Follow the below instructions if you are struggling with the “Sta-rite pool heater not turning on” issue:


  • First, you have to ensure a fluent power supply through the heater. Then, if there is an ignition lockout issue, reset the heater. If there has a restriction in water flowing, clean out the filter and pump properly.
  • Ensure proper temperature settings on the thermostat. Always set the temperature higher than the pool water.
  • Check out the voltage of the heater transformer. If there has no correct voltage, replace it.
  • Measure the voltage reading of the high limit switch and pressure switch using a voltmeter. Jumpstart the heater using a jumper wire. If the heater turns on, replace the bad switches.

2. Sta Rite Pool Heater Won’t Ignite

Ignition failure is another common issue in the pool heater. Because of several reasons, the heater triggers this issue. Lower gas supply is the leading cause behind ignition failure.

Also, insufficient air supply, restriction in water filters because of filter blockages, and faulty transformers are responsible. Some other major reasons are defective flame sensors, incorrect thermostat settings, and bad igniter. 


  • First, power cycle your heater to eliminate the unresponsive factor.
  • To check the gas pressure, ensure the gas line is opened. Then verify that the gas orifice and burner system are completely unblocked. Also, there should have enough fuel in the tank.
  • Clean the clogged water filter. Make sure that the gas valve, gas supply valve, and plumbing valve are open. Check the voltage of the transformer. Replace the defective transformer.
  • Replace the flame sensor if you notice burns or cracks over the sensor body. Don’t ignore the igniter system. Replace the bad igniter as well.
  • Jumpstart the heater to check the safety switches. Replace the bad switches. Set the thermostat temperature higher than the pool water.

3. Sta Rite Pool Heater Cycles On And Off

If your heater cycles on and off incessantly, it is sure that the heater valves are closed. Or, there may have low water flow because of a dirty water filter.

The other major reasons are fluctuating power supply, incorrect pool water chemical levels, defective pressure sensors, thermal regulators, or high limit switch, blocked water filter, and deterioration of the heat exchanger. 


  • First, make sure that all the heater valves are opened and placed in the correct order.
  • Clean the water filter if it has any debris blockage.
  • Ensure a fluent power supply through the unit.
  • Now, reset the pool water and adjust the chemical level. Read through the manual for a better understating.
  • Inspect the pressure sensor, thermal regulators, or high limit switch to find corroded or defective ones. Replace if needed.
  • Inspect the heat exchanger and verify there has been any chemical or sanitizer damage. Replace the defective heat exchanger.

4. Sta Rite Pool Heater Not Heating

In most cases, the heater ignites but fails to produce the desired temperature. Bad temperature sensors, wrong thermostat temperature settings, undersized pool heater, and defective heating elements are some of the major reasons behind this. 


  • First, check out the temperature sensor of your pool heater. Ensure it is in good condition and installed properly.
  • Look through the thermostat of your pool. Make sure that the set temperature is higher than the pool water.
  • Check out all other heating elements. Replace defective ones.
  • If the pool heater is undersized than the pool size, it will take time to heat. 

5. Sta Rite Pool Heater Keeps Shutting Off

It seems to be the most common problem for a pool heater. There have various reasons for occurring such an issue. That includes:

  • Bad thermistor
  • Low water flow to a dirty filter
  • Closed valve
  • Defective heat exchanger

The effective solution steps for this problem are:


  • Check the flow of water first. If needed, clean the clogged water filter.
  • Now, check out the temperature on the display panel. If the reading is higher than the pool water, be sure the thermistor is bad. Replace the bad thermistor.
  • Incorrect water chemistry level occurs malfunctions to the heater exchanger. Balance the chemistry level of the water.
  • Also, check out the valves. Ensure all the valves are fully opened.

6. Sta-Rite Pool Heater Ignition Lockout

Ignition lockout is one of the major issues in almost all digital pool heaters. It is needed to learn what causes pool heater ignition lockout. There has an automatic ignition system in the pool heater. Mainly it turns on and off in order to maintain the pool water temperature at a maximum level.

 When the temperature exceeds during ignition, the temperature limit switches activate and shut down the heater to prevent overheating. However, you will have to reset the limit switch to get the heater back in operation:

How To Reset Pool Heater Ignition Lockout

  • First, reset the circuit breaker by turning it on and off.
  • Now, open the control panel and go to “Standby” mode.
  • Press the Up & Down buttons simultaneously until the indicator light flashes.
  • Then select the desired temperature “Up” and “Down” buttons.
  • Press “Mode” to select it.
  • When your heater turns on, press the “Mode” button again and select “Automatic” mode.

7. Sta Rite Pool Heater Making Noise

If your pool heater is making a strange noise, be sure the pool heater system is dirty. There have surely been obstructions caused by debris in the entire heater equipment.

The blocked heater element restricts the normal water and gas flow through the unit, that is creating a peculiar sound. 

Other possible reasons are building scale in the heat exchanger, faulty pressure switch, and clogged gas orifice.

Go through the below instructions to fix the sound issue from the pool heater:


  • First, clean out the complete heater unit. If possible, do a flash on your heater following the manual.
  • If the issue is related to the heater exchanger, replace the defective heat exchanger.
  • Check out the pressure switch. Replace the defective pressure switch.
  • If still, there has the same sound, contact the manufacturer of the pool heater.


How do I reset my Sta rite pool heater?

To reset the pool heater, you need to reset the circuit breaker of the pool heater. For this, just flip the breaker “OFF” position. Switch the breaker to the “ON” position after some while.

What causes pool heater failure?

Improper maintenance causes the pool heater failure. Lack of proper maintenance, there builds debris on the essential heater equipment that stops the normal heater operation. Also, imbalanced pH and alkalinity levels in pool water cause heater failure. 

How do I adjust the pressure on my Sta Rite pool heater?

To adjust the pressure, make sure the heater is turned on. Then, locate the adjustment wheel of pressure switches first. Control the pressure by turning the wheel counter-clockwise or anti-counter-clockwise. 

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, now you have a crystal clear idea of each Sta rite pool heater problem. Troubleshooting these problems will not seem too tough for you as long as you are following the above guide. 

We can expect that you will easily fix the heater issue yourself. Now, if you have any questions regarding this guide, leave a comment below. We will reply to you as soon as we can.

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