Taotronics Heater Keeps Turning Off [5 Easy Solutions]

The Taotronics heater keeps turning off when there is a weak power supply. Also, the overheated heater turns the heater to keep going out.

And the common reasons for your heater overheating include blocked air filters, tripped circuit breakers, damaged thermostats, and defective heating elements. 

However, don’t get in trouble if you face such a problem with your heater. Our complete guide will definitely help you to break down this issue. So, let’s dive into deep…..

Taotronics Heater Keeps Turning Off [5 Easy Solutions]

Here we have included the quick solution steps to fix your Taotronics heater that keeps shutting off.

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1. A Weak or Faulty Power Supply

If your Taotronics heater is constantly shutting down, the weak power supply may be the main culprit for this. A space heater needs up to 1500 watts of power supply to ensure it’s fluently working. 

But the amount is less in anyhow turning off problem will automatically start. So, it is best to find the reasons behind the low power supply. Go through the below process before contacting any technician:


  • In some cases, the faulty sockets cause this issue that must be concerned about. Replace if it is damaged or defective.
  • Now, look at the sockets of the main connection. If you see brownish stains, cracks, and corrosion, be sure there have some defects indeed. If so, replace the socket ASAP.
  • Check also the heater’s plugin connection. Make sure there is no loosening and connect with the socket correctly. 
  • Besides all these, don’t forget to check the power cord of the heater. Repair or replace it if you see any damaged wiring out there.  
  • After all, turn on your heater and check whether it is properly working or not.

2. Blocked Air Filters

The blocked air filter is one of the root causes behind heaters turning off and on rapidly. There has an air filter in front of your space heater.

If the debris clogged the heater filters, the heater becomes overheated and starts malfunctioning. 

Sometimes, dirty blower wheels also cause heater power-off problems. So, you should be regular in cleaning the air vents and air filters of the heater regularly.

If you are looking for the proper process of cleaning, look through our below-suggested methods:

How To Clean The Air Filters Of Space Heater

  • Before starting, turn off the heater and disconnect it from the mainline. Let it be cool for a while.
  • Take a microfiber cloth and wipe down the loose debris from the exterior of the heater. 
  • Now, take a brush-attached vacuum cleaner and start sucking the specks of dirt from the air filters.
  • Then, wipe the vent or grilles of your space heater using a damp cloth. 
  • You may disassemble the heater and clean out the interior component as well. 
  • After cleaning, reassemble the heater and turn the switch on.

3. Tripped Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is the main power source of your house, where many electrical devices are connected. But if there are too many devices connected to the breaker, it becomes overloaded and blown out. 

When the circuit is faulty, it fails to properly supply power to the connected electrical appliances because of the underprovision of voltage.

So, the heater turning off issue may cause by this. Now check your circuit box if there are any tripped switches.


  • First, unplug the other electrical devices from the circuit breaker and plug only the heater.
  • Now, check if the heater is working normally or not. If yes, be sure that the problem is in the circuit breaker.
  • If not, check other appliances in this way and find out the tripped switches.
  • When you find the tripped breaker, turn it completely off and then turn it back “On” after some while. This will reset the tripped breaker.
  • Sometimes, faulty wiring or damaged breaker also leads to this issue. In this case, replace the breaker. 
  • Now connect the heater to a different outlet.
  • If solving tripped breaker seems hard to you, contact the manufacturer.

4. Damaged Thermostat

A damaged or malfunctioning thermostat is also one of the main reasons for shutting down the heater too quickly. There stand various reasons for the malfunctioning of the thermostat.

 Like: loose or damaged wirings, dead batteries, and incorrect thermostat location. No worries, you can fix the thermostat issue by yourself. Just go through the following steps sensibly:


  • First, start by changing the batteries of the thermostat.
  • Also, inspect the thermostat and check whether there is any loose wiring or not. Repair or replace if you find any.
  • Then, you need to be concerned about the thermostat’s location as well. If your thermostat is located very close to any type of heat source, it will fail to read the temperature of the connected appliance. So, place the thermostat in an appropriate position. 
  • Besides all these, set the temperature of the thermoset higher than your current room.  

5. Defective Heating Element

In most cases, if there are any defects in the interior components of the heater, it affects its performance. There may be loose wires, or wires may be worn out. 

Sometimes, there may have cracks or corrosion on the inside of the component. Faulty heating elements easily lead to the heater being overheated which is the main enemy of the heater power system. To check the fact:

  • Connect the heater and turn it on.
  • Then, check the heating elements whether there is a bright color or not. If there is weak light, be sure there are some defects indeed.
  • Now, disconnect the heater and let it be cool.
  • Then, disassemble the heater and inspect the heating element.
  • If there are any loose or worn-out wires, replace them first.
  • Sometimes, cracked elements need to replace.
  • It will be better to contact the taotronics customer service.


What does the P4 error mean on the Taotronics heater?

Displaying P4 error on the temperature indicator means an inverter compressor drive error. A faulty blower motor causes such an error. Defective compressive also lead to this error which needs to be replaced. 

Is Taotronics heater a good heater?

Taotronics is one of the most highly reviewed heaters, which features stylish configurations with modern functions. It takes very less time for heat and is built-in with safety features.  

Final Verdict:

Hopefully, our comprehensive guide on TaoTronics heater troubleshooting has become helpful enough for you. We can expect that you can now easily break down this issue by yourself. 

Don’t forget to share your valuable thought regarding this guide. Also, if you have any queries, feel free to ask us through the comment section.

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