Traeger Pro 575 Smoke Setting [Explained]

Almost all the Traeger Pro 575 has all the time desire about Traeger pro 575 smoke setting to get a wonderful smoky flavor. Traeger is always best in the line of the pellet grill. 

But, when the fact is about signature smoky flavor, Traeger pro 575 is inefficient for the lacking of smoke mode. But it is not tough to get more smoke from this model as long as you can apply different tricks. 

traeger pro 575 smoke setting

In this comprehensive article, we will focus on all these well-proven procedures for smoke setting on Traeger pro 575. So, without any further delay, let’s move on. 

Traeger Pro 575 Smoke Setting [Know A-Z]

Before moving to the methods sections, let’s have some glimpse of smoke settings details from below: 

What Does The Smoke Setting Do On A Traeger

The smoke setting is a quite known word in the grill. It is basically a timed cycle of auger feeding oscillating between 15 and 65 seconds. The setting is intended to start the grill by igniting the wood pellets. 

It is not only used to start the grill but regulates the temperature. By regulating the temperature, it produces a good amount of smoke through the grill.

Usually, the smoke settings feature is needed to add the next level of smoky flavor to food. 

Almost all grill users desire to have such a special smoke mode to bring smoky flavor in greater amounts. All reputed brands’ grill has this smoke setting, including Traeger, excepting some specific models. 

Does The Traeger Pro 575 Have Smoke Setting

Traeger is one of the most well-known brands which are offering all the advanced features on the grill. But if the fact is about smoke settings, all the Traeger grill models are not the same in this case.

 There are a few models that are featured with the smoke mode. If your quest is about Traeger pro 575 about the smoke setting, unfortunately, the answer is no. 

Pro 575 model does not feature an actual smoke function. Though the model has not any smoke mode, it has the exact same controller and drivetrain as the Ironwood and Timberline, and these are equipped with smoke mode.

However, lacking smoke mode doesn’t make the grill completely smokeless. With the pellet fuel, you will get enough smoke from the grill. Still, many users desire to have a super smoke mode to get the advanced smoky flavor. In this fact, some tips and tricks can be applied. 

Can You Smoke On a Traeger Pro 575

Almost all the users want to experience enhancing a nice rich smokiness on the food while grilling on the grill. To get such smoke, balancing the internal temperature of the meat is quite needed. 

But many of us take it too hard. Thus, technology has developed a special smoke mode to lessen this struggle of the users.

 As you have read above, Traeger is one of the best brands for featuring smoke settings. But unfortunately, the smoke setting is still not featured in pro 574 as pro 22 and 34.

An initial smoke can be produced from this model. If you want to get the finest smoke as like smoke setting, you need to follow the effective methods. Below, we have already discussed all those tips. So, keep reading.

How Do You Set Super Smoke On A Traeger 575

To set the Traeger 575 to smoke, you need to adjust some settings in the control system. Let’s get to know all these in detail below:

Set The Temperature In Smoking Range [Between 170 to 180]

The first method to do super smoke on Traeger is setting the correct temperature. According to the grill mechanism, the lower temperature, the more smoke on the grill. So, in these circumstances, by slowing the cooking process and by lowering the temperature level, you can easily get the super smoke on your Traeger unit.

The temperature should be at that level where you are getting a rich, blue, and thin smoke. Only this type of smoke will ensure the best smoke imparting on the food. 

Anyway, according to the grill expert, if you will lower the temperature by about 25-50 degrees Fahrenheit, it will extend the cooking period to 30-45 minutes. Set the temperature in the range of 170-180 but below 200 to get the finest smoke. 

To some Traeger users, 165F is the accurate point to get this good smoke. In this temperature range, your food will stay longer period on the grates that assist in boosting the smoke. Besides, there is no need to worry about keeping the food moisture and not letting it over dry.

Switch The Wood Pellets With Quality Pellets

The next method is changing your current wood pellets. Basically, Traeger always recommends using their own brand pellets on the grill.

But when you are in the chore of setting smoke mode on the grill, those pellets will not prove so effective.

 According to the user’s review, Traeger’s pellets are a bit lagging behind when the matter is about producing deep smoke.

So, obviously, you need to swap the pellets with the quality ones. Various pellets from several brands are available on the market. 

Some of the high-quality brand wood pellets will provide a more intense, smokier flavor. No worry. We have already suggested a list of some of the finest wood pellets brands below. For instance:

  • Louisiana Grills Pennsylvania Cherry 40 LB Grilling Pellets
  • CookinPellets 40 lb. Bag of Premium Hickory Wood Pellets
  • BBQr’s Delight Wood Smoking Pellets
  • Camp Chef Premium Wood Pellets
  • Lumber Jack Grilling Pellets

Set A Smoke Generating Tube

If you have already applied lower temperature and changed the wood pellets, now you have to set a smoker tube to get enough smoke.

A smoke generator smoke will produce additional smoke but doesn’t give additional heat from the grill. 

The smoker tube is manufactured from 304 stainless steel contraption, and you will find it cylinder-shaped. The tube holds wood pellets or chips in a compact space that lasts for more than 5 hours.

 Also, there have little holes all over the tube body from where the air easily comes in and diffuses the smoke on the grill evenly. You can also control the smoke flow from the grill.

The tube is not incredible for producing the hot smoke only, and even you can generate the cold smoke here as well. Apart from this, it is compatible with any type of wood pellets from any brand.

Most importantly, if you desire the long-lasting smoke output from the Traeger, then must invest in a smoker tube. Here you will not be hassled for refueling. The tube is far cheaper to buy and easier to clean. 

How To Get Super Smoke On Traeger 780

Super smoke mode assists in boosting the smoke levels for a more pronounced flavor. Traeger is always renowned for setting this smoke mode. But unfortunately, like Traeger’s one of the best model Pro 575, Traeger 780 has not any super smoke mode. 

But if you can follow some tricks, you can assuredly get the same result as the smoke mode provides. For instance, we include some simple but effective tips for the Traeger pro 780 smoke setting. Here you go..

  • First, follow the lower and slower methods. Turn down the temperature to about 25-50°F, which extends the cooking periods. This will also allow the smoke more time to impart its flavors to the food.
  • The second method is using high-quality wood pellets. You will find some pretty shocking wood pellets brands that are incredible for a true smoky flavor. BBQr’s Delight stands on the first row among the brands.
  • The third and most effective process is installing a smoker tube on the grill. The smoker holds the wood pellets, which are used to provide additional smoke to the food. When you set the pellets on the tube, it gradually burns through the tube and provides good smoke. Most importantly, it can be used for both hot and cold smoke.
  • Next, you have to maintain a balanced temperature inside the grill. For this, don’t open the grill too quickly. Opening the grill lid frequently will slow down the temperature and affect the smoke consistently.
  • Do a special concentration on the grill maintenance as well. If the grills and the cooking chamber are clear of dust, ash, and old pellets, automatically, you can ensure the best smoking imparting on the meal.
  • Last but not least, try to set a water pan in your pellet smoker. It is a famous process for creating a longer smoke. The water will vaporize the humidity and steam, which help the smoke flavor impart into the food


How does a smoke tube work?

First, place the wood pellets on the tube inside and fill it to maximum level. Now light up the pellets. Wait for some while to start smoking. After that, place the tube in the cooking chamber and close the grill lid.

When to use a smoke tube?

If you are doing low and slow BBQ on the grill, it is the perfect time to set your smoker tube in the cooking chamber. It will enhance the imparting of a smoky flavor to your food.

Will My Traeger Smoke at 180?

Definitely!! The Traeger grill smoke at the 180-degree Fahrenheit. But the temperature level may go up and down. It varies from 180 to 200 degrees at the start-up point.

It’s A Wrap!!!

Well!! You have read the all. Hopefully, now you have a better idea of the smoke setting on Traeger pro 575. We can expect that you will apply all the above-discussed methods when you want to get super smoke on Traeger 575. 

Still, if you have any questions on any facts, don’t be delayed in informing us. We will surely solve your dilemma.

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