Should You Turn Off Propane Tank After Grilling [Explained]

Leaving the propane tank open overnight is not as dangerous as we think. It doesn’t mean it’s safe at all to keep the tank turned on. If you leave your propane tank open, it will waste gas or fuel.

Therefore, you may experience gas leaks (which is dangerous), bypass, or other issues if you forget to close the propane tank. 

turn off propane tank after grilling

Now, let us answer this question- Should you turn off propane tank after grilling? The short answer is- no. To know why keep reading this guide till the end. 

Should You Turn Off Propane Tank After Grilling

Most grillers who own a propane or natural gas-operated grill tend to leave the shut-off valve open after grilling. They do this because of convenience. 

propane tank

But you should turn off your propane tank after grilling because safety comes first. If someone (including you & me) accidentally turns on one of the knobs on the grill, it may fill with gas. Consequently, it will cause gas leaks. 

Bypass is another issue you will encounter if you leave the tank valve on. If this happens (bypass) to your grill, your grill may fail to reach the proper cooking temperature range. 

Besides, you will just waste your gas or propane if you leave your grill by turning on the tank valve. Indeed, it’s a must to turn off the propane tank after grilling to avoid those issues. 

How To Turn Off Propane Tank After Grilling

From above, you learned about the potential risks of leaving the propane tank open after grilling. This chapter will help you with how to turn off the propane tank to avoid those issues. 

turn off propane tank
  • Start with inspecting the propane tank. If there is any dirt, dust, or any foreign materials on and around the gas valve, wipe them out with a rag or cloth. 
  • Set every burner knob to the off position.
  • Locate the gas valve on the propane tank and turn it clockwise. 
  • Finally, close the lid once your propane grill cools down and cover it to shield it from outdoor environments. 

Is It Ok To Leave The Propane Tank Attached To Grill 

Yes, it’s ok to leave the propane tank connected to your Grill, and it doesn’t bring any damage. However, you should make sure the burner control valves are turned off.

 is it ok to leave propane tank attached to the grill 

If you leave them to turn on, there is a chance the naughty kids may temper with the burner knobs. 

And the gas will escape if you leave the propane tank and the burner open. We recommend you leave the propane tank valve and the burners closed for safety precautions. 

What Happens If Accidentally Left Propane Tank Open

Nothing happened if you left the propane tank open overnight. But there is a chance you may experience bypass. Bypass means your grill will reduce the gas flow. 

accidentally left propane tank open 

Consequently, you will struggle to gain the optimum temperature to cook with your grill. A gas leak is another issue if you leave your propane open for the whole night. 

How To Turn Off Propane Tank Clockwise

To turn off the gas in your tank, start by opening the lid to expose the shut-off valve. Then, turn the shut-off valve to the right or clockwise to stop the flow of gas or propane.  

how to turn off the propane tank clockwise 

If you have more than one tank, turn off all of them by turning the shut-off valve clockwise. Also, watch the video to know more.

Is It Dangerous To Leave Propane Tank Open

No, it’s not dangerous to leave the propane tank open. It will just make the propane tank empty if you keep the valve of your tank open. 

danger to leave the propane tank open

However, we suggest you turn off the valve of your propane tank after grilling. There are several reasons to shut off the gas valve. If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, for instance, you should turn off your tank as long as it’s safe. 

When there is a gas leak, stay outside your home and maintain distance from the grill until a certified professional tests your system. 

Which Direction To Turn Off Propane Tank

Turning off a propane tank is just a piece of cake. First off, locate the shut-off valve.

which direction to turn off propane tank 

Once you find it, you can see an indicator arrow on the valve of your propane tank. Turn it in the direction or clockwise to shut off the propane tank. 


Throughout this guide, we discussed why you shouldn’t leave your propane tank open after using your propane smoker. Though it does not bring any damage, it will waste propane or gas. Therefore, there is a possibility to experience a gas leak, bypass, and others if you keep your propane tank turned on after grilling. 

We recommend you call a certified professional if you smell a gas leak. Otherwise, it may blow out your house or cause fire hazards. 

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