Twin Star Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting [10 Easy Solutions]

Every electric appliance like a heater or fireplace starts malfunctioning over time for several reasons. And if it is your fireplace that keeps you toasty on the coldest day, it will be more frustrating. 

Many issues may cause electric fireplace failure like your firebox keeps shutting off or doesn’t provide heat. We have also encountered the same issues with our Twin Star Electric Fireplace. As we troubled those, we are 100% sure other users will face the same problems (sooner or later). 

And that’s why we compiled this Twin Star Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting Guide. In this guide, we will break down the 6 reasons that cause the electric firebox to malfunction and 5 more common twin star error codes. We also provide their simple solutions. So, start scrolling and continue to read without skipping…… 

Twin Star Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting  

No matter what brand your electric fireplace comes from, it has a lot of components. Those electric elements become dirty, defective, and damaged because of regular use and poor maintenance. In return, it begins to malfunction. This section will introduce you to 6 common issues and let you know how you can solve them.

1. Fireplace Keeps Shutting Off 

Most of the electric fireplaces come with a thermostat and overheat protection feature. The thermostat helps to keep your room temperature at a moderate level. 

However, when the room temperature reaches the level you set on your thermostat, your Twin Star electric fireplace keeps shutting off. Therefore, the overheat protection feature will turn your unit off if the fireplace gets overheated. 


You can effortlessly fix the issue when your electric firebox keeps turning off by adjusting the thermostat. Set it above your room temperature level. 

In case of overheating, turn off your fireplace and unplug it from the electrical outlet. Then, leave the unit for some time to let it cool. Lastly, plug the unit and switch it on. 

2. Fireplace Won’t Turn On

Each electric fireplace gets power by electricity. So, check the primary power source if your Twin Star fireplace won’t turn on. The firebox will never turn on if-

  • You don’t turn the power switch on.
  • You may not plug in the electric cord into an outlet.
  • The power switch on the fireplace may turn off.
  • The fuse box or the breaker may get tripped.
  • Defective socket or electric outlet. 


  • Make sure you plug the unit into an outlet and turn the switch on.
  • If the fuse box or break gets damaged, replace it.
  • Never plug your unit into a defective outlet.

3. Fireplace Not Turning Off

When you find your Twin Star electric fireplace is not turning off, then the culprits may be the overstretched power cord or the coed is tightly bent. Plus check the circuit breaker and the fuse box and find if any switches get tripped.

Also, check your fireplace fuse and change it. And finally, plug the power cord in another socket. We hope you will get the solution.

4. Heater Does Not Blow Warm Air

Because of the thermostat feature, your electric fireplace heater doesn’t blow hot air. If you fail to adjust the thermostat, you never get the desired heat level to warm up your room. Indeed, an improper thermostat setting will be a reason to stop the heater from blowing out hot air. 


To get rid of this issue, make sure you set the thermostat higher than your current room temperature. 

5. No Power, Logs Don’t Glow

The logs never glow until you don’t plug the unit into a standard outlet. Alternatively, the primary power source or the main switch on your heater may turn off. 


Ensure you plug your electric unit into a standard 120-Volt outlet. Afterward, press the power button on your fireplace several times to ensure it is set to on position.

6: Remote Control Not Working

If the battery gets damaged, your Twin Star remote control won’t work. Besides,  the distance between the unit and remote is too far, remote control doesn’t function well. 


Change the battery. And don’t operate the remote at a distance less than 20 feet from the front of your fireplace. Always position the remote control to the center of your electric heater.

5 Common Twin Star Fireplace Error Codes and Solutions

Here are 5 common twin star error codes and their simple solutions:

1. Display Shows E1

If the thermostat of your electric fireplace gets broken or disconnected, you can see code E1 on display. 


Make sure you plug the thermostat into the main circuit board. In this case, pull out the back panel of the fireplace to check whether the thermostat is connected with the circuit board or not. 

2. Display Shows E2

When your fireplace shows you E1 on display, it means the thermostat sensor gets damaged.


  • Replace the thermostat to get rid of this issue. 

3. Twin Star Fireplace Display Shows E3

Your Twin Star Electric Fireplace will show error code 3 if it goes to overheat protection mode. Now, you may ask- why does my electric fireplace get overheated? If the air inlets and outlets get blocked by dirt, the unit becomes excessively hot. 


First off, unplug the unit from the outlet and leave it for 30 minutes to cool. Then, remove the blockage from the air inlets and outlets. 

Now, plug your electric fireplace into a standard outlet. Monitor your firebox to figure out overheating signs. If still, the issues remain, you can read to learn how to protect the fireplace & fireplace mantel from over heat or contact the manufacturer’s support team for help. 

4. Twin Star Display Shows ‘Er’ 

When the power cord of your electric fireplace gets overheated, the display shows the error code ‘Er’. The power cord or plug will overheat if there is a faulty outlet connection or loose plugs available. 


First off, check the plug connection. If you can find the cord damaged, replace it immediately. Therefore, make sure you use a standard 120-volt outlet. Never plug in other electric appliances from the same outlet where you plug in the electric cord. 

5. Twin Star Electric Fireplace Error Code E5

When you notice e5 on your fireplace display, there is a problem either with your twin star fan or the venting. Voltage also can be the culprit that doesn’t allow the fan to spin.


Don’t forget to cut off the power unplugging the fireplace from the electric supply to ensure your safety. Then check if there is anything that is blocking your fan. Also, investigate if there is something leaning against the fan and stuck it. Also, make sure your fireplace getting the proper voltage to spin the fan.


How do I reset my twin star heater?

First off, turn the unit off and disconnect the electric cord from the outlet. After 5 minutes later, plug your electric fireplace into the socket and switch on it to reset your heater.

Why would an electric fireplace stopped working?

Your electric fireplace will not work if-

  • The fuse box gets tripped
  • Because of the over-stretched cord

How long do electric fireplaces last?

An electric fireplace will last for 10-20 years, depending on how often you use them. 

Why is my electric fireplace clicking?

Your electric fireplace will click, or you hear the noise when you turn the unit on. Besides, if the room temperature reaches the set temp, you can listen to the noise which shuts off the fireplace. 

Why does my electric fireplace keep beeping?

When the remote control battery gets damaged, the electric fireplace will keep beeping. It means you should replace the battery.

Are electric fireplaces noisy?

No. However, it will depend on the manufacturer. 


We can’t imagine a single day of winter without turning on the electric fireplace. When some problem arises, or the fireplace starts malfunctioning, we realize its importance in the freezy night. 

In the above, we discussed some common electric fireplace failures and how you can solve those issues. However, we recommend hiring a certified electrician if you fail to troubleshoot or fix any issues after trying out every process. 

Now, it’s up to you! Have you ever had any issues we mentioned above? If yes, how can you fix those?

And do you have any questions related to this term: Twin Star Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting? Leave a comment below to let us know. 

18 thoughts on “Twin Star Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting [10 Easy Solutions]”

    • Hi Stephen
      Please try this, turn all switches to the “off” position, unplug the unit for 5 minutes, then power again and on all. Hope, it will work. If it doesn’t work, adjust the thermostat.Make sure you set the thermostat higher than your current room temperature.

    • Hey Chris
      The solution is given to troubleshoot 3. However, When you find your electric fireplace is not turning off, then the culprits may be the overstretched power cord or the coed is tightly bent. Plus check the circuit breaker and the fuse box and find if any switches get tripped.

      Also, check your fireplace fuse and change it. And finally, plug the power cord in another socket. We hope you will get the solution.


  1. My Twin Star model 36EB220-GRT started stinking like hot metal (like when you put metal in the microwave). We opened it up to clean it. When we pushed the button, it was sparking behind the button. Is there any fix for this? I called and there aren’t any recalls or reported problems.

    • Hi Lori
      The problem may be in the button. Check if any connection touches another one. If touches, make it separate. Also, clean the switch. If it doesn’t work, change it. Hope, you will get solution.

  2. My twin star heaters functions all work except the heating element. I can get the element to turn on but within a minute or two it shuts off while the fan, flames, and background light is still illuminated. Can this be fixed?

    • Hi Dan
      Could you check the heating element if it breaks and burns out? If it is broken or burnt out, you need to change it. Hope, you will get the solution.

  3. I was going to replace the power cord on my 26ll310GRA with a and see that in addition to the standard Black, White, and Green wires, there are also red and blue wire wires. Is the red wire tied to the black and the blue to he white?

    • Hi Warren
      Here you contact an professional electrician. He will check and give you the solution as it relates to electricity. Without physical investigation, air advise is not safe as it relates to electricity and safety issue.


  4. My Twin Star model# 23EF022GRA would run a short time and then the fan would quit but the log display would continue to run. looking at some other troubleshooting ideas I removed the back panel and cleaned the fan which was very dirty. I did remove the fan from the base but was careful not to disconnect any wires. Once I finished I reattach the back panel hoping I fix the problem. Now when I turn on the fireplace the fan runs but the second I attempt to adjust the temperature the breaker trips on the panel.

    • Hi Pat
      Plug the unit to another outlet that is not being used or shared by other appliances and check. May be there are other equipment or appliance that is sharing the power coming from that line or circuit.


  5. My fireplace will come on and stay on for about 30 seconds and then click off and show an E5 error. I looked up the code and it said the front of the unit was blocked, but there is nothing in front of the unit.

  6. Hi! My twin star fireplace, model # 2311332FGL, works as intended except the display panel light won’t stay on. Is there a way to fix it? Thanks for your time!


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