Weber Gas Grill Too Hot [3 Easy Solutions]

You have had a Weber Gas Grill since last month or a couple of months. It seems the minimum temperature it holds is really high with all the three burners on low. Sometimes the temperature crosses the max (550 F) setting. So, you can’t cook the chicken or fish evenly though you have the world-class grilling engine at your hand. Consequently, you go nuts and ask yourself- why is my weber gas grill too hot? 

Well, your Weber natural gas grill will run hotter if all the burners are on high. Therefore, a defective gas regulator or faulty thermometer is also responsible for the temperature issue. Below, we will break down how to solve these issues to let you gain the ambient cooking temperature. So, let’s get started right here. 

Weber Gas Grill Too Hot [3 Easy Solutions]

The following culprits are responsible for your Weber gas grill overheating: 

01. Thermometer May Give Inaccurate Result

We all know Weber Gas Grill is amazing. But every thermometer in grill lids is wildly inaccurate. Perhaps, the temperature your Weber grill gives may be inaccurate. So, the only solution to measure the cooking temperature is to have a good thermometer. 


We recommend you get a good thermometer from a reliable brand to sense the cooking temperature of your grill. You can find a reliable grill thermometer on Weber. Also, you can consider other brands. 

02. All The Burners May Set To High

Weber Gas Grill running too hot! Probably, every burner of your grill is open and each of them is on high. Weber grill has three burners. You can adjust them to control the cooking temperature.

If you keep all the burners open and on a high setting, we bet the temperature of your grill will thrive. Yeah, high temperatures are great for searing. But it’s not good to cook chicken or fish. 


First off, check all the burners to see whether they are on a high setting or not. If all of them are on high, adjust them to reduce the cooking temperature. You can use the two ends and leave the middle burner off. If still, you can’t reduce the temperature, leave only one burner on and the other two off. 

03. Regulator May Fail To Control The Gas Flow

Your Weber grill is getting too hot suddenly- even when you leave the two burners off and the temp is over 400. If this is your problem, we bet the gas regulator of your grill fails to control the flow of gas. 


Turn off both the gas tank and burner control knobs. Then, you should turn on the tank valve very slowly. Ensure you open the front burner knob and light the grill. Next, wait a minute and turn the additional burners on. If needed, you should replace the regulator. We hope it will solve the grill temperature issue

How Hot Should Your Weber Grill Get?

All the Weber Gas Grills are designed to reach the maximum temperature between 500-550°F. Indeed, you will always get max cooking temp if you set it to the high position.

Many new Weber grill users may get confused if the temperature rises to 500-550° F.  Below, we charted the standard temperature ranges for low, medium, and high by turning on all the burners. 

Temperature RangesDegree
Low & Slow200-250° F
Low250-350° F
Medium350-450° F
High450-550° F

Gaining these temperatures is not rocket science. Just play with the heat settings and the number of control knobs to get these temperatures. However, the following things can affect these temperature ranges.

1. Outdoor Temperature

Your grill will run hotter if the outside temperature is high. On the other hand, you will get less cooking temperature if the outdoor environment is too cold. 

2. How You Maintain The Grill

If you clean the grill after every cook, you will get ambient cooking temperature. On the other hand, you will not get enough heat if you don’t clean the firepot. As a result, you will experience grease fire if you don’t clean the cooking grate evenly. Therefore, how old or new the unit will also affect the temperature. 


The max temperature range of the Weber Gas Grill is between 500-550 F. If the temperature you get is limited between these ranges, just adjust the burners to reduce the cooking temperature. 

On the other hand, follow the troubleshooting steps we mentioned if the temperature jumps up to the max setting. If you can’t control the temp after applying the above methods, call the Weber Support Team for help. 

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