Weber Grill Not Getting Hot [5 Easy Solutions]

Weber grill not getting hot enough is a common issue every griller encounters. Dirty burner ports, a faulty igniter, or a bent hose are some culprits that cause your weber to produce not enough heat. 

weber gas grill not getting hot

And you know it’s impossible to cook a juicy & mouthwatering meal without gaining ambient temperature. Fortunately, we compiled this Weber grill troubleshooting guide to solve the temperature issues. 

So, read on till the end to explore the solutions if the weber doesn’t generate enough heat.  

Weber Grill Not Getting Hot [5 Easy Solutions]

You will not get ambient cooking temperature from your Weber grill due to the following issues. 

1. Grill Maybe In Bypass Mode

If your Weber gas grill is in bypass mode, the grill fails to increase or hold its temperature to the normal range. In some cases, you can’t turn on your gas or propane grill. 

weber grill hose

In fact, every Weber grill has a safety device inside every propane hose or regulator as you can see in the above arrow indicated picture. This safety device can detect there is a gas leak or less gas flow if your grill isn’t light in a specific way. When such type of issue happens, we can say that the grill is in bypass mode.

However, check your grill for a gas leak if your Weber gas grill shows signs of being in bypass mode. We will let you know how to perform a gas leak in the ‘Solution’ section. 

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Run a gas leak test if you notice the signs of being in bypass mode- as this is why the safety device is designed for. For a gas leak test, ensure you connect a new disposable or 20 pounds propane tank to the grill.

Make sure all the burner control knobs and the tank valve are in the off position. Connect the propane tank to your grill and apply a soapy water solution to the connection. Now, turn on the tank valve. If bubbles form, there is a leak. 

Don’t use the grill if you find a leak. Turn off your Weber grill and contact Weber customer service for help. If you don’t find any leak, we bet your Weber grill activates the bypass mode. Follow the below steps to learn how to get Weber Grill out of bypass mode. 

  • Ensure the lid of your grill is open, and you turn off all the control knobs on your grill. 
  • Open the valve on top of the tank to turn on the gas supply. Leave your grill for several seconds to build up pressure in the hose. This pressure will push your grill to activate the ‘all clear’ mode for normal operation. 
  • Once you wait a couple of seconds, turn on and light your grill as you do. 
  • Light all the main burners and set them to a high position. Then, close the lid of your grill. Give your Weber grill 10-15 minutes, and the temperature will jump to the 500-550 F range. It means your grill is functioning properly. 

2. The Gas Hose Gets Kinked Or Clogged

Your Weber Grill won’t heat up entirely if the gas hose gets kinked. A kinked gas hose prevents the gas from flowing into the burner. And you know that an insufficient gas supply in the burner will stop the grill from getting hot enough. 

On the other hand, dirt, debris, spider webs & insects will nest on your gas hose if you don’t use the grill for a long time. If the gas hose gets clogged by those things, gas will not flow to your grill causing the Weber grill to not heat up enough. 


Inspect the gas hose from the propane tank to the burner port for a kinked. If the gas hose gets bent, straighten up the fuel hose to let the gas flow continuously. 

If there is an obstruction in the gas hose, turn off the tank and remove the hose from the tank. Now, backwash the gas hose to clear the blockage. You can also soak the hose in a solution of soapy water. Then, use a small brush to clean the fuel hose thoroughly. 

Once you wash the hose, let it dry and reassemble it. 

3. Dirty Burner Ports

Dirty burner ports are another culprit behind not getting enough heat out of your Weber Grill. The ports will get clogged by food grease, oil drips, and fat. And blocked burner ports prevent your grill from reaching the optimum cooking temperature. 

weber grill dirty burner ports

Besides, you will not get enough heat from your grill if the spider or insect screens on the end of your burner get clogged. You must keep the burner ports and spider screens clean for safe grill operation. 


To clean the burner ports, you can use a stainless steel bristle grill brush. Just use the brush and start brushing across the top of the burner ports. When brushing, ensure you don’t damage the ignition electrode. Brush gently around the ignition electrode. 

When it comes to cleaning the spider screens, locate the ends of the burner’s underside of the control panel. Then, use a soft bristle brush to clean the insect or spider screens on each of the burners. 

4. Not Enough Fuel In the Tank

Insufficient or having not enough fuel in the propane tank is another caveat for getting not enough heat from a grill.

not enough fuel in the tank

It’s typical to say how much gas is left in the tank as the tank is a bit heavy. The sign of an empty or low level of propane in the tank is you will get a lower flame.  


Refilling the tank with fuel or gas is the only solution if the tank is empty. So, take the propane tank to your local gas station and refill it. We hope it will solve the issue of not getting heat from your Weber Grill.

5. A Faulty Igniter

The igniter of the grill is designed to spark the gas coming through the burners. If the igniter gets damaged, you can’t get enough heat or turn on your Weber grill.

weber gas grill igniter

You can easily understand whether the igniter gets defective or not by turning it on. So, turn on the heater and hear a ticking noise. If you don’t listen to the noise and there is no spark, then the igniter gets defective. 


The only way to solve this issue is to replace the igniter. You can check out this tutorial if you don’t know how to change the igniter. On the other hand, hire a certified technician to do this task for you if you are not mechanically inclined. 

Other Heating Issues of Electric & Charcoal Weber Grills

If you have an electric or charcoal grill from Weber, check out this chapter to solve the temperature issues. 

Weber Electric Grill Not Getting Hot

Your Weber Electric Grill won’t provide enough heat if the heating element or the control unit gets defective. Therefore, you will not get sufficient heat if you fail to insert the temperature controller properly. Plus, a bad control unit is a caveat behind not getting enough heat from your electric grills. 

weber electric grill not getting hot

Ensure you insert the heating element into the housing properly. Next, plug the unit into a dedicated outlet. If still, your grill won’t produce enough heat, the culprit may be the control unit. So, replace the controller with a new one. 

You can check this article from Weber if you don’t get sufficient heat from your electric grill. 

Weber Charcoal Grill Not Getting Hot

The Weber Charcoal Grill will not produce enough heat if it’s full of ashes. It may impede the proper flow of air into the kettle if the ash port gets filled with ashes.

weber charcoal grill not getting hot

Consequently, it will burn the coals cooler. We recommend you check out this tutorial to keep your charcoal grill clean. It will help to prolong the life of your grill and ensure optimal grill operation. 

Next, check the charcoal quality you use to ignite your grill. You can’t expect sufficient heat output if you use wet or low-quality coals. So, make sure you use high-quality charcoal to burn the coals hotter to hold the ambient temperature. Check out this guide on Weber to get the solution to your Weber charcoal grill heating issue


Just follow the troubleshooting steps we mentioned if your Weber grill doesn’t produce sufficient heat. If you have a charcoal grill, ensure you keep the unit clean and free of ash in the ash port.

And lastly, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you fail to fix the temperature issue.

Good Luck!

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