Weber Grill Yellow Flame [7 Easy Solutions]

Weber grill yellow flame tells you there is something wrong with your Weber gas grill.

Usually, blockage in spider stopper guards, lousy air and gas mixture, restricted air inlet, incorrect burner adjustment are mainly responsible for the yellow flame.

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If your gas grill’s flame color changes for any reason, you should immediately look for the solution. Hopefully, this troubleshooting guide will help you to solve your grill’s yellow flame problems. 

Weber Grill Yellow Flame [7 Easy Solutions]

Weber gas grill’s vital feature is durability but sometimes some issues occur. One problem is that the Weber grill produces a yellow flame instead of a blue.

weber grill yellow flame

The causes and solutions to this trouble are the following: 

1. Blockage in Spider Stopper Guards

If there is a blockage in the Weber grill spider stopper guards, there is a chance that it will produce a yellow flame. The probable causes of jam in it are the following: 

  • Cooking debris in burner pattern
  • Dirty burner tubes
  • Cooking grates transfer grease to burners
  • Dirty air shutter screen


If you see a lack in the Weber grill performance or it is producing yellow flame, you should inspect and clean the spider stopper guards. The other solutions are the following: 

  • Clean and remove the burner pattern’s cooking debris
  • Use a soft bristle broom to clean the burner’s air shutter screens
  • Use a brush to remove the cooking grates grease
  • Occasionally inspect the shutter screen and clean it

2. The Bad Mixture of Air and Gas

The proper mixture of air and gas is essential to produce a blue flame in your Weber gas grill. When the lousy combination happens between the two, the flame becomes yellow or orange. Other factors responsible for bad air and gas mixtures are the following: 

  • Loosen the screw in the air shutter
  • Removed air shutter
  • Incorrect air and gas mixture in gas burner


An appropriate amount of gas and oxygen mixture requires for your grill to generate the correct flame color. Remove the control panel for getting the air shutter access. And ensure a proper mixture of air and gas so that the grill produces a blue flame. The other solutions are the following: 

  • Tighten the air shutter screws
  • Adjust the air shutter to ensure the correct mixture of gas and air in each burner
  • Adjust the burner’s air mixture

3. Restricted Air Inlet

Weber gas grill requires sufficient air supply to produce a normal color flame. The restricted air inlet reduces the Weber grills engine performance and creates a yellow flame. The factors that cause these problems are: 

  • Air filter contamination / blocked air filter
  • Restricted engine airflow
  • Incomplete combustion


Restricted air inlet results in excessive CO production. Thus, ensure proper air inlet to the grill by cleaning the dirty air filter. The other solutions to this problem are the following: 

  • Remove the blockage or contamination and clean the grills air filter
  • Ensure sufficient airflow through the engine
  • Incomplete combustion can lead to a misfire in the grill, thus ensuring proper combustion

4. Wrong Burner Adjustment

Clean the burner debris properly. Even after the flame does not look blue, there may be something wrong with the burner adjustment. The following factors cause an improper adjustment in the grill’s burner. 

  • Widely open or shut burner venturi
  • Problems in gas supply and pressure 
  • Bigger burners holes 
  • Corrosion connects the burners holes and shots


Burner is one of the essential components in the Weber gas grill, and its improper adjustment affects the flame’s colors. If you see yellow flame color, it could also be for the wrong burner adjustment. The solutions are: 

  • Adjust the burner venturi by making it closer 
  • Readjust the burners gas pressure and supply
  • Alter the burner holes to the proper size
  • Clean and remove the burners corrosion

5. Gas Regulator’s Bypass Mode

Despite the clean and adjusted burner, if the flame’s color is still yellow, then there is a possibility that the grill has gone to bypass mode. This bypass mode occurs for the following reasons: 

  • The gas hose’s regulator detects the gas leak
  • In equal gas pressure in tank and hose gas
  • Reduced gas flow compared to the normal
  • The hose pressure is lower than the tanks pressure


When the gas regulator of the Weber grill goes to bypass mode, it reduces the natural gas flow, and the flame becomes yellow. The solutions are: 

  • Ensure there is no gas leak
  • Equalize the gas pressure in the hose and tank
  • Increase the hose gas pressure above the tanks pressure

6. Low Fuel Level

If you find the Weber grill’s flame pattern is different or yellow, then you should probably check the grill tank’s fuel level. A low fuel level is often enough to change the flame color, so check the grill’s fuel level. 


Check the fuel level and see whether it’s the culprit for your grill’s yellow flame or not. If yes, you should refill the propane tank, and it’s the easiest solution. 

7. Open Stove Top

Sometimes overheated stove causes a change in the Weber gas grill’s flame color. For example, an open stovetop exposes the burner piping, and as a result, you see the yellow flame on your grill.


Allow your Weber stove to cool for some time if you want to fix the yellow flame problem by yourself. Then, turn on the burner and open the grill’s shutter slowly until the flame colors change to blue. 


What color should the flame be on the Weber gas grill?

The Weber gas grill’s flame color tells you whether the grill is properly working or not. A specific flame pattern on the grill shows that the grill is performing correctly. However, occasionally the flame could be flicker, and it could be light blue at the top. 

What does yellow flame mean on the Weber gas grill?

The yellow flame on the Weber grill means incomplete combustion. When the flame burns at a much lower temperature, it may seem yellow and look sooty. Yellow flame produces poisonous carbon monoxide gas, and thus it’s dangerous. 

How to reset the burners on a Weber grill?

You can reset the Weber grill burner in the following way. Close the burner’s tank valve and turn it off. Wait for 1 minute and fully open the tank valve. Wait for normal gas pressure and equalize the hose. 

How do I know my Weber gas grill regulator is bad?

Turn on the gas at high and see the burner’s heat level. If the heat level is low and the burner is lighting up irregularly, it means there is something wrong with your gas grill. Also, the gas hot will reduce over time.

How do I purge the air from my Weber gas grill?

Clockwise twist the shutoff valve of the propane tank and fully close it. When the tank releases the excess pressure, you will hear a slight hiss. It results in the burping of the propane tank.


You may experience a Weber grill yellow flame when you fire up the gas grill. But you shouldn’t get worried because it’s usual and it may happen. As you now know the effective solutions after reading our guide, you can easily combat this yellow flame problem.

However, if any more flame issue is troubling you, our comment box is free for you. You can let us know. We will be glad to help you.

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