Where to Put DVD Player with Wall Mount TV Over Fireplace?

Mounting a TV over a fireplace can be an easy way of creating an overall static look. Also, it can create a single centric point that expedites the furniture arrangement.

But where to put DVD player with wall mount tv over fireplace?

Don’t worry. I will try to make the task easy for you. When your flat-screen TV is mounted over the fireplace, it is really a baffling task to place the DVD.

It is a bit tricky to find a suitable storage space around the fireplace. Let’s discuss some effective ways-

Where to Put DVD Player with Wall Mount TV over Fireplace

You can place the DVD player beside the fireplace, not over. Though it is a bit challenging to find the perfect furniture that suits your room decoration and fireplace, it is one of the best ways to set the device.

Here, it’s wise to buy an electric fireplace with bookshelves and TV stand or an entertainment center. It will allow you to keep your tv over it safely, place the DVD on a shelf, and book on other shelves.

If your flat-screen TV is mounted near the corner of the room, you can place your DVD player on a small corner table or corner shelf with a convertible fireplace.

Wall Mount TV with DVD Player

A TV wall mount with a DVD player can be a great combo for your living room. Almost all types of DVD players are compatible with televisions.

Even the DVD player that has only one composite video output, is supported by the majority of TVs with the green input as the composite video input.

Connecting A DVD Player to A TV:

  • Unplug the DVD player and TV cords
  • Place the DVD set near your TV
  • Connect one end of the cable to the DVD player and another end to the corresponding TV port.
  • Plug the power cord with an electrical outlet. Now you are all done.

How to Hide DVD Player with Wall Mounted TV

A smart way to make your room aesthetically organized is to mount your TV on the wall. But if you have a DVD set with it, it becomes a hassle to place it perfectly.

However, you can choose one of the following schemes to hide your DVD player with wall mounted TV. We find some ways so you may hide your DVD Player with a wall TV mount. So let’s delve in:

1. Setting Them on a Furniture

When your television is mounted to the wall and you need to hide the DVD player, one of the most suitable options is to leave them on sight naturally.

You can simply place them on furniture or a shelf if hanging them does not make you satisfied. You can easily purchase different types of component mounts and shelvings that are perfect for the purpose.

You will be able to communicate with the components easily with the remote controllers.

But wait, leaving the gadgets on sight does not mean allowing all the cables and wiring to hang out like a mess. There are also many professional wire concealment services available to remove the wires and make them invisible neatly and completely with a smart TV installation.

2. Hiding the DVD Player

If you don’t want to put the gadgets on sight, there is another option for you. You can place them into the nearest closet or in the nearest room.

Here comes a demerit- for inserting and removing the DVD, you will need to go to that place where you have placed it.

3. Ventilating the Area

Electronic devices always produce heat when they are in use. If you store them in a narrow environment, accumulation of heat may cause defective output and malfunction.

What you can do is to purchase a special cabinet for electronic devices that are designed to prevent heating the device by ventilation.

4. Hiding The Wires

Hiding the tv wires and all other ugly wires is not a hard task if you have in-wall cable management.

It will provide a modern aesthetic appearance to your home at the same time hide the cables and other components.

Here, you can watch the tutorial on how to hide the TV, DVDcables.

What to Do with Cable Box When TV Wall Mounted?

Sometimes the cable boxes are seen hanging down beside the TV, or on the table with the mess. I can give you a far better suggestion- you can easily hide it behind the TV.

Depending on how it is mounted to the wall, the size of the cable box, and the number of the devices, you can hang the cable box behind the TV and hide it.

Also, you can use any adhesive hanging strips or ties to attach the cords and cable box with the TV. This can provide a simple setup.

This suggestion is Recommended if you have mounted your TV on a fully articulated wall that will provide you with more space to place and hide the components.

Nevertheless, some TVs don’t have sufficient space and so it becomes difficult to hide the bulkier cables. In that case, you can use cord covers and run the wires down to the nearby outlet, it will also look aesthetic.

Now, you must know how to hide the cords on wall mounted tv above fireplace.

Wall- Mounted DVD Player

Many people want to mount their DVD player vertically. Though some computers have a snap for wire pieces that hold them in position, regular DVD shelves do not provide the space.

So if you turn it vertical, it will slide out from its position. However, you can purchase a wall shelf that is designed to hold the Blu-ray player, DVD player, or other electronic devices in place up to 16Ib.

Small DVD Player

Small DVD, also called mini DVD is about 8 centimeters in diameter. Most of them contain 1.4 GB of data. If you want to play a small DVD player, you will need a loading tray.

Firstly, you need to eject the tray, put the small DVD player in the middle of the tray, it will fit perfectly to the loading tray. You don’t need to go for the wall mount.


Can heat from the fireplace damage your DVD player?

Yes, it can. To protect your TV and DVD player you must make sure to redirect the heat away that is generated by the fireplace.

How can you protect the TV from fireplace heat?

You can install a fireplace hood or wooden mantel on the upper side of the opening of your fireplace, or a heat shield to divert the generated heat from the TV. Avoid placing your TV on the mantle directly, it won’t bear the whole weight of the TV.

Can you put the TV on top of your DVD player?

It is really a bad idea to place your smart TV over the DVD player, as the heat generated from the DVD player can not get a way to disperse. It will make the device overheated and malfunction may occur.

What is a VESAtv wall mount?

Most of the tv brands use VESA to measure the distance in mm between the tv bracket mounting holes on the back of the tv. Indeed, it’s a standard measurement used by TV brands for tv brackets and mounting bracket systems. 

How much tilt for a wall mount tv?

You can tilt a wall mount tv to +/- 25 degrees. However, it generally depends on how comfortable you are feeling to watch tv by tilting the tv. So, we recommend you tilt your tv according to your comfort level and better visibility. 

Do tv mounts ruin walls?

Yes, mounting tv can ruin your sleek wall’s look. Because you need to stretch up an ugly HDMI cable or cord with the wall to plug it into an outlet.

What tools do you need to mount a TV on the wall?

You need the following tools to mount a TV on the wall.
1.Wall mount kit
2.Screw Drivers
3.Drill and drill bits
4.A stud finder
5.Tape measure

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe?

Yes, an electric fireplace is far safer than a wood or gas burning fireplace. There are many reasons why an electric fireplace is safe. It doesn’t create real fire and produce gas or smoke. 

Can you mount a flat screen TV on a brick fireplace?

Yes, you can mount your flat panel TV over your brick fireplace. 

Can a TV sit on a fireplace mantel?

Yes, you can set your TV on the diy fireplace mantel. But, don’t forget to install the perfect mantel to ensure the fireplace heat is not damaging your tv. 

Can you hang a TV over a gas fireplace?

Yes, you can definitely hang your TV over your gas fireplace. But, make sure your TV is hung in a safe place from the fireplace. 

Can you put a tv over ventless fireplaces?

Yes, you can.

Bottom Line

After a long discussion, hope, you got a suitable answer with your query where to put DVD player with wall mount tv over fireplace?


Placing a DVD player is a tricky task when you are mounting your flat-screen TV over a fireplace. But the above tricks will make your task easy and simple.

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