Whitfield Pellet Stove Auger Not Turning [3 Easy Solutions]

Your Whitfield pellet stove auger not turning because the auger is jammed due to debris and bushing or the motor is malfunctioning. Whitfield pellet stove can sometimes misbehave in such circumstances. 

However, you can easily fix this in no time. All you need to do is follow the said instructions. Our experts have come up with a fitting solution procedure. So, don’t you dare to miss it! 

Whitfield Pellet Stove Auger Not Turning [3 Easy Solutions]

As you can see, there are two specific reasons for auger malfunctioning. Let us demonstrate the scenarios first and come up with a solution later on.

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1. Blocked Auger

You see, the auger is responsible for feeding the pellet to the burner casket. It is attached to the end of a box, which is known as a hopper. This hopper stores the pellets.

If any sort of debris or other foreign substance enters the hopper, then that may cause the auger to stop feeding enough fuel.


  1. Turn off your Whitefield Pellet Stove and let it cool down completely. After that, pull out the plug from the power outlet.
  2. Open up the hopper box and take out the remaining pellets.
  3. Make sure that there is no debris. Inspect the pellets first, if you see foreign elements, clear them out.
  4. Now, take a vacuum and suck out all the debris from the hopper box. 
  5. Then, clean the auger busing and the blades. You can easily flap the auger with your fingers. So, try pushing it to get rid of any debris.
  6. Clean the casket and the burner as well. Do NOT use any sort of cleaning liquid. Make sure that the hopper is nice and dry.
  7. For more precision, you can use a nylon brush to clean the auger housing. Assemble everything back and turn the Whitfield Pellet stove on.

2. Malfunctioning Auger Motor

If the auger motor is not functioning properly, you will have to inspect the reasons first. Loose wires or connections can cause the motor to stop.

On the other hand, damaged motor coils can ruin the scene. Whatever the case is, follow the said instructions for a remedy.


  • Turn off your pellet stove and let it cool down completely. Then pull out the plug.
  • Now, inspect the wiring and the settings of the auger motor. If you see any sort of damaged or loose connections, fix it.
  • If the connection is not an issue, try pushing the auger shaft with your hand. If it is not rotating, then your motor might need to be replaced.
  • To replace the motor, you will have to vacuum out all the remaining pellets. Then, unscrew the motor from the bushing and the auger shaft.
  • Connect a new motor by following the accurate instructions on your Whitfield Pellet Stove Manuals. 

3. Jammed Bushing Screws And Flaps

One trick to find if the bushing is jamming the auger is the movability test. If you cannot push the shaft effortlessly even the motor is good, then the busing is the problem.


  • Take out the busing. You can do that by unscrewing the flaps and the shafts from the busing. However, unscrew a bit and see if the shaft moves by hand. 
  • If it starts working fine, then the bushing screws were too tight.
  • You will have to install new busing if the old one is damaged. 
  • To do that, you will have to clear the hopper, unscrew the old one and replace it with a new one.


How do you know if your Whitfield Pellet Stove auger is bad?

You can tell if the auger is not working properly when your Whitfield Pellet Stove will stop getting enough fuel or getting excess fuel. Inspect the component properly and find a solution.

Can you turn the auger shaft by hand?

Yes, the auger is connected to a motor. When your Whitfield Pellet stove is idle, you can push the shafts with your hands. If it doesn’t, your need to look for a fitting Whitfield Pellet Stove troubleshooting.

Can you adjust your Whitfield Pellet Stove auger?

Yes, you can adjust the auger to control the pellet supply. It works as a heater regulator altogether.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know why your Whitfield pellet stove auger not turning on and how to fix it. Simply follow our guide when you find your stove auger not turning on and fix it by yourself.

If you have any more queries, throw a comment below. We’ll be happy to help you.

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