ST Croix Pellet Stove Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

In our today’s St Croix pellet stove troubleshooting guide, you will learn how to fix the following ST Croix pellet stove issues:

  • Stove keeps shutting off.
  • Stove won’t turn on or light.
  • Stove auger not turning or feeding.
  • Pellets keep backing up.
  • And ST Croix pellet stove error codes.
st croix pellet stove troubleshooting guide

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ST Croix Pellet Stove Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

In this part, we have explored all the common Croix pellet stove’s problems and their simple solutions.

1. Keeps Shutting Off

ST Croix pellet stove is an excellent heat source in your home, but it creates irritation when it frequently keeps shutting off. Your pellet stove keeps shutting off for the following reasons:

  • Stove’s faulty wiring
  • Dirty or defective combustion blower
  • Insufficient fuel in the hopper
  • Poor air adjustment
  • Infrequent pellet feeding
  • Stove draft fan’s low position


When the pellet stove can’t function well, it shuts off abruptly. Fix the issue by following the ways below:

  • Inspect the home’s circuit breakers and voltage reading and replace the faulty wiring
  • Properly clean the pellet stove unit, including the combustion blower
  • Ensure the hopper has sufficient fuel
  • Ensure high air adjustment and adequate pellet feeding
  • Misaligned fan position causes weak flame. Thus inspect it and reposition it in the exact location.

2. Auger Not Working

ST Croix pellet stove auger not working problem indicates that it fails to turn on and stops feeding pellets. The following factors are responsible for this problem.

  • Pressure switch failure
  • Motor failure
  • Jammed auger due to improper pellet size


Whatever your auger problem is, the best thing you can do is unplug your stove and test its auger motor by opening its compartment.

You can also prevent the motor’s future lock-up by lubricating the components and adequately cleaning them. The other solutions are:

3. Won’t Turn On

Another major pellet stove problem that users frequently encounter is it won’t turn on. The factors that lead to this issue are the following:

  • Lack of power supply to the stove or power surge
  • Tipped manual reset high-limit switch
  • Controller board’s main fuse malfunction
  • Combustion blower issue
  • Ash builds up in the vent pipe


Avoid leaving your pellet stove in the plugged situation for a long time, such as all winter or summer.

Hitting the pellet stove for a long time causes a power surge in it, and you may even not be aware of it, thus avoiding it. The other solutions are the following:

  • Ensure adequate power supply
  • Replace the defective limit switch and main fuse
  • Contact a technician to inspect the combustion blower issues and fix it
  • Properly clean the vent pipe and vacuum tubing’s ash build-up

4. Stove Won’t Light

Another major problem with the ST Croix pellet stove is stopping lighting. The reasons behind this issue are:

  • Bad igniter
  • Moist pellet
  • Poor airflow


You can prevent your stoves not igniting issues by following the solutions below: 

  • Use dry pellets
  • Replace the faulty igniter
  • Ensure proper airflow by checking the combustion blower and control board

5. ST Croix Pellet Error Codes

Appearing error codes on the ST Croix pellet stove’s control board indicates something wrong with the stove. Pellet stove’s most common error codes are the following:

  • “E-1” – Vacuum loss
  • “E-2” – Light failure
  • “E-3″ – Overfiring or stove is shutting down/”E-3”  means stove shutting down or overfiring
  • “E-4” – Exhaust temperature dropping

However, your pellet stove could display the above error codes for the following reasons. The causes are:

  • Resisted combustion airflow causes vacuum loss. It also happens when the insufficient exhaust flow can’t hold the flue blockage.
  • If the stove fails to reach the minimum temperature within half an hour from the starting time, the furnace automatically turns off. And it displays the error code E-2
  • When the pellet stove reaches the temperature’s high limit, the furnace shuts down. This happens because the stove’s feed rate is higher than the convection blower.
  • Empty hopper feed causes dropping in exhaust temperature.


If your pellet stove display shows “E 0,” it means it operates smoothly. Any other code on display implies an error in your stove, and you need the solutions for it. The general solutions to fix all these error codes are the following:

  • Ensure non-resisted combustion airflow and sufficient exhaust flow
  • Contact a technician to solve the temperature issue and ensure that your stove reaches the exact operating temperature properly.
  • Ensure that the stove’s convection blower rate is greater than the feed rate
  • Inspect the hopper feed and fill it if it’s empty

6. Pellets Keep Backing Up

If your ST Croix pellet stove improperly combusts pellets, your stove’s pellets will keep backing up. This issue can take place to the following factors:

  • Inadequate airflow or lack of oxygen
  • Low-quality pellets
  • Too quick pellet feeding rate
  • Shells stuck in the middle of the hopper and combustion chamber
  • Shots leaving massive ashes on the stove


If your pellet stove keeps backing up, you could follow the ways below to prevent this issue. The solutions are the following:

  • Ensure sufficient airflow or oxygen to the furnace for burning pellets
  • Use high-quality pellets
  • Before starting each fire, properly clean the stove’s burn pot and ashtray 
  • Use exact-size pellets to prevent it’s stuck in the chute
  • Properly clean the hopper or auger dirt, and ash builds up.

7. Not Feeding at Startup

Your stove may stop feeding at startup for the following reasons, even if its power is on. The reasons are: 

  • Faulty high-limit sensors
  • The pressure switch fails to close the circuit
  • Auger jam


The fixing ways of the above problems are the following: 

  • Replace the defective high-limit sensor
  • Ensure the pressure switch is appropriately closing the circuit
  • Use the right size pellet 


What is the life expectancy of the ST Croix pellet stove?

Generally, with typical usages, your ST Croix pellet stove would last more than ten years. However, this expected life expectancy could vary depending on various factors. How well you maintain it or which quality pellet you use is an essential factor. 

Can you run the ST Croix pellet stove 24 7?

Yes, you can operate your ST Croix pellet stove 24/7 as it’s designed in such a way. But you have to ensure that after running it continuously, you maintain it properly. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance. 

What are the disadvantages of a pellet stove?

Though a pellet stove ensures heat for your room, it also has several disadvantages. Some are high costs, the pellet’s unavailability, storage issues, increased use of electricity, noisy pellet stoves, etc. Don’t overlook all these issues. 

Can a St Croix pellet stove catch on fire?

Yes, your ST Croix pellet stove can catch on fire, though it rarely occurs. But it can happen, and there is no scope to overlook its devastating consequences. The stove’s improper ash disposal is the most common cause of it. 

Do ST Croix pellet stoves cause creosote?

Compared to other stoves, this pellet stove generates less creosote. But after using the furnace, its exhaust venting could have creosote build-up. In addition, the venting fails to handle excessive temperatures, which could lead to fire occurrence in the home. 


Now all the major problems are clear to you for which you need the ST Croix pellet stove troubleshooting guide.

Hopefully, you will now be able to detect and fix the troubles by yourself if your stove stops operating. If you have any queries except the issues mentioned above, comment. We will tell you how to fix it.

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9 thoughts on “ST Croix Pellet Stove Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]”

  1. 20 year old St.Croix Afton will feed manually but not automatically. Feed light comes on but auger doesn’t turn on auto. Select feed of 1, 2, 3, ect. means the feed light stays on longer for each as expected. Is a replacement control board available for this older stove? Am I SOL?

    • Hi Bill

      Check the hopper whether it is empty or not. If empty, fill it and wait for a few minutes so that the unit augers the pellets onto the burn pot. Also, check the venting that may be blocked. As a result, the power switch senses airflow lacking and shuts off the motors. So, try cleaning the venting.
      If it doesn’t work, take help from a technician.
      Well, you can try online for your control board or contact St.Croix support center.


  2. Hi, I have a St.Croix York insert, an older stove, maybe around 2003 or so I believe. Its in good shape, I just purchased the home and want to get it in shape. I initially started it and it threw a code #4 for faulty high limit switch, I replaced the switch but checked both the new and old switch and both are working as they should. It is now throwing a #3 code for no fire detected but now, the auger is not starting and not feeding the burn dish. Nothing is disconnected or backwards because I get the same code when I flip both the wires around. The auger fed the burn pit just fine prior. I cleaned out the hopper and vacuumed the hopper and auger, it spins 1/4 each direction. Upon further investigation, the motor body spins in the back of the stove but I cant seem to find any other mounting points (its between two metal rods that appear to stop the body from turning too much?)

    Not sure what else to try, I don’t think its a bad auger motor as it showed no signs of dying out. Would a vacuum switch cause this? I don’t want to start replacing all these parts without any guidance. I’m still stumped on the not sensing fire, I can manually ass pellets to the stove and everything functions as it should. I do not have a manual feed button.

    • Hi Zach

      It would be wise to contact the ST Croix customer support center or your local ST Croix pellet stove dealer to check out your unit visually & find out the problem to fix.

      Have a great day!

  3. Hello. I have a 2007 Greenfield Stove. The pellets back up and overflow the burn pot. I have the damper control wide open. What could be causing the back up?

    • Hi James

      Your pellet stove burn pot overflows due to one or more reasons like insufficient airflow (oxygen) to the fire in the pellet stove, the stove’s dirty internal components, using poor quality pellets, and ash build-up.

      Well, to fix the problem, first, check the above-mentioned issues one by one to find out the main culprit behind your problem.

      Then, fix the issue following our solution guide in pellet stove burn pot overflowing.

      Hopefully, you’ll get the solution.

      Best of luck!

    • Hi Kim

      Generally, this type of issue happens due to pressure switch failure, motor failure, or jammed auger due to improper pellet size.

      Well, as you have already replaced the auger motor, now inspect the pressure switch & replace it if needed. Plus, clean the auger thoroughly & ensure the use of quality & correct size pellets.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Best of luck!

  4. The ash pot in my stove will not empty the s]ashes build up in it and fills totalluo after awhile, The front part of theash pot fills up. Help John


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