Whitfield Pellet Stove Won’t Stay Lit [5 Easy Solutions]

Your Whitfield Pellet Stove won’t stay lit for the reasons like the fuel quality and size, clogged airway or smoke pipes, defective low-limit or high-limit temperature sensors, and other fault components.

Whatever the case is, this article got you covered! Our experts have narrowed down all the possible causes for such mishaps and come up with a fitting solution. So, let’s read…

Whitfield Pellet Stove Won’t Stay Lit [5 Easy Solutions]

As you already know the possible reasons for which your Whitfield pellets stove keeps shutting off, now let’s explore them in detail and their possible solutions chronologically.

1. Fuel Quality

Fuel Quality is perhaps the first-ever concern for your Whitfield Pellet Stove. Pellet stoves are a bit different from other heating appliances. It requires wood pellets as fuel.

Now, low-grade wood pellets are sometimes wet. Thus, burning those will create a very little flame and a lot of smoke. This will extinguish the flame after some time. 

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  • Always buy premium or standard-grade wood or corn pellets. 
  • Do not mix the premium pellet with damp or low-grade ones.
  • Always keep the pellets in a dry and safe place. 
  • Do not put excess pellets in the pellet box of your Whitfield Pellet Stove.
  • Make sure that you light up a pellet stove properly. Search through the manual for ‘how to start a pellet stove”

2. Pellet Size

Now, only choosing good-quality fuel isn’t enough. You will have to control the pellet flow. Sometimes the pellet bags come with bigger chunks or very small ones. In such cases, the bigger ones might not burn properly. 

On the other hand, the small ones might burn off quickly and generate excess ash. In both cases, your Whitfield Pellet Stove will shut down abruptly.


  • If the pellet size is too big. Drop the pellet bag on the ground. The impact will break the bigger chunks. Make sure that the bag is closed properly before dropping it.
  • If the pellet fuel is very small, adjust the pellet flow to control the fuel burn.

3. Dirty Stove

Dirty burn grates, clogged air vents, blocked smoke chambers, and pipes can also affect the flame. If too much smoke forms, the flame won’t stay lit. 


  • You will have to clean and maintenance your Pellet stove on a routine basis.
  • Make sure that the burner grates are cleared properly before every session.
  • Do not cover the air vents or the smoke pipes. 

4. Defective Temperature Sensors

Your Whitfield Pellet Stove has two temperature sensors. The newer models, come with modern photo-electric sensors. These sensors are assigned to scan and maintain the temperature of the flame to avoid any damage to the unit.

However, any sort of malfunctions, wrong placements, and damaged sensors can convey the wrong temperature input. Thus, it can shut your pellet stove down.


  • You will have to check the sensor first. To do that, you will have to bypass the sensors.
  • Take a wire and hardwire the sensor from the control board. Then try to run the pellet stove.
  • If the pellet stove starts working, then your sensor is most likely damaged. Contact consumer support or your local technician for further support.
  • Now, placement will affect the readings. Make sure the temperature sensors are placed perfectly.
  • For the photo-eye sensors, clean the lens of the sensor and position it pointing directly to the flame source. 

5. Faulty Components

Your Whitfield pellet Stove might shut down abruptly if any of the components are damaged or are malfunctioning. In such cases, you will have to solve the cause first.


  • First, turn off the pellet stove and let it cool down properly. 
  • Now, inspect all the components. Especially wiring connections, sensors, fuel connections, and airways.
  • Locate the defective components and take the necessary steps to solve them. 


How long does a Pellet Stove normally last?

Your Whitfield Pellet Stove will normally last for 12 to 15 years. After that time period, our experts suggest replacing it with a new unit for safety concerns.

Can you keep your Whitfield Pellet Stove on all night?

Though your Whitfield Pellet Stove is designed to last long operational hours, it is not advised to keep that on all night. So, make sure to warm your room and turn it off before hitting the bed.

Which type of pellet is better for your Whitfield Pellet Stove?

Wood pellets or corn are good sources of fuel for your Whitfield Pellet Stove. However, some users prefer corn over expensive pellets as it produces more heat at a much more cheaper price.

How long would a 40 lb pellet bag last?

A full bag of 40 lb pellet bag can last up to 26 hours. To achieve that, the pellet stove should be set to low settings.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know why your Whitfield pellet stove won’t stay lit and how to fix it. So, whenever you face the stove shutting off issue, simply follow our guide and fix it.

And if you are struggling with any other issues with your stove, then you can read our ultimate Whitfield Pellet Stove Troubleshooting guide or let us know in the comment box.

We will back to you with the possible solution ASAP.

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