Why Patton Heater Keeps Shutting Off [5 Easy Fixes]

As you’re here reading this article, it means your Patton heater keeps shutting off and you’re looking for the reasons and solutions. Your Patton heater keeps shutting off due to safety switch issues and a clogged jet. To resolve the first issue of the safety switch, you should try changing the safety switch. 

To fix the second issue of a clogged jet, you need to open up your heater. Clean it with warm water and rinse it with clothes to clear the clogs. 

However, if your heater is not functioning properly after trying these solutions, then you need to check out some other reasons and solutions which we showed here in this article as follows: 

Why Patton Heater Keeps Shutting Off [5 Easy Fixes]

If the above-mentioned reasons aren’t why your Patton heater keeps shutting off, then check these five reasons out and find out why the Patton heater keeps shutting off as follows:  

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1. Fuse Blown Out

Fuse is an integral part of any heater and so is the Patton heater. Most modern-day heaters are equipped with nestled fuse thermal. These fuses are also confined in the tough and hard casing of plastic carefully to protect it from blowing out. 

A fuse is a small device that safeguards the Patton heater from getting overheated. Therefore, it either melts or blows out to protect and secure the inside components of the heater. But a thermal fuse will protect your heater from doing that. 

When the Patton heater malfunctions in any way, the fuse sitting inside will come forward as a primary protection barrier to prevent the heater from a system failure. 


But when it’s your fuse that is blown out, then your heater will automatically shut down and it’ll keep shutting off. In this case, you need to disassemble the heater at first, and then bring the blown fuse out and replace it with a new one. It’ll solve your issue right away and get you a working heater in no time. 

2. Tripped Circuit Breaker

If it gets tripped by any means, the effect will certainly reach your heater and it can make the Patton keep shutting off.

Usually, a circuit breaker trips because of an over the surge of electricity going through the main grid of your house. Natural incidents like a lightning storm or severe thunder can do such things.

Therefore, when the circuit breaker trips, you won’t be able to start your Patton heater. If somehow you manage to start one, it’ll keep shutting off.  


When a circuit breaker gets tripped, then cut all the power supply off immediately to break the electrical loop right away. To fix a tripped circuit breaker, you simply need to open the panel box manually and reset the breaker back into its previous position.

3. Thermocouple Malfunction

When you find no issues with your fuse as well as circuit breakers, then you should go towards your thermocouple. You need to do that to find out if there is any malfunction or not. The thermocouple is located outside but it still coordinates the entire power supply of a house. So, if there is any malfunction in the thermocouple, the heater may show issues like that. 

It is responsible for shutting your Patton heater off the same way a circuit breaker shut it off earlier. But it’s a secondary system of protection of any electrical system of a house. 


Usually, the thermocouple gets into action when your heater gets overheated. So, when it occurs, you need to give the Patton a few minutes to cool it down by itself. Thus, it’ll nip the malfunctioning thermocouple in the bud. 

4. Dirty Air Filter

If your air filter is unclean or dirty, then it can keep the heater shutting off repeatedly. It may not give you any sort of warning either. When a filter is clogged with debris or dust or dirt, it’ll start spreading a bad and unwanted smell. 

If your Patton is spreading this type of unpleasant smell, then a dirty air filter is the reason why your heater keeps shutting off. Filthy air filters can reduce the airflow which passes through your heater often. It won’t be able to cool itself and therefore get overheated.  


To fix this issue, you should clean the air filters once or twice in a month at least. Then, it won’t spread any unpleasant smells. 

5. Non-Functioning Heating Element

Heating elements are the heart and soul of any heater because they’re the ones responsible for keeping the heater working. These elements help your heater to generate and preserve the heat inside of your Patton. Faulty elements of heating can make your heater shut off automatically. 


If your heating elements glow bright orange, then it means they’re in optimum condition. But if the flames seem to be dying and the glow is also fainting, then the heating elements of your heater are not functioning right away. You need to change the heating elements to fix this issue. 

What Are The Instant Solutions For Your Heater That Keeps Shutting Off?

To sort out an instant solution for a Patton heater that keeps shutting off, follow the steps mentioned below: 

  1. Unplug your heater from the power panel. Be careful with the outlet because it can be warm to the touch. 
  2. Take another electrical item and test it with the heater to rule out the problem. 
  3. Turn the flashlight on to peer in and look around the heater to find out any obstructions. If you find any, remove them right away. 
  4. Now, plug the heater on again and turn it on using the knob called “MODE.”
  5. Raise the temperature to a high number to make sure the heat is coming out of it properly. 
  6. Reset the entire unit and when it comes back to the regular condition, start using. 


How To Reset A Patton Heater’s Plug-In? 

To reset a Patton’s plug-in, first, you need to reset the feature of auto-safety shut off by turning the power switch off. You need to do that when the heater is shutting off repeatedly. Now, unplug the heater and let it cool. After that, plug the heater again and turn it on. 

How Can You Clean Your Patton Heater? 

First, spray an air duster into your heater’s compartment to loosen the debris and dust. If you’re doing this without using a cover, then target the slats and vents with compressed air. Finally, clean the loose dust using air spray and free them. 

How Hot Can A Patton Heater Get? 

A Patton heater can get quite hot. Due to the fan-forced heat coil convention, it can reach 1100 watts to 15000 watts on the heat settings. 

Why Did Your Patton Heater Stop Working? 

There can be a lot of reasons behind your Patton heater stop working. But heaters not getting enough power can be the primary one for which a heater stops working. 

What Is The Use Of A Reset Button In A Patton Heater? 

A reset button in a Patton heater plays an influential and pivotal role in keeping the heater well-functioned. Whenever you face any issue with the power or performance of your heater, you need to reset your Patton to fix the issue. 

How To Turn On A Patton Heater?

Turning on a Patton heater is not a difficult task. All you need to do is follow some steps properly mentioned in the user manual. Read through the manual and follow the directions precisely. You’ll be able to turn on your heater. 

Final Verdict

We are confident that you have got the reasons for which your Patton heater keeps shutting off and their simple solutions. So, from now on you can solve your heater by shutting off the issue by yourself.

In case you don’t find the right reasons behind your issue even after going through our article, then let us know in the comment section. We would be happy to help you find a new solution. 

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