Why TV Remote Turns On Fireplace [3 Easy Solutions]

When your TV remote turns on fireplace, it can be a bizarre problem. This problem mainly occurs for similar infrared radiation (IR) codes. Other reasons behind this problem are faults in the fireplace and a faulty master switch.

In this article, we will discuss 3 common reasons behind your TV remote turning on the fireplace and their solutions.

We are confident that after reading this article your worries will be gone regarding this bizarre problem. So, let’s get started.

Why TV Remote Turns On Fireplace [3 Easy Solutions]

A TV remote is designed to turn on the TV. But sometimes a TV remote turns on other devices such as a fireplace. There can be many reasons behind your TV remote turning on the fireplace.

However, we will discuss the most common 3 reasons for this problem and their solutions. Check the below guide for details.

1. Similar Infrared Radiation (IR) Codes

Sometimes for similar IR codes, the sensor of the fireplace may detect the wrong signal. As a result, the TV remote turns on the fireplace. It can happen if your TV is located over the fireplace or near it. In this case, there are some solutions you can try.

The first solution is if your TV has a smartphone app, you can use your smartphone to control it which will operate through wifi, not through infrared radiation.

The second solution is to block the infrared radiation receiver on the front panel of your fireplace with opaque tape. It will help the TV remote to more precisely aim at the TV.

In that case, the fireplace remote will not work. However, if there are physical buttons on the fireplace, you can walk to the fireplace to start or stop it. 

Another solution is to obtain a custom installer to program a URC RF remote with an RF receiver like a Logitech Harmony. The receiver would direct the signal from the universal remote only to the appliance you aim to regulate. But it’s an expensive solution.

2. Faults In The Fireplace

Sometimes you may not be aiming the TV remote near the fireplace, but still, the fireplace turns on automatically. If the fireplace turns on without someone directing the TV remote near it, then there is a fault in the fireplace.

To solve this problem, you need to find the master switch. It may be situated on the wall. Turn it off and unplug the unit. It may reset the master switch and solve the problem.

3. Faulty Master Switch

The master switch can also be faulty which will lead to the TV remote turning on the fireplace. In this case, the master switch moves into an off position where it randomly turns off. You need to replace the master switch to solve this problem.


What frequency is IR remote?

Every IR remote uses a frequency between 300 megahertz – 400 gigahertz. It shouldn’t be mistaken for the modulation rate of the IR remote. The IR remote codes are transmitted to the receiver by utilizing the modulation rate. The modulation rate for the remotes and set-top boxes ranges from 36 kilohertz to 60 kilohertz.  

How to turn on an electric fireplace without a remote?

Firstly, make sure that your electric fireplace is plugged into the wall and switched on. Next, find the fireplace’s controls. Finally, turn on the electric fireplace and the flame using the fireplace’s controls.

Can a fireplace ruin a tv?

Yes, the heat from a fireplace can ruin a TV particularly if it is a wood fireplace or gas fireplace. An electrical fireplace whose heating elements are at the bottom of it won’t ruin your TV. This problem occurs if the TV is very close to the fireplace or if nothing is stopping the heat from reaching the television.

Why did my fireplace turn on by itself?

There are 4 main reasons for this problem. The first one is a defective thermocouple. Next, there can be some wiring issues like the wires can burn out or tangle up and cause a short circuit. The third one is the remote control problems as sometimes it can malfunction for many reasons. The final reason is the wall switch.

How to stop the TV remote from controlling two TVs?

If both televisions are using a similar category remote, you can use the television’s menu system to deactivate the universal remote control function. But if they are using different categories of remotes of one television that doesn’t have a menu system, then you will require to buy a universal television remote control that can be programmed to operate with both televisions.


We are hopeful that after reading this article you have come to know the 3 reasons why your tv remote turns on the fireplace and their solutions.

Well, if still you face any issues, let us know in the comment box. We’ll come back to you ASAP with a solution.

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