Wood Stove Baffle Plate Replacement [7 Easy Steps]

Wood stove baffle plate replacement is very easy. You can do it in less than 10 steps. Wondering how? You will get the answer here.

wood stove baffle plate replacement guide

This article will show you how you can simply remove and attach a new baffle plate in 7 steps. You will also get to know when to change your wood stove baffle plate as well.

Let’s begin.

Wood Stove Baffle Plate Replacement In 7 Easy Steps

Woodstove owners often complain that their baffle plates fell down. In addition to this, you can have other baffle plate problems as well. So replace the baffle plate before you have to go through any of those baffle plate fireplace problems.

But how do you do it? Well, you can replace the baffle plate by unscrewing the baffle plate bolts, removing the baffle plate from its place, and finally attaching a new one in its position. 

We will show you how you can complete all these steps.

Step 1: Locate The Baffle Plate

Discover the position of the baffle plate first. It is located close to the top of the stove. Open your wood stove gate and take a peek at that location. You will definitely find it.

Step 2: Prepare The Baffle Plate

Now push the front part of the baffle plate. Give it a few heavy taps on the underside to loosen it up a bit.

You will see a few bolts holding the baffle plate in its place. Spray some lubricants on these bolts. After this, leave the baffle plate for 10 to 12 minutes.

Step 3: Loosen The Bolts Holding The Baffle Plate

Now take a flathead screwdriver and unscrew the bolts holding the baffle plate. 

Once the bolts are almost unscrewed, take pliers and pull the bolts by their tips. Then rotate the piler while holding the bolts. This will make the unscrewing of rusty bolts easier.

Step 4: Remove The Baffle Plate

Lift the baffle plate a bit to get it out of its notches. Then pull it toward the gate of the wood stove.

Remember to wear safety gloves and be cautious while removing the baffle plate. A baffle plate weighs around 5 to 10 KG. So take help from a friend if you can.

Step 5: Prepare The Space For New Baffle Plate

Once the old baffle plate is out of the way, it is time to install the new baffle plate. But before that, you have to make sure that the spot is ready.

Spray phosphoric acid on the surface of the spot and leave it for 30 minutes. Wipe it clean after that. Let the furnace dry before installing the new baffle plate.

Step 6: Install The New Baffle Plate

Installing the new baffle plate can be a bit tricky. Call up your friend for help. Ask your friend to hold the baffle plate in the perfect position (make sure your friend is strong as the baffle plate is heavy).

While they hold the baffle plate in its position, place the screws in the slots. Tighten the bolts in the position and double-check. 

Step 7: Check The Baffle Plate

Woodstove baffle replacement will be useless if your baffle plate ever falls off. This is why make sure that the baffle plate is securely placed.

Pull it down with a bit of force to check its durability. If it can successfully sustain your light force, it will be able to deal with pretty much anything.

And now you are done. These 7 steps ensure a proper replacement of the wood stove baffle plate. This process is really easy. The only things you need are a flathead screwdriver, a piler, and a set of helping hands.

Here, you can watch this video for a better understanding.

When You Need Wood Stove Baffle Plate Replacement?

You definitely should replace your baffle plate when it’s time. The reasons to change a baffle plate are many. And the necessity of a baffle plate is unarguable as well. So when should you replace the baffle plate? Look out for the following signs.

1. See if the baffle plate is looser than before. If it wobbles, then it’s a bad sign.

2. Wood burns right under the baffle plate, and this is why it attracts coal. Since the baffle plate attracts too much coal, you know this coal affects the overall stove environment. So change the baffle plate if you notice it getting too black.

3. A baffle plate is very hard but it can have cracks as well. Look for such defects on your baffle plate. Change it if such cracks are visible.

4. Take a good look at the baffle plate. If you notice too much dirt or rust on it, then it’s time for a replacement.

5. You should change your baffle plate every 5 years. Even if it’s perfectly installed, it’s time for you to get a new one.

Look out for these signs every once in a while. It will significantly contribute to keeping your wood stove in good condition.


Is it safe to operate a wood burner without a baffle plate?

Though operating a wood burner without a baffle plate won’t cause immediate damage, it will bring so many wood stove problems and gradually destroy the stove. 

How much does a baffle plate cost?

A baffle plate cost around $50.

When should I replace my baffle plate?

Even if your baffle plate seems just fine, replace it every 5 to 10 years.

Where does the baffle plate go?

A baffle plate goes at the top of the fire chamber.

Do wood stoves need a grate?

No, a wood stove does not need a gate. But some wood stove has gates.

How do you clean a baffle plate?

Just brushing the baffle plate is enough to clean it properly. 


Your wood stove will work without a baffle plate, but it will not work for long. This is why if you notice the baffle plate wearing off, replace it immediately. Wood stove baffle plate replacement is very simple. 

Just follow our instructions, and you will get through it. However, if you have any questions regarding our discussion, leave them in the comment section below. We’ll be back soon with a solution.

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