Wood Stove Blower VS No Blower [The Ultimate Comparison]

You might wonder if it’s necessary to use an advanced fireplace heat blower when you have a fireplace or woodstove at your place. Fireplaces work fine without a blower but, using the blower does make a difference. 

Now, the question is, do wood stoves work better with or without a blower?

In this article, I am going to talk about the main differences between a Wood Stove blower VS. No blower. This will help you decide whether it is a wise decision to get a blower for your fireplace or not. It’s up to you to judge if the benefits are worth purchasing a blower.

Wood Stove Blower VS No blower

Before adding a blower to a wood stove, it is important to know the difference between using/not using the blower. These are some basic differences:

When you use a blower for your wood stove, it will meet up your the following 6 purposes benefits:

  1. The efficiency of the wood stove improves and the heat demand reduces.

2. The stove demands less fuel which eventually leads to lower electricity bills.

3. The stove circulates heat to every spot of the room keeping it warm.

4. You can chill or sit at any spot of the room as the air automatically becomes comfortable. You don’t have to get close to the stove.

5 You can leave the blower on overnight without worrying. Well, the maximum time limit depends on the brand you are using.

6. The previous room temperature gets replaced by warm air, your furniture and rugs/carpets feel warm and comfortable too.

When you don’t use a blower for your stove:

  • Your stove generates heat only in one direction or up and down the ceiling.
  • The stove requires more fuel compared to a stove with a blower.
  • Your room can heat up too much making it uncomfortable for people.
  • You might have to stay near the stove to feel the warm air as your room wouldn’t be entirely warm.

Remember a blower is not only used for circulating air, it helps the stove to run effectively as well.

How Does a Fireplace Blower Work?

Now, you may have decided to install a fireplace blower after knowing the amazing benefits. But, before you purchase a fireplace blower, it is important to know how it works.

The Operation Process:

  • When the blower extracts air from the room, it passes through the stove or fireplace. When the air passes through the hot fireplace, it heats up and boosts the fireplace working process and performance
  • The heated air is then pushed through the blower as warm air circulates around the room. The warm air fills up the cold spots in the room making the environment very comfortable. 
  • The blower makes the air move effectively and the process is continuous until you turn off the blower.

Things to Keep in Mind before Using a Fireplace Blower

Anything related to the fire can be very dangerous if we are not careful enough. A fireplace blower is very easy to use but there are some rules for safety that you need to follow:

  • Know the maximum limit or the right time when you need to turn off the blower. The startup temperature depends on the brand or model of the blower.
  • Always decrease or slow down the speed of heat when you decide to use it overnight. Modern blowers have a great adjustment system.
  • It is wise not to leave the door open for effective airflow inside the room.

As long as you have some basic knowledge about using a fireplace blower, you are ready to install one!

6 Steps for Wood Burning Fireplace Blower Installation

The fireplace blower installation process might vary as there are several brands and models. Each bowler has clear instructions that come with the packaging. The regular fireplace blower/universal fireplace blower has some basic steps for installation:

Step 1– Make sure the fireplace is cool before you attempt to install it. Disconnect the power and open the cover by removing the screws.

Step 2-Check the wiring system and adjust the wires according to the instructions. Remember you should connect the wires according to their color. For example- white with white or blue with blue.

Step 3– Put the motor in the blower and screw it very tightly.

Step 4– Place the motor perfectly over the fireplace. Make sure you don’t push back the blower too far.

Step 5– Turn on the motor to test if it works or makes any noise. If it makes much noise, you can adjust the blower again until it stops making noise.

Step 6– Put the cover back and screw it properly.

After these 6 steps, the installation is complete. Now you can start using the blower safely. If it doesn’t work, then, learn why the fireplace blower not working and solve the issue. Or get assistance from the man who has installed a fireplace blower before.


Is a fireplace blower worth it?

Getting a fireplace blower helps have warm air circulation in your room. Using a blower increases the effectiveness and reduces the need for fuel when you are using a wood stove. It is more than worth it to install a fireplace blower for its amazing benefits.

Does a wood stove need a blower?

It depends on you whether you prefer a blower for a woodstove or not. If you want proper warm air circulation for your home, it is wise to install a blower for your wood stove.

How do I circulate heat in my house?

Attach a blower/fan to your fireplace to circulate heat in your house.

Do fireplace blowers really work?

Yes, fireplaces blowers work very effectively when the installation process is correct. Fireplace blowers are easy to use work well for proper heat circulation.

How to install a fireplace blower?

By following some steps you can install a fireplace blower very easily all by yourself. The blower company provides instructions with the product, which is helpful. You can also take professional assistance if you face any kind of difficulties with the installation process.

Final Thought

The benefits of using a blower for the fireplace are better in performance compared to not using one. Your fireplace can do fine without a blower but, isn’t it better when the blower helps with the efficiency? 

You can also save some of your bills by adding a blower to a woodstove! 

I hope this article is helpful for you to compare and decide between using a woodstove blower vs no blower.

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