York Furnace 10 Red Flashes [3 Easy Solutions]

Low gas pressure, open primary or auxiliary limit switch, and faulty gas valve are mainly responsible for York furnace 10 red flashes. This issue means something internally is wrong with your furnace, and as a result, automatically, it’s shutting down.

york furnace 10 red flashes

This troubleshooting guide incorporates the leading causes and solutions of the furnace’s ten red flashes problem. Read the article sharply, and definitely, you will get the solution to your stove’s red flashes trouble.

York Furnace 10 Red Flashes [3 Easy Solutions]

Here are the leading 3 causes and solutions of 10 red light flashes on your York furnace. Let’s discuss:

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1. Faulty Gas Valve

Gas valves transmit gas from the supply tank to the furnace. Thus, it’s an essential element in the proper running of your York furnace. But a faulty gas valve causes ten red flashes on your York furnace, and ultimately it shuts down.

A defective gas valve allows gas leaks and the furnace stop operation for this cause. Despite having the safety features in most gas valves, the gas leak can still occur. Your York furnace’s gas valve malfunction gives you the following signs:

  • The stove doesn’t deliver warm air
  • Stove’s complete shutdown
  • Gas leak


A prompt solution is crucial for the malfunctioning gas valve. Otherwise, it can cause serious health risks, safety issues, or more expensive repair bills. The solutions are:

2. Open Primary or Auxiliary Limit Switch

Usually, the primary or auxiliary limit switch remains closed. If this switch remains open for 5 minutes or more, it causes ten red blinking on the York furnace.

The temperature-activated sensor in the limit switch prevents the furnace’s overheating. Moreover, it also controls the blower assembly’s turn on and off. The culprits responsible for this issue are the following:

  • Overheating heat exchanger/cracked heat exchanger
  • Blocked air ducts and dirty air filter
  • Defective limit switch


Contact a technician to test your limit switch and follow the solutions below:

  • Turn off the burner to control the overheating temperature
  • Clean the air filter and ensure proper airflow to the heat exchanger
  • Remove the air ducts blockage
  • Replace the defective limit switch

3. Low Gas Pressure

York furnace’s efficiency significantly goes down because of low gas pressure. Moreover, it causes burned gasses condensation in a more significant amount.

The heat exchanger turns off because of little inlet pressure. The causes of this problem are the following:

  • Furnace’s overuse causes a pressure drop
  • Gas leak
  • The fireplace, water heater, and house heater are working together at a time


Dealing with the furnace gas pressure problem is sensitive. Thus, contacting a technician would be best to solve this issue. The other thing you can do to tackle this issue is the following:

  • Turn off the gas’s overuse or extraneous uses
  • Hire a technician to check and solve the gas leak problem
  • At a time, leave or use only one device


What does a solid red light on my York furnace mean?

The solid red light on the York furnace means lockout light. This red-light signs that the furnace’s safety mechanism shut down because it detects a fault in it. You will see the fault code on the furnace’s digital display.

Should I hit the reset button on my York furnace?

Yes, you can hit the reset button. York furnace’s significant feature is its reset button. Using the reset button, you can shut off the stove quickly. The tripping of the reset button means the furnace is overheating.


Now you are aware of what caused York furnace 10 red flashes. Hopefully, now you have enough knowledge to solve these furnace issues yourself. So, even if you struggle to solve your problem, don’t hesitate to comment. Let us know your troubling furnace fact, and we will take care of it.

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