York Furnace 12 Red Flashes [3 Easy Solutions]

The open igniter circuit, malfunctioning control board, and cracked igniter are mainly responsible for York furnace 12 red flashes. Twelve red flashes on your York furnace hinder the furnace’s smooth running, and it fails to work properly.

york furnace 12 red flashes

If your furnace flashes 12 times and there is no ignition in it, it means you need to pay attention to your heater. Keep reading this troubleshooting guide to learn how to combat this furnace problem. 

York Furnace 12 Red Flashes [3 Easy Solutions]

Below we discussed the 3 common causes and solutions of the 12 red flashes problem. Let’s discuss: 

1. Open Igniter Circuit

An open igniter circuit hinders the furnace’s small spark-producing process. The furnace releases the air, igniting heat to create a tiny spark. If the igniter circuit remains open, it will fail to generate a spark and cause 12 red flashes on your York furnace. 


Contact an expert technician to check the furnace’s igniter circuit. First, check whether it’s open or not. If you become sure the open igniter circuit creates a flashing problem, take the technician’s help to solve the issue immediately. 

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2. Defective Control Board

The malfunctioning control board is another culprit for 12 red light flashes on your York furnace. The furnace’s blower stops running because of a bad control board. The inducer stops running because of the blower failure.

And as a result, you will see 12 times flashes on the board. Your furnace can have this issue because of no ignition in it, even if the igniter glows. 


Contact or hire an expert technician to check and replace your defective control board. Replacing the malfunctioning board can stop 12 red light flashes on the York furnace. Make sure the stove’s inducer is working correctly. 

3. Cracked Igniter

Your York furnace may go out or start producing 12 red flashes when you require to use it the most. One of the main culprits for this unwanted inconvenience is a cracked or broken igniter.

The igniter is the most crucial part of a furnace. And without it, the heater fails to blow the stove’s hot air. 

One of the common causes of 12 red flashes on the York furnace is that the igniter becomes defective or doesn’t go well. Here are several indications that your furnace has a cracked igniter. 

  • A dirty air filter hinders proper airflow
  • Tripping breaker
  • Old and worn-out igniter
  • Bad limiter switch


Replacing is the best solution to solve your furnace’s broken or cracked igniter problem. Fortunately, you don’t need to replace the entire York furnace. Just, replacing the igniter is enough to solve this issue. The other solutions are: 


Can you hear your furnace click on, but it does not fire up?

A dirty sensor/ignitor hinders the fire in your furnace even if it initiates the start cycle. Unfortunately, this furnace problem is widespread. Therefore, you should replace the ignitor and clean the sensor to solve the problem. 

How to reset a high-limit switch on your York furnace?

Once you can identify and fix your York furnace problem, you need to reset the furnace in your home to enjoy further warmth. Keep your power supply off for 20 seconds or more to turn the stove back. 


Now you know what factors cause York furnace 12 red flashes. Hopefully, you can now solve your furnace’s red flash problem by yourself. We discussed all the leading causes and their associated solutions to this issue.

If you face any other issues in solving your furnace red flashes problem except the above, comment and let us know.

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