York Furnace Red Light Blinking 9 Times [3 Easy Solutions]

York furnace red light blinking 9 times tells you that the furnace’s machine is going through grounding difficulty. Reverse polarity problems, grounding trouble, and unrecognized flame problems are mainly responsible for this issue.

york furnace red light blinking 9 times

This troubleshooting guide contains the leading causes and solutions to this problem. Keep reading it, and you will definitely get the way to solving the furnace’s issue by yourself. 

York Furnace Red Light Blinking 9 Times [3 Easy Solutions]

When the voltage polarity runs at the reversed line, it causes the nine-times red light blinking in York furnaces. The other causes and solutions are described below: 

1. Reverse Polarity Problem

Your York furnace may have been upgraded and a new control board, but the board has reversed in polarity. The OEM control board may also have the reverse polarity design. When this problem happens, the wire connects to the wrong port. 

For example, the control board connects by the 24V wires from the Transformer. This means the lead is labeled “XFMR”, and the light brown wire is connected. The Transformer’s other white wire connects to the neutral lead. 


If you want to connect the new control board to your York furnace, you should reverse the two wires. First, flip the wire to ensure the York furnace’s smooth running. Now you may have the question which wire should you change?

Reverse the following wires. Select the neutral lead to put the light brown wire. Again select the XFMR lead to put the white wire. Reverse the wires and leads in this position. Hopefully, the red light in your York furnace will stop blinking nine times. 

2. Grounding Problem

Before condemning your York furnace’s control board for red light blinking, ensure that the furnace is getting the correct power.

When the three-wire outlet is connected to the stove without a ground wire, it causes a grounding problem. If your furnace is equipped in this way, it will show you an error code. 


The connection between the round ground slot and the narrow slot should be 115v. If you find a connection mismatch, hire a technician to check the ground slot. 

Your furnace’s ground circuit is essential because if the power circuit has any issues, the ground circuit will carry the power safely to the ground. Also, in controlling the igniter, its importance is behind the description. 

3. Flame Probe Not Shorted

The bad flame sensor is another cause of 9 times red light blinking. Several signs told you that the furnace’s flame sensor is defective. The signs are: 

  • The furnace shut down after lighting for a few seconds
  • Corroded or sooty flame sensor
  • Cracked flame sensor


Sorting the flame sensor problems is vital to solving the red-light blinking issue. A suitable flame sensor ensures the gas valve shuts down when it fails to sense a flame. The solutions to combat this trouble are the following: 


How long does it take for the York furnace to reset?

Resetting your York furnace will take less than 10 minutes. Within this time, the entire restarting process will be complete. First, turn off the circuit board and shut off the furnace’s power button to reset the stove. Then turn it on again. 

Why is my furnace not kicking on?

Due to dirty or clogged air filters, your York furnace may stop kicking on. A clogged air filter hinders enough airflow. As a result, it fails to start up. Ensure that the air filter is clean, and check your blower motor. 


Hopefully, now you know all the crucial points in charge of the York furnace red light blinking 9 times. These causes may also contribute to York furnace red light blinking 4 times. If you think we missed any crucial issues in this discussion, you can comment on it to let us know. 

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