Z Grills Error Codes & Their Meaning [4 Easy Solutions]

Every Grills, including the Z grills Error Codes , displays different error codes when we fail to use them properly. For example, the Grill will show the LEr error code if you set the temperature too low or don’t use fresh and dry wood pellets. 

Like other grills, the Z grill will also display different error codes like LEr, HEr, Er1, and more. Each of them has meaning and is caused by different reasons. 

And this troubleshooting guide on Z grill error codes will reveal the meaning of those codes.

Therefore, you can also learn what causes the grill controller to display them and how you can clear those error messages. Without further ado, let’s dive deeper into the article. 

4 Z Grills Error Codes , Meaning & How To Fix

Z Grills will show four error codes on the display. They are:

  • LEr Error (Low Temperature Error)
  • HEr Error (High Temperature Error)
  • Er1 (Temperature Sensor Error)
  • Er2 (Grill Controller Error)

Now, it’s time to explain their meanings and what troubleshooting steps you should take to fix those. 

1. Z Grill LEr Error

The LEr error will occur when the temperature of your grill goes down to 120-degree F. It means your Z grills fail to ignite successfully or the fire puts down. The following reasons are responsible for your smoker temperature issue and this error code. 

  • You may set the grill temperature too low (below 180F).
  • Turn the temperature from high to a much lower temperature setting.
  • Too much ash in the fire-pot
  • Use moist wood pellets
  • The hopper is low in pellets
  • Larger wood pellets.
  • Pellets may not drop into the fire-pot during startup
  • Defective fan
  • Don’t get smoke and fire within 5-7 minutes of starting the grill.
  • The ignition rod is not extending out into the fire-pot at least 5 mm.


To clear out the LEr error message from the display, follow the below steps:

  • Ensure you keep the grill in a shaded area and run the grill at a minimum of 225F.
  • Feeding very few pellets when the grill temperature is above the targeted temperature can lead the fire to go out. When you want to lower the temperature, open the grill lid. Then, don’t close the lid until the temperature drops to the lower target.
  • Vacuum and clean the firepot to remove ash.
  • Make sure you put fresh and dry pellets into the hopper.
  • A cavity can form around the auger entry if the level of pellets is low. Consequently, the fire will go out as there will create a gap between pellet supply. So, check the level of the pellets before cooking and check periodically. 
  • Long pellets will burn inefficiently, or it may clog the delivery of pellets into the firepot. So, break down the larger wood pellets into shorter lengths.
  • Make sure the auger motor is rotating slowly and turning on/off periodically. If the Z grills auger is not turning, understand the auger motor gets jammed. In this case, clear out the jam. 
  • Replace the fan.
  • Maybe the ignition rod gets defective, and you need to replace it with a new one.
  • Reposition it to extend out 12 mm. 

2. Z Grill HEr Error

High-Temperature Error or HEr will occur when the inside temperature of your grill reaches above 555F. If you keep the lid open for an extended period while running the grill at a high-temperature setting, it will display the HEr error message. 


  • Ensure you open the grill lid.
  • Turn off your grill and back it on. Then, set it to the Smoke setting.
  • Wait until your grill comes back to full flame.
  • Set the dial to the desired temperature. 
  • Close the lid and monitor the operation.

However, if you notice the controller display shows the HEr error randomly, understand it’s a problem with the temperature sensor. In this case, follow the below step-by-step process to inspect the temperature sensor probe connection.

  • Turn the grill off and disconnect the unit from electric power.
  • Use a screwdriver to pull the two screws that hold the controller into its place.
  • Find the two skinny wires that are secured with the small green or blue terminal block.
  • Ensure they are in their place and the connection is tight.

3. Z Grill Er1 Error Code: Temperature Sensor Issue

Er1 means the temperature sensor of your Grill fails or doesn’t function properly. It fails for the following reasons.

  • Loose wiring connection on the back of the controller
  • Damaged sensor cable
  • A loose sensor plug
  • Defective temperature sensor


Here is how you can fix the temperature sensor issue:

  • Remove the controller from the front side of the grill and locate the thin wires secured with the green or blue terminal block. If they are loose, tighten them up. 
  • If the sensor cable gets damaged, repair it with a new one.
  • Make sure you plug the sensor tightly.
  • If the grill temperature sensor gets faulty, replace it.

4. Z Grill Er2 Error Code: Grill Controller Error

If your Z grills display the error message ‘Er2’, we bet you don’t set the temperature setting dial to the Shut Down Cycle. Follow the step-by-step guide to clear this error message. 

  • Turn off the power switch
  • Turn the dial to the Shut Down Cycle
  • Back the Power Switch On
  • Set the dial to the smoke setting and start your Z grill as you always do. 

Apart from these, the following issues are also responsible for the Er2 error message:

  • The controller is already set to a temperature setting
  • Very Cold Weather
  • Defective Temperature probe


To solve those issues, make sure:

  • You set the Controller in Shut Down Cycle when turning on your grill
  • The temperature sensor will not work if there is freezy cold outside. Try to warm up the tip of the temperature sensor probe. You can use a cigarette lighter to warm the temperature sensor probe. 
  • Replace the temperature probe with a new one. 


Throughout this guide, we introduced you to the Z grills error codes. Each of them will let you know the problems your grill has and what causes those issues. Fortunately, we broke down every meaning of the error messages and showed you how to clear them.

So, it’s better to bookmark this guideline. If any error messages will not clear after following those troubleshooting steps, call the Z grill support team for help. 

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