Bradley Smoker Keeps Tripping Breaker [5 Easy Solutions]

Bradley smoker keeps tripping breaker mainly due to connecting several electric appliances in one outlet, faulty electric smoker, ground faults, overloading GFCI, and short circuit.

Whenever you experience your smoker’s breaker tripping issue, be sure that any of the above factors is the culprit.

Then, read our today’s comprehensive Bradley smoker troubleshooting guide sharply. And you will surely get the way to fix your breaker’s issue by yourself. 

Bradley Smoker Keeps Tripping Breaker [5 Easy Solutions]

Here are the major reasons behind your smoker tripping breaker and their simple solutions: 

1. Too Many Appliances Connected In One Outlet

When you plug your Bradley smoker in an outlet and connect that circuit with other appliances also, it causes the tripping breaker.

Connecting too many appliances in one circuit breaker creates stress on the home’s wiring system. 

As a result, this overload leads to severe electrical damage and your breaker starts tripping. In addition, your house’s all outlets can lose power because of this tripping breaker. 


The apparent solution is avoiding using one outlet or circuit breakers for running numerous electric devices at a time. Instead, reduce the wire’s or outlet’s stress and ensure that the voltage runs smoothly within the wire. 

Furthermore, if your breaker already starts tripping due to overloaded pressure, instantly disconnect some electric appliances from it.

Unplug too many electrical items, and your breakers tripping issue will be solved in no time. 

2. Defective Electric Smoker

Not only did the external issues cause the Bradley smoker’s tripping breaker, but also the defective electric smoker itself could be the problem.

The major considering factors that lead to faulty electric smokers are the following: 

  • Rust, food residue, or other unwanted materials stuck in the smoker’s inside
  • Smoker’s faulty heating element
  • Water trapped in the smoker’s inside
  • Heating elements inside dripping moisture


The fixing ways of the above troubles are the following: 

  • Properly check the smoker’s rust patches by unplugging it
  • Clean the smoker’s inside food residues build up and mold spots 
  • Inspect the heating element and replace the faulty element if required
  • A very effective way of eliminating the smoker’s inside-trapped water is using a propane torch
  • Use a weather-protective case or cover to avoid rust, mold, or drips

3. Ground Faults

Another reason for which the Bradley smoker’s breakers start tripping is ground faults.

Electricity unintentionally reached the ground through the ground fault when the circuit automatically turned off due to overvoltage. The other reasons for grounds for fault are the following: 

  • Unexpected voltage fluctuations
  • The breaker box’s water leaking
  • Damaged or poorly insulated wires
  • Dust and debris build up in the smoker’s inside 
  • Defective heating appliances


A ground fault is a severe issue that causes tripping breakers and can lead to fire, electrical shock, or burns.

Thus, if you have this problem, you should fix it ASAP with the help of an electrician. The solutions are the following: 

  • Contact an electrician to inspect your home’s voltage fluctuations
  • Repair the breaker box’s water leak
  • Get help from an expert to insulate the wire properly
  • Properly clean the smoker inside’s dirt build-up 
  • Replace the faulty heating appliances 

4. Overloading GFCI

An extension cord overcrowding or using a single GFCI outlet for running 3, 4, or more electrical appliances causes the GFCI overload.

Overloading GFCI is a significant cause for Bradley smoker’s tripping breaker. The other reasons behind this problem are the following: 

  • Flowing more amperage through the electrical wire than its handling capacity
  • Connecting defective or malfunctioning appliances in one circuit breaker
  • Corroded or loose wire connections 
  • Worn-out breaker 
  • Electricity leaking to the ground


Whenever the GFCI senses overpressure or overflow of electricity, it causes the tripping issue. Thus be careful in using the outlet and don’t plug multiple units into it. The other solutions are the following: 

  • Every circuit or outlet has a certain electricity-carrying capacity; thus, don’t overload it by running various appliances at a time. 
  • Don’t connect your malfunctioning electrical appliances to the outlet.
  • Contact an electrical contractor and repair and replace the improper wire connections.
  • Replace the worn-out or defective breaker.
  • Hire an electrician to check the current leaking issue

5. Short Circuit

A short circuit is a major reason why the Bradley smoker’s breaker keeps tripping.

Due to lower resistance, a sudden unimpeded electricity flow within the smoker’s wire causes a short circuit. The other reasons behind this crisis are the following: 

  • The circuit box’s black or hot wire touched the white or neutral wire, and it caused a short circuit
  • The tripping process activate because of the sudden increase of current flow in the breaker
  • The circuit’s faulty wiring
  • Smoker’s inside water and electrical wiring come into contact 
  • Electrical box’s loose connection 
  • Malfunctioning or aged outlets, smokers, appliances, etc


Only an expert electrician can solve your home’s short circuit issue as it’s not a layman’s task.

Contact a professional electrician to diagnose and fix your short circuit and breaker tripping problem. However, you can go with the following solutions also: 

  • Ensure the black and white wires are operating perfectly in their way.
  • Ensure your home’s voltage is stable enough. 
  • Replace the circuit’s lousy wiring.
  • Ask the electrician to check the circuit box’s loose connection and tighten it.
  • Repair or replace the defective or old-aged smoker, outlet, appliances etc. 


Why won’t my Bradley Smoker heat up?

The common reasons behind your Bradley smoker not heating up are the wind, inadequate airflow, faulty temperature gauge, smoker leakage, ash-filled fire pot, defective hot rod, and jammed auger.

How does the original Bradley smoker work?

One of the unique electric smokers is Bradley, and it automatically creates constant smoke by feeding the wood bisquettes. So, every 20 minutes, the hot plate fed the new bisquettes. And the hot plate pushes the old one into the water bowl. 

How do you adjust the vent on a Bradley smoker?

On your Bradley smoker’s top, keep the vent open. The open vent automatically will capture the Bisquette’s smoke. As a result, it will adequately swirl from the top over your food. In addition, the open vent will ensure your Bradley smoker’s cleanest smoke. 


Now all the main reasons are clear to you for why your Bradley smoker keeps tripping breaker.

Hopefully, following the above guide, you will detect and fix your Bradley smoker’s breaker issue. Don’t hesitate to comment in the comment section if you fail. We’ll be happy to help you. 

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