Dimplex Electric Fireplace Keeps Turning Off [7 Easy Fixes]

Nothing is better than enjoying a cozy evening by sitting in front of your toasty fireplace. At the same time, I can understand how annoying it can be if your Dimplex electric fireplace keeps turning off even if everything looks fine.

So, I did my research and figured out the following few reasons for this issue:

  • Incorrect temperature setting
  • Malfunction in the circuit box
  • Overheating from restricted airflow
  • Blocked or defective heating element 
  • Blown light bulb

Before considering anything else, reset your fireplace and set the temperature correctly. Remove any blockages from the ventilation and heater assembly. In many cases, you may need to replace the defective bulb and heating elements.

Not enough information, right? Keep reading to get details on how to solve intermittent power problems with your electric fireplace.

Dimplex Electric Fireplace Won’t Stay Lit [Quick Solutions]

Before digging deeper, here is a quick overview of all the reasons your electric fireplace keeps turning off and the effective instant solutions:

Reasons Possible Solutions 
Improper temperature setting Set the correct temperature according to the manual.
Faulty power supply Figure out the short wiring and replace it. Reset the tripped circuit breaker. If needed, replace the faulty breaker.
Restricted airflow in the room Open the windows in the room to allow air to freely flow through the system.
The fireplace is overheating Remove the stuck dirt and debris from the ventilation. Replace the non-operational fan and blower motors.
Blocked heater assembly Inspect the heater assembly and clean out the heating elements properly.
Defective heater assembly Replace the faulty heater assembly. 
Blown light bulb Replace the blown bulb inside the heater.

7 Reasons Why The Dimplex Electric Fireplace Keeps Shutting Off [Solved]

Still stuck trying to figure out why your Dimplex electric fireplace is failing to stay on? Don’t worry.

dimplex electric fireplace keeps shutting off

Here is a comprehensive guide for you, highlighting how to solve the issue and prevent your fireplace from shutting off by itself.

1. Improper Temperature Setting

Dimplex always produces top-quality electric fireplaces. Yet, if you set the temperature improperly, chances are your Dimplex electric fireplace will constantly turn off.

Unlike other electric fireplaces, the Dimplex fireplace model has a temperature setting option, ranging from low to medium to high and off.

If you set the temperature higher, it would lead to overheating the fireplace, which would automatically shut off due to the high wattage.

Most of the time, once the room temperature has reached what you set, the unit shuts off.

How to Fix:

You need to set the temperature that is appropriate for your room. For instance, it’d be better to consult your Dimplex electric fireplace manual to set the right temperature setting.

But before that, the expert recommends performing a reset on the unit in order to stop it from constantly turning off due to high temperatures.

Here are the simple procedures to reset your Dimplex electric fireplace:

Step #1: Turn off the unit by switching the On/Off Switch to off.

Step #2: Leave the unit in this position for about 5 minutes.

Step #3: After that time, turn the unit back on by switching the power button to the “On” position. Your fireplace will be reset. Now adjust the temperature to your requirements.

2. Degradation In Power Supply

A malfunction in the power supply is one of the most obvious reasons why your electric fireplace is failing to stay on. The Dimplex fireplace is electrically operated, so it requires a constant flow of power supply to the unit in order to run it efficiently.

Here are a few factors that would indicate a faulty electric supply to the unit. Have a glimpse at all of them with the needed solving actions:

i) Tripped Circuit Breaker: First off, inspect the circuit breaker where the fireplace is connected. Chances are the breaker switch is tripped, which leads to shutting off the system unexpectedly.

If so, simply turn the Breaker switch to the “On” position, and your fireplace should turn on.

reset tripped circuit breaker

In case you need to reset your circuit breaker again and again, be sure the faulty breaker is the culprit itself. Contact a professional to replace the defective breaker switch.

ii) Improper Circuit Current Rating: Generally, electric fireplaces tend to consume a lot of electricity. Thus, if you are connecting too many appliances to the same power outlet, it will overload it.

If so, your fireplace won’t get the correct circuit rating that is needed to run it properly. An overloaded power outlet may cause brownouts or blackouts and shut off your fireplace randomly.

How to Fix:

To prevent this problem, unplug your unit from the current power outlet and try to plug it into another outlet or install it on a dedicated 15-amp circuit.

Avoid using any other electrical items running on the same circuit where the fireplace is plugged in.

iii) A Short In The Electrical Wiring: A faulty wiring connection is one of the notable facts that would cause the fireplace to shut off. For instance, you need to trace the short wiring in the unit and replace it. If you’re technically inclined, we’d recommend hiring a professional to deal with this issue.

iv) Loose Connection: If there are any loose electrical connections in the fireplace, the power supply to the unit won’t be stable and will turn off. At times, loose connections produce arcing, which results in sparks.

Most of the time, it increases the resistance in the circuit and causes the connection to heat up, which leads to fire. Thus, it is crucial to concentrate on this factor.

Unplug your fireplace and look for any loose wiring connections. Use needle-nose pliers or side cutters to secure them firmly.

v) Fireplace Is Not Plugged In Properly: At this time, when you are still having trouble powering your fireplace correctly, you shouldn’t miss checking whether your unit is plugged in properly or not. At times, a faulty or worn-out power cord connection is to blame. If so, you need to replace it.

plug the fireplace power cord into a wall socket properly

Also, avoid plugging the fireplace into an extension lead. Instead, try to plug the fireplace into a wall socket.

Also, it’s better to double-check the manual to see whether you have plugged your unit into the right outlet.

3. Insufficient Airflow In The Room

When your electric fireplace keeps going off by itself, restricted airflow in the room is one of the major factors that you need to concentrate on. Unlike other fireplace models, Dimplex electric fireplaces need proper airflow to function properly, which cools the unit while running.

Anyway, in the case of insufficient air flow, chances are there are no vents or windows in the room or the fireplace is closed. If that is not so, the higher possibility is that there is too much furniture in the room that is blocking the airflow.

How to Fix:

First off, you need to make sure enough airflow to the unit in order to make it easier for the logs to stay lit. For instance,

  • Open all the vents and windows in the room to allow a steady supply of oxygen to enter the room.
  • Remove any hanging curtains or carpet over ventilation openings that would block ventilation holes underneath.
  • Leave ample space around the unit. If there is any large furniture blocking the unit, you just need to remove it.
  • Also, the heater inlet should be kept away from any walls.

4. The Fireplace Is Overheating

If your electric fireplace is dealing with excessive temperatures, then it’s a common phenomenon that it will shut off randomly. This is how it prevents the unit from overheating and causing damage to the fireplace itself. Or it may lead to a fire hazard in your home.

Anyway, the best possibility is that you are encountering such an issue right after using it for several hours straight. To test this fact, touch the front glass to see whether it is too hot.

There are various causes for overheating, including defective blower assemblies. Or, there may be an issue with insufficient airflow due to blocked ventilation, through which the hot air can’t escape freely.

How to Fix:

As for the first step, inspect the ventilation system for your fireplace to figure out any blockages due to stuck dirt and debris. If so, use a brush or vacuum to remove any dust that’s built up in the vents.

When done, disassemble the fireplace to inspect the blower assembly. Examine the fan to check whether it is moving freely. Inspect the blower motor as well to determine any defects. If needed, you may need to replace the faulty fan and blower motor.

5. Dust Buildup In The Heater Assembly

The Dimplex electric fireplace has a built-in fan-forced heater that equips a blower and heating element in order to produce heat and warm up the air within the room. In the event that it is blocked by specks of dirt and debris, your electric fireplace will overheat and, in turn, cause the unit to turn off by itself.

So, how can you fix this problem? Don’t worry! Here is all for you:

How to Fix:

Safety comes first, so unplug your fireplace from its power source. Now go through the following:

Step #1: Wait for about 20–30 minutes for the heating elements to cool off to avoid accidental burning of the skin.

Step #2: When done, disassemble your fireplace and remove the glass panels from the front and sides of the fireplace. Now inspect the area where the heating element is housed.

Step #3: Now take a vacuum cleaner and remove the accumulated dirt and debris from around the heater assembly and firebox cavity.

Step #4: If needed, you can use compressed air to clean out the stuck debris from the area where it is hard to reach the vacuum attached to the hose.

Step #5: After cleaning, reassemble your fireplace and check whether the power issue is resolved or not.

6. Defective Heater Assembly

If you can’t resolve the malfunctioning heating elements by cleaning the parts, be sure they are defective and lead to the shut-off issue. Inspect the heater elements for any defective or worn-out parts. Even you’ll notice the fireplace flame effects aren’t producing heat due to an internal fault of the heating elements.

Basically, the heating element of the fireplace is an integral part of this fan-forced heater that tends to wear out for various reasons.

How to Fix:

However, at this time, when you’re sure about your faulty heater assembly, there’s nothing you can do about it except replace it. After replacing the defective parts, you can expect to get your fireplace back into normal operation.

For instance, you can contact a professional or simply follow the below quick instructions:

How Do I Replace The Heater Assembly In A Dimplex Electric Fireplace?

Be sure to disconnect all the power supplies to your fireplace unit before starting any replacement service. When done, go through the following step-by-step procedures:

Step #1: To perform the replacement, you will require a Phillips-head screwdriver and a flat-head screwdriver.

Step #2: Now start by disconnecting and removing the media tray or log set from the unit. When done, put them in a safe place.

Step #3: At this point, locate the securing screws and metal wire cover at the ends of both of the electronic covers and remove them.

Step #4: Now you need to remove the cable clamp to easily access and lift out the heater assembly.

Hold the LED light strip at one end and gently lift the primary electronics assembly out of the unit.

Step #5: Remove the two screws that secure the element assembly. When done, lift it out of the unit.

Step #6: Also, disconnect all the wiring connection elements from the main control board and mounting bracket.

Step #7: Now, take your new heating elements and install and secure them by following the instructions reversed.

Step #8: Attach the new element to the main control board as well. Re-connect all of the wires to their original locations and ensure a snug connection between them.

Step #9: Reinsert the electronics assembly and restore the power supply to the unit.

7. Blown Bulb Inside The Heater

In case your Dimplex electric fireplace keeps cutting out, the best chances are you are using an incompatible bulb for your unit. If the bulb wattage inside your fireplace is too high, it will be too difficult for your fireplace to handle. It is one of the most obvious factors that leads to shutting off the fireplace itself for safety reasons.

How to Fix:

Unplug your electric fireplace from the power source and leave it for about 10 minutes to allow the light bulb to cool properly before handling it. You will find up to two bulbs at the top of the opening that are used to illuminate the exterior of the log set.

Besides these, there are four more bulbs under the log set that generate the flames and embers. Inspect all the bulbs to find out which of them is worn out. If so, you need to replace the burned-out one.

Tips: It is always a better idea to have new light bulbs and replace all of them at one time if they are close to the end of their rated life. This will reduce the number of times you need to open the unit to replace light bulbs.

How to Replace Upper and Lower Bulbs In a Dimplex Electric Fireplace

Go through the simple steps below to replace the bulbs in your Dimplex electric fireplace:

# To replace the top light bulbs:

Step #1: First off, manage a Phillips-head Screwdriver in order to perform the replacement job.

Step #2: Now access the light bulb area by pulling the trim straight forward and removing it.

Step #3: Hold the glass in place while removing the retaining clip from the upper center of the firebox. Lift the glass out and store it in a safe place.

Step #4: Locate the two upper bulbs inside the firebox at the top. Determine the defective bulb and unscrew it. Hold the socket while unscrewing the bulb.

Step #5: Take the new chandelier or candelabra bulbs with an E-12 (small) socket base and a 15-watt rating and install them back in place. Make sure you aren’t exceeding 25 watts per lamp for the upper bulb assembly.

# To replace the bottom light bulbs:

Step #1: To access the lower bulb, lift up the front edge of the log. Pull it out until the rear tab clears the back ledge.

Step #2: Determine the defective bulb in the assembly and unscrew it.

Step #3: Install the new bulb back in place. For instance, you will need to use a chandelier or candelabra replacement bulb with an E-12 (small) socket base and a 60-watt rating.

Step #4: After installing, replace the log by pushing it down and in until it rests against the partially reflective glass.


Why is my Dimplex electric fireplace blowing cold air?

If your Dimplex electric fireplace won’t heat up, it is an obvious sign that the heating element is damaged and needs replacing. At times, the heater blows cold air when the ventilation of the unit is caked with dust and restricts airflow.

Why is My Dimplex electric fireplace not turning on?

If your Dimplex electric fireplace is not turning on, the best chances are that it is not getting the right voltage to power on. Other major reasons include an enabled child lock, a tripped safety cutout switch, a defective remote switchboard, and so on.

What should I do if my electric fireplace turns off by itself?

If your electric fireplace comes on by itself, it is a sign that the temperature in the room has dropped below the set temperature. To solve the issue, set the temperature to its lowest setting and turn off your fireplace.


There are several reasons why a Dimplex electric fireplace keeps turning off. The most common one is when the safety feature is triggered due to overheating the unit.

If so, you need to clean your electric fireplace and make sure it is free of any blockages. If the problem persists, you’ll need to inspect the heater to determine the defective elements.

Throughout our guide, we’ve already described how to figure out the malfunctioning part and the needed replacement process. I hope that all that has been informative enough for you.

Still, if you face any more trouble while resolving the issue, don’t hesitate to let us know through the comments. Our expert team will help you best with their guidance.

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