Dimplex Electric Fireplace Won’t Turn On [7 Easy Fixes]

Your Dimplex electric fireplace won’t turn on if it isn’t getting the right voltage from the power connection. This would result from a tripped breaker, blown fuse, or bad wiring. Other major reasons for this issue include:

  • Enabled child lock
  • Tripped safety cutout switch
  • Defective On/Off switch
  • Or, a faulty remote switchboard

Before considering others, inspect the breaker panel for the tripped switch and reset it. Replace the blown fuse and worn-out wiring. Then, unlock the Child Lock feature if it is enabled. If it is still the same situation, inspect the remote control to see if it is the culprit itself. Replace it.

Scan our comprehensive guide to get in-depth solutions and fix the trouble points with your Dimplex fireplace like a pro!

Quick Solutions:

Before digging into the deep discussion, go through the quick table below, which highlights all the probable reasons for this issue with instant solutions if you are in a hurry.

Probable Reasons Recommended Fix 
Defective On/Off controllerInspect the On/Off switch for any defection and replace it if needed.
Defective remote switchboardReplace remote switchboard
No incoming power from the electrical wall socketCheck the fuse/breaker panel and replace the tripped or blown one. Also make sure the power cord is in perfect working condition.
Triggered temperature cutout switchReset the unit by unplugging it for some time. 
Child lock enabledDisable the child lock
Remote Control not initialized to the fireplaceRe-initialize the remote control following the correct instructions. 
The remote control is not workingInspect the remote control for dead batteries or non-functional power buttons. Replace the dead batteries or if needed, replace the remote control. 
Loose or damaged wiring Fix the loose wires and replace the worn-out ones. 

Dimplex Electric Fireplace Won’t Turn On [Reasons + Solutions]

Dimplex electric fireplaces are quite popular on the market, but like other electronic devices, they’re bound to have some functional issues after years of continuous usage. 

dimplex electric fireplace won't turn on

And if you have problems turning on the fireplace, you can follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below.

If Your Dimplex Fireplace Not Turning On Manually:

In case you fail to turn on your Dimplex electric fireplace manually, scan the probable reasons below:

01. Improper Operation

If your Dimplex electric fireplace is not turning on, make sure you are operating it properly. At times, users fail to maintain the correct remote control instructions or manual instructions to operate their system properly, which is why they encounter several issues with their unit.

For instance, the Dimplex electric fireplace manual is the only reliable factor that you need to concentrate on.

How To Fix:

To turn on your Dimplex fireplace, access the manual control on the top right-hand side of the fireplace. Now open the upper grille by pulling. Here you will find several controls to operate your unit, as shown in the picture below:

assembly component image of dimplex fireplace

After plugging in the unit, press the On/Off switch firmly, and your fireplace should come on. Then adjust the temperature through the thermostat control knob. Just turn the knob clockwise all the way, and the heater will turn on.

When the room reaches the desired temperature, turn the thermostat knob counterclockwise until you hear a click.

If you are still facing issues while turning on your Dimplex electric fireplace, head to the below major points to trigger the actual reason behind the issue:

02. Defective On/Off Switch

Dimplex electric fireplaces have a built-in On/Off switch on the control panel that is designed to control the power to the system. It turns the fireplace ON and OFF by pressing the button. 

When the fireplace is OFF, pressing the ON/OFF button will turn it on. But if not, there are certainly some issues that you need to figure out.

The best chances are that the switch is damaged or not functioning at all.

How To Fix:

If you find the switch is damaged, you need to replace it to get back the fireplace to normal operation. You can even do it yourself if you know the right process. Proceed to the below step-by-step section:

Step 1: First off, disconnect your fireplace from the power connection. Now remove the firebox from the mantel by unscrewing the retainer clips.

Step 2:  Lower the grille and remove the six retaining screws on the edges along the top cover.

Step 3: At this point, locate the On/Off switch mounted on the top panel and start by disconnecting the wiring clips.

Step 4: Now pry the connector off the switch using a flathead screwdriver.

Step 5: Depress the retainer clips on the sides of the switch and push it from the panel.

Step #6: When done, put the new switch in place and connect all of the wiring connections to their original locations.

Step #7: Reinstall the top cover and firebox in the mantel. If you are finding it hard to replace the switch, we recommend hiring a professional for this.

03. Faulty Remote Switch Board/ 3-Position Switch

Besides the power On/Off switch, there are some other controls on the front panel that also lead to your Dimplex electric fireplace not turning on. On the front panel, you will find a remote control switchboard equipped with a 3-position switch.

It is designed to switch the operation of the fireplace between the different modes. Such as OFF (center), MANUAL (top), and REMOTE (bottom). In case the switch stops operating or is worn out, you never expect to turn on your fireplace manually.

How To Fix:

Locate the 3-position switch mounted on the front top panel. Now visually inspect the switch and verify if it is damaged or not. If needed, disconnect the wiring clips and connections to the switch.

In case you find the switch is not repairable, replacing it is the only solution to turning on your fireplace through this control panel. Hire a professional to do the best job for you.

04. No Incoming Voltage From The Electrical Wall Socket

If your Dimplex Electric fireplace is not powering on even after a long try, be sure you are encountering an interruption in the power supply to the unit. Your fireplace is electrically operated, so you need to ensure a steady supply of electricity for it to work correctly.

If there is improper voltage from the wall socket going through your fireplace, the system won’t turn on. There are various factors that led to this issue. 

Let’s figure out all those with the necessary solving procedures:

i) Tripped Circuit Breaker

Unlike other electric appliances in your house, your electric fireplace has a dedicated circuit breaker for drawing power to the unit.

But at times, due to electrical surges or overloading in the panel, tripping any of the breaker switches is quite obvious. If that is so, your fireplace issue will be resolved. 

How To Fix:

Locate the circuit breaker for your fireplace and verify the switch if it is tripped. If so, simply flip the switch back into the “ON” position.

Also, verify whether you are dealing with a bad breaker. If you see that the circuit breaker is broken, you need to replace the bad breaker ASAP.

ii) Blown Fuse

Besides a tripped circuit breaker, a blown fuse is another factor that you need to concentrate on. Check for a fuse for your water heater to see whether it has blown out. If yes, replace it with the same rating.

iii) Power Cord Issue

Dimplex electric fireplaces come with a power cord that has an equipment-grounding conductor and a grounding plug. The plug should be plugged into an appropriate outlet that is properly installed and grounded.

If the cord has worn out or a single malfunction occurs, it will fail to supply the needed voltage to the unit, which is why the unit won’t turn on. Note that your Dimplex fireplace requires up to 0 Amps and a 220-240 Volt dedicated circuit to run efficiently.

How To Fix:

Locate and inspect the power cord for any damage. If needed, disconnect the damaged cord from the mounting hole and insert the new one. Plus, try to connect your fireplace to a different wall socket.

Above all, make sure you are not plugging your fireplace into an extension cord.

plugging your dimplex fireplace via an extension cord

Extension cords are one of the leading causes of improper voltage supply to the unit. Also, the cord tends to overheat, which can be a fire hazard. So, it’s better to avoid it.

05. Triggered Temperature Cutout Switch

Unlike other electric fireplaces, Dimplex’s electric fireplace features a temperature cut-out switch that acts as a safety device for the system. When the temperature of the fireplace rises to an extreme level, it automatically shuts off the supply power.

This switch is known as a safety breaker because it prevents excessive heating and fire risk.

Dimplex fireplace safety breaker switch

So now, when you are struggling with a power issue in the Dimplex Electric fireplace, the best chances are this temperature switch is triggered due to overheating.

How To Fix:

When the temperature cut-out switch triggers, resetting the unit is the only way to get it back to normal function.

How To Reset Dimplex Electric Fireplace?

First, unplug the fireplace to detach it from the electric connection. Switch the On/Off switch to the Off position.

Wait for 5-10 minutes and then turn it back on. If the problem persists, we need to figure out the actual causes of overheating in the unit. Restricted airflow is at the root of them. Here’s what you need to do to unblock the airflow to your fireplace:

Step 1: First off, inspect the inlet to see whether it is blocked by large items of furniture and curtains. If so, just remove it.

Step 2: Make sure you have not installed your fireplace in a confined space where the airflow is restricted.

Step 3: If all the above is done, remove the front panel of the fireplace to inspect the blower assembly.

Interior view of the dimplex fireplace

As chances are the blower is obstructed with dust or debris. You need to clean off the dust or debris carefully. For instance, take a soft brush or vacuum cleaner. You can check the manufacturer’s guide to be more precise about this cleaning procedure.

Why Is The Dimplex Fireplace Not Turning On Using The Remote Control?

If you’re using the remote control to operate your Dimplex electric fireplace and it still won’t turn on even after a fluent power supply, here are the major reasons that you need to fix it:

01. Child Lock Enabled

Your Dimplex electric fireplace remote control features a child lock to prevent unintentional use of the heating function. So behind the powering issue on the Dimplex electric fireplace, verify whether the child Lock feature is enabled. If so, your fireplace won’t turn on.

How To Fix:

At the troubleshooting step, you need to disable the lock. Here’s all you need to follow:

Step 1: Take your remote control and depress the tab on the battery cover on the back of it. Remove the battery cover.

Step 2: Now locate the Child Lock option on the remote control and move the tab to the left to unlock the remote control.

Step 3: When done, your Dimplex electric fireplace should turn on.

02. Remote Control Not Initialized To Fireplace

If after disabling the Child Lock feature you still can’t turn on your Dimplex electric fireplace with the remote, you may have issues with the remote control itself. Chances are you have not initialized your remote control with the fireplace properly, which is why it fails to respond well.

To operate your electric fireplace, you need to program your remote control properly.

How To Initialize The Dimplex Electric Fireplace Remote Control?

Follow the steps below to initialize the Remote Control and receiver:

Step 1: First off, ensure your electric fireplace is properly plugged in. Now, head to the control panel on your fireplace and locate the On/Off Switch in the lower right-hand corner.

Step 2: Make sure it is in the “ON” position.

Step 3: Now locate the 3-position switch and keep holding it for 5 seconds until the middle red indicator light flashes.

Step 4: Then, press the ON button located on the left of the Remote Control, and you are done! The remote control is programmed with your fireplace.

03. Remote Control Not Working

After synchronizing the remote control, if you still can’t turn on your fireplace, check whether the remote control is even working or not. It is the most common phenomenon that Dimplex users struggle with.

Anyway, if your remote control is not functioning, chances are the batteries are dead, corroded, or you have not installed them correctly. Also, faulty remote control buttons or interference with the remote radio frequency are some of the root reasons why your fireplace remote control is not operating.

How To Fix:

Follow the below steps to find effective solutions for your remote control issues:

Step 1: As for the first step, inspect the battery compartment of the remote control to see whether the batteries are dead. If so, you need to replace the batteries with the new ones.

dimplex fireplace remote control battery replace

Make sure you have installed the batteries correctly, and then reinstall the battery cover.

Step 2: After installing the new batteries, make sure all the buttons are working properly. Especially inspect the on/off switch, as it would be the culprit itself.

To test the fact, turn on the fireplace manually, and if it is turned on, be sure the remote control is faulty and you need to replace it ASAP.

Step 3: Above all, you need to ensure that there is no radio frequency interruption through your remote control. For instance, set a different frequency on your remote control in order to communicate with the fireplace.

Plus, remove other electric devices or remote controls nearer to your fireplace. When done, reset your remote control.

Step 4: While fixing the remote control issues, you should not ignore the remote receiver on your fireplace. For instance, make sure the receiver is positioned correctly. If needed, replace the old batteries with fresh ones.

When done, you must re-sync the unit through the “Learn” button on the receiver box.

learn button on the receiver box of dimplex fireplace

To get the details on how to use the learn button on the receiver box, you may go through our Dimplex fireplace remote control troubleshooting guide.

04. Loose Or Bad Wiring

Loose connections or damaged wires can also be the reason if the above reasons didn’t cause the issue. So, check the inside cables by removing the front board of the furnace and seeing if there are any burned wires.

How To Fix:

It is better to seek professional or expert help if the wires have problems because removing them yourself can be dangerous without experience.

If the troubleshooting mentioned above doesn’t solve the issue for you, it’s best to get help from professionals or experts. Call Dimplex customer service at 1-888-346-7539 and seek a replacement if you have a warranty card.

How To Turn On Dimplex Electric Fireplace Without A Remote?

If you are wondering about turning on your Dimplex fireplace, it is all set for you to turn it on manually. For instance, you can use manual controls on your electric fireplace. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Locate the manual control panel on the side of the fireplace. You may find it hidden behind a small door.

Step 2: Flip the power switch on the control panel to turn it on.

Step 3: Set the flame and heat settings using the heat buttons or knobs.


Why is my Dimplex fireplace flame effect not working?

Your Dimplex electric fire flame effect won’t function mainly due to bulb malfunction, loose wiring, or LED driver malfunction. Above all, check whether the flame effect control switch is working or not, as it would be the culprit itself. 

Can I turn on my Dimplex electric fireplace without a remote?

Yes! Definitely, if you don’t have a remote control, you can still operate your fireplace through the manual controller on the fireplace. There you will also find a  flame dial to control the flame’s brightness.


I hope our suggested troubleshooting steps will help you fix the Dimplex Electric Fireplace issue that won’t turn on. The issue can be in the circuit breaker, remote control, or elsewhere. You just have to find out the exact problem and fix it.

For instance, our comprehensive guide is enough to assist you in getting on the right track.

Don’t forget to share your feedback with us. Also, include whether you’ve faced any further troubles with your fireplace. Our expert team is always ready for your assistance.

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