Duraflame Heater Manual And Troubleshooting Guide

Looking for a Duraflame Heater Manual for remote control instructions & heater troubleshooting? You are reading the right article. Exploring the whole article, you will learn the ultimate guide on:

  • Duraflame Heater Troubleshooting
  • Duraflame Remote Control Instructions
  • Duraflame Infrared Heater Particularizations
  • Benefits Of Using Duraflame Infrared Heaters

As you could learn from Heatilator gas fireplace manual, ins and out, step by step. Oh! forget to mention, besides learning the above issues, you will also learn in detail about the 5 most popular Duraflame Infrared Heaters. So, keep on reading to explore your query.

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 Duraflame Heater Manual- Ultimate Guide

On the way of knowing all about Duraflame heater manual, let’s first learn about Duraflame infrared quartz heater troubleshooting:

Duraflame Infrared Heater Troubleshooting

Below are some problems with their corrective actions you may face while using Duraflame infrared heaters:

Problem 1: Display Showing “E1”

If you find the smoker display is showing “E1”, think, the possible cause is that the thermostat sensor of the smoker is broken or disconnected.


Unplug the heater, separate the back panel and examine that the thermostat is plugged into the main circuit board. If this does not resolve the problem, contact the customer service of Duraflame for a replacement thermostat sensor.

Problem 2: Heater Display Showing “E2”

Showing the “E2” on the smoker display means the thermostat sensor of the smoker is broken.


Contact customer service for a replacement thermostat sensor.

 Problem 3: Heater Display Showing “E3”

When you notice the display is showing E3, know it’s happening because the manual reset overheats the protection of the heater has been set off or triggered.


If you notice the “E3” is shown on the display, first investigate whether the air inlets and outlets of the heater are broken or not. If they are broken, the issue will cause overheating. 

And the overheating causes “E3” showing. Firstly unplug the heater and allow it about 3o minutes to cool down. When you find the heater is cool enough, again plug the heater and run it. The problem will be solved.

Yet, if you notice the heater is showing the sign, feel free to contact the customer service of Duraflame. They will solve the issue.

Problem 4: No power, Display Buttons Don’t Light Up

This type of problem happens when the power cord isn’t plugged right into the outlet.


When you face such type of issue, instantly check the heater is plugged or not into a standard 120-volt outlet. If it’s not plugged, plug immediately. The problem will be resolved. 

Problem 5: Heater Does not Turn on Manually

The problem may happen for 3 reasons:

  • Power is not coming from socket or buttons
  • Faulty operation of the heater
  • Faulty burton of the display


  • First investigate the circuit breakers. Then unplug the power cord and plug it to another outlet. If the problem is occurring for the 1st issue, it will be solved. 
  • Yet, if you find the issue is remaining, manually press the main power button of your heater. It will bring the solution.  
  • After doing the 2nd initiative, if you find the problem is still, replace the control panel circuit board. Hopefully, it will bring the solution.  

Problem 6: Flames not Moving

If you discover the heater flame is not moving, possibly, it’s occurring for 2 issues:

  • Faulty flame generator drive motor 
  • And the spinner is detached from the heater motor


Get a new flame generator drive motor and replace it. Remove the ember bed, back panel & metal bracket. Then check if the spinner of the heater is correctly mounted to the motor or not. 

If it’s not rightly mounted, mount it perfectly and replace the back panel, metal bracket, and ember bed. The issue will be solved. 

Problem 7: Logs Glow without Flame Effect

The main cause of this issue is the flame effect is turned off.


Simply press the flame button several times. You will find the problem is gone and the ember logs are glowing again with a perfect flame effect. 

Problem 8: Heater is not Turning On

It may be because of the defective operation, faulty heater or blower assembly. 


First of all, manually operate the heater by pressing the main power button of the heater. Yet, you find the problem is showing, then replace the heater or assemble the blower again. Yet, you find the issue is still, know the causes of ignition fault to solve.

Problem9: Enough Heat not Producing 

The heater fails to produce enough heat because of the power strip or surge protector. It can also be because the extension cord is being used and the unit location is exterior. 


In such cases, very first unplug the unit and then replug it directly into the wall located on an interior wall. 

Problem 10: Heater Blows Cold Air

The main cause of this problem is the wrong assemble of the heater blower or the faulty blower. 


If you face such a problem with your duraflame heater, replace the assembly of the heater blower. The problem will be fixed and you will discover the heater is blowing hot air again. 

Problem 11: Noise when Heater Off & Flames On

While switching off the heater, you may notice the heater is creating noise. You may also find the issue while flames on. The problem occurs because of the defective flame generator drive motor, gauge back panel & distorted spinner shaft.


To solve the problem, replace the flame generator drive motor of the heater. Yet, you find the problem is remaining, then seek for the customer service from duraflame.  

Problem 12: Noise while Heater On

The unit creates noise with the heater on when the blower motor gets dirty. The dirt will malfunction the heater blower and cause noise. 


Uninstall the heater blower, get a vacuum and gently clean the heater blower vents. Then reinstall the heater blower. You will find the solution. 

Problem 13: Power Cord Gets Warm

The issue happens because of the defective outlet or loose plugin. 


Monitor your heater cord and plug connection. A faulty wall outlet connection or loose plug can cause the outlet or plug to get heat up. 

Be certain the plug fits tightly in the outlet. Heaters draw more current than small appliances. Overheating of the outlet may occur even if it has not happened with the use of other appliances.

 Problem 14: Remote Control is not Working

Duraflame remote control troubles may be noticed when the remote control is missing batteries or battery power. It may be because of the poor signal or your distance. Regularly pressing buttons in fast succession may cause the transmitter to malfunction.


Install new batteries for remote control troubleshooting first. Press the remote control buttons with an even motion and gentle pressure. 

Use the remote from less than 20 feet distance from the front of the heater. And always use the remote pointing at the control panel of your heater. Hopefully, you will find the solution to your remote control issues.

Problem 15: Display Temperature not Matching Room Temperature

When you notice, your heater display temperature is not matching read by a thermostat, follow the below instructions for the solution.


  • Hold the timer button, 00 flashes then a single digit between -9 degrees to 9 degrees will arrive. 
  • At this point release the timer button and use the arrow up/down button to adjust the temperature variance up to 9 degrees +/-. 
  • After 10 seconds without control input, the heater will exit the thermostat calibration.

 Duraflame Remote Control Instructions 

The Duraflame remote control manual is given below in detail. You can now easily learn how to use a Duraflame remote control instructions:

Power Button

The power button provides power to all of the functions of the Duraflame heater. The switch needs to be in the ON position for functions. 

But again pressing, you can turn off the heater.

If you look to disable or re-enable your heater function, you need to hold the power button for 10 seconds while ON. When you find the heater is disabled and then re-enable, you will notice the ember bed lights will flash several times. And then the heater will begin to function. 

Flame Button

Whenever the FLAME button is pressed, the power of the flame reduces. It has five brightness levels that can be selected.

Heat Button

The HEAT button is used to turn ON & OFF the heater.


The thermostat knob regulates the thermostat setting. Turning the knob clockwise will up the thermostat setting. Twisting the knob counter-clockwise will reduce the thermostat setting.

Ember Bed

This button on the remote control operates or pauses the undulant ember bed effect.

Timer Button

The remote control comes with a timer button. You can set your desired time from 30 minutes to 9 hours and by pressing “00”, you can turn off the time setting. 

 Can I Replace Duraflame Remote Control?

Yes, you can replace the Duraflame remote control. The replacement options are also available in the market. 

Benefits Of Using Duraflame Infrared Heaters

There are so many upsides to using duraflame infrared electric heaters. Let’s know all about them:

  • Firstly, there’s no extra smoke because no real wood is used. 
  • Secondly, infrared heating does not suck out the real humidity out of the air. In this way, you get a humid and warm heat like you would feel on a winter afternoon.
  • Duraflame heaters let you make your house warmer without the disorder or the fuss that comes with live fire. There’s no cleaning up involved. 
  • These heaters are manageable and hence, you don’t need to stay stuck in one position. 
  • You can easily move the infrared heater to your living room, kitchen, or bathroom. At the same time, infrared heaters are cost-effective and easy to operate with the Duraflame remote control instructions.
  • All infrared heaters from duraflame are environmentally-friendly.

Duraflame Infrared Heater Particularizations

Infrared heaters help to sustain the natural humidity within the air, resulting in moist, warm heat without drying out the room’s air. 

This heater gives supplemental zone heating for up to 1,000 square feet. The timer functions in the Duraflame remote control enable you to create your ideal and most relaxing environment. Operate the heater with the help of Duraflame remote control. 

Details of 5 Famous Duraflame Heaters

Duraflame is one of the leading brands that has been a market leader for years in the heater fuel category. Duraflame’s infrared heaters are best for domestic use owing to the extended features that they provide for reasonable prices.

Now, let’s learn detail about 5 best and most popular Duraflame Heaters: 

Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Stove

The first thing that will draw your attention to this special Duraflame Infrared Heater is its smooth modern design. The Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Stove is tiny enough to fit in little spaces and moved around comfortably by one person.

Furthermore, the 3D flame effect makes the infrared heater resemble a fireplace, without the risk of burning. It comes with settings that will enable you to set the brightness, speed, and colors. 

The infrared/quartz technology is a broadly desired one mainly because of the point that it warms the surroundings while maintaining the natural moisture of the room. You can find the icon for four simple controls to set the power, temperature, time, and flame on the Duraflame remote control.

Duraflame Freestanding Infrared Quartz Stove

The Duraflame Freestanding Infrared Quartz Stove is devised to look like an actual fireplace. The definite added benefits are portability and easy adjustment. You just need to remove the infrared heater from the box and attach the legs.

Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater

If you have a pre-existing fireplace that you want to use without having to haul in logs for the fire and cleaning up after, this Duraflame heater is meant for you. At first sight, this heater doesn’t seem like a heater. Instead, anyone would confuse it for a regular set of logs that are previously half-burnt. 

The Duraflame DFI021ARU is an electric heater in the style of a log set and ember bed. With the thermostat, you can enhance or lower the temperature and adjust the log set to a temperature that you find suitable.

Duraflame 5HM7000-NC04 Portable Electric Infrared Heater

This Duraflame infrared heater has oscillating louvers that move from side to side to diffuse the air through the room. As a result, the heat is spread more equally irrespective of the size of the room. 

The oscillating louvers make the infrared unit energy-efficient and are one of the foremost reasons why homeowners with larger rooms choose tower heaters.

Duraflame DFI-550-22 Infrared Electric Stove Heater

The DFI-550-22 is very related to the Duraflame 3D Electric Infrared Heater in its form and design. It features a picture window-style door with arch detailing. The electric heater is built to replicate a typical burning fireplace without hassles. The flickering flame effect is especially life-like. 

You simply need to remove the unit from the packaging and plug it in to instantly heat the room. Because this infrared heater makes it feasible for people to have a fire without actually burning a single bit of wood and being almost maintenance-free, the DFI-550-22 is becoming a hot love. 

You can also online purchase Duraflame heaters at Lowes and QVC.


How do you adjust the temperature on a Duraflame heater?

The thermostat is adaptable by 2°F or 1°C increase by pressing the ‘Heater’ button on the control panel. To switch between °F and °C press and hold the ‘Heater’ button on the control panel for 3 seconds. The button on the remote control only turns the heater on/off to the thermostat setting picked with the control panel.

How do you use a Duraflame infrared heater?

Most Duraflame heaters have an infrared system and a mechanism that does not let the air dry out. It keeps a healthy air environment as it maintains the constant moisture and the water vapors in the air. Further, it heats up immediately even if there is a bigger area to heat.

How do I adjust the temperature on my electric heater?

To adjust your desired room temperature, turn the heater on and turn the thermostat dial temperature upward. Then, your electric heater will heat the room. Once the room has attained the wanted temperature, turn the thermostat dial backward.

How do you reset a Duraflame infrared heater?

To manually adjust the Duraflame infrared heater, turn Power Off and unplug the system from the wall outlet for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, plug the system back into the wall, and work as normal. If this does not work take the Master Reset. Master Reset means turn off and unplug the unit, Press down the power button on the unit itself.

How do I reset my electric heater remote?

To reset, you just need to push the reset button which is present on the face of the outlet between the two plugs. If your electric heater is plugged into a wall plug that is controlled by a wall switch, make certain the wall switch is flipped to the ON position.

Is it safe to place the heater unit on carpet?

Yes, it’s safe to place your duraflame heater on the carpet. But, don’t forget to keep any flammable items at least 3 feet away from the heater. 

How many square feet will my unit warm-up?

A duraflame heater supplementary heats up to 1000 sq. ft. 


Now you know all about the Duraflame Heater installation, remote control, and most importantly Duraflame Infrared Heater Troubleshooting.

So, have your chosen Furaflame heater, install it and enjoy the cozy winter night.

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      If the flame generator is the culprit, change it. Plus, check the spinner is mounted correctly, if not fix it. For better understanding, you can go to my post and read again the point 6. Hope, you will get the solution.

  1. I have a older Duraflame and the code on it flashes F3 and stops heating the blower shuts down but the fake flame keeps going or stays on . Thank you

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      When you notice the display is showing E3, know it’s happening because the manual reset overheats the protection of the heater has been set off or triggered.

      If you notice the “E3” is shown on the display, first investigate whether the air inlets and outlets of the heater are broken or not. If they are broken, the issue will cause overheating.

      And the overheating causes “E3” showing. Firstly unplug the heater and allow it about 3o minutes to cool down. When you find the heater is cool enough, again plug the heater and run it. The problem will be solved.

      Yet, if you notice the heater is showing the sign, feel free to contact the customer service of Duraflame. They will solve the issue.


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