Heat And Glo Remote Pairing [9 Easy Steps]

Locating the drop-down panel and remote control module, moving the sliding switch, getting a paper clip, and detecting the learn button are essential steps in the Heat and Glo remote pairing process.

heat and glo remote pairing

The agile software development model’s one crucial part is remote pairing. It’s an XP (Extreme Programming) methodology. Keep going through this article, and you will definitely learn how to do your Heat n Glo fireplace’s remote pairing.

Heat And Glo Remote Pairing [9 Easy Steps]

The detailed process of Heat n Glo fireplace’s remote pairing is described below. Let’s start:

Step 1:  Heat n Glo fireplace’s base consists of the drop-down panel. The first step in remote pairing is to open the fireplace’s drop-down panel.

Step 2:  The next step is to locate the remote control module. The remote control applications are primarily designed in the fireplace’s remote control module. So for pairing the remote, locate and find out the control module.

If you take a line high on the control modules’ one side, it will cause go high a line in the remote pairing system. Then these high lines can use to operate the external circuitry.

The Heat n Glo fireplace’s remote control has inbuilt functionality. The transparent remote control modules are easily paired with the decoders, encoders, and transcoders. Thus the 2nd step of pairing is locating the remote controls module properly.

Step 3:  Move the Remote Control’s Sliding Switch. The remote consists of a small black sliding switch. For remote pairing, the next step is to move this small sliding switch to the far-right position.

The remote control has a mechanical button known as a slide switch. It’s called so because it uses a slider to move from the on to the off position. For example, we change the fireplace’s closed position to an open position using this switch.

Fireplace remote pairing’s next step is to move the sliding switch to the remote position. If already the switch is in the correct position, you need to move it to the middle or off position.

Then the next step is to leave the switch in the off place for 30-60 seconds. Once 30-60 seconds are completed, you need to move the sliding switch back to the remote function.

Step 4: Get something like a paper clip or like that. The paper clip will help to produce the remote module’s beep.

Step 5:  Locate the Learn Button. The small black sliding switch below consists of a small hole. This small hole is known as the “LEARN” button.

The learn button’s primary function is to pair new accessories. Thus in remote pairing, you need to locate the small holes below the switch.

Another use of this button is to erase memory. For example, you can use this button to erase the remote’s all past connections and pair them with new accessories.

Step 6:  In this step, you must use the previously collected paper clip. Locate the Learn button or small hole and push the paperclip in it. Push it as long as you feel the remote control depress.

When the button becomes depressed, it will produce a single beep. Thus, from your module, you should receive the beep.

Step 7:  The next step is to check whether the remote is flashing the Green Led light or not. Once you receive the module beep, you will see the Green LED light flashing. However, it will start to flash for only 10 seconds.

Step 8:  Now, after seeing the green LED light flashing, the next step is crucial. As the Green LED light will flash only for 10 seconds, you have to push and hold another button within this short period.

Push and hold down the Remote’s RED button within this 10-second flashing period. Hold the red button until the remote module produces two beep sounds and as long as you don’t hear them.

Step 9:  Hearing the Two beep sound is important because it indicates the success of the above whole process. Once you hear the module’s two beeps, it means successfully you have done the remote pairing of your Heat n Glo fireplace.  

After completing the above steps:

  • Press the Heat N Glo fireplace’s remote control’s large power button.
  • Press this button to exit the setting mode.
  • Get back to the Remote’s regular operation.
  • Again press the Remote’s ON/OFF button to check whether the fireplace is working or not.
  • Use it again and turn the fireplace off.
  • Now, if the fireplace starts working using your remote, it means the remote is successfully redirecting to your Heat n Glo Fireplace.

Note: You can also read how to fix Heat N Glo remote control not working.


How do you sync a remote?

To sync a remote, press its home button—following the select settings. Next, go to Remote and Accessories, choose remote control, select the activate button or connect via Bluetooth. Finally, press the start button to choose the voice remote control.

How do I connect my remote to my set-top box remote?

Simultaneously you can control the TV and Set-Top Box and enjoy their functionality through a programmed TV remote. Press the STB button and hold it. Again, simultaneously press the corresponding code. Once it is done, release the button.

How do you start a gas fireplace without a remote?

You can start a gas fireplace manually by pressing the ignition button of your fireplace.

Why is my Heat n Glo fireplace remote not working?

Fireplace remote can stop responding for various reasons. Some of the significant reasons are low batteries, damaged batteries, non-program transmitter, remote operating out of range, blockage in remote sensors way, etc.

What should I do If the set-top box remote is not working?

You should choose the remote-control option and update its software. Then you should check your Bluetooth connection. You can also reset the TV to solve the issue. Finally, make a fixing effort by removing the Remote’s batteries. Again, reinsert them.


Now you know the entire Heat n Glo remote pairing process. Hopefully, you will now be able to complete the remote pairing task for your Heat n Glo fireplace by yourself.

After trying all the above steps in pairing your remote, let us know your result. If you find any of the steps are not working, or after successfully following the steps, you failed to pair your remote, you should let us know that.

Comment whether you succeed or fail. If you fail, we will again try to provide the solution.

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  1. I can’t get the control box in the fireplace to beep when I put a toothpick or paperclip in. I have done this synchronization before, and did not have this issue. I changed all batteries.
    Any ideas?


  2. Model # smart-stat-11
    allof the sudden the remote will not work. Press the mode button and “CP” shows up in the temperature block and off blinks and says off.


    • Hi Greg

      To fix your remote control issue, first, check the batteries & replace them if needed. If you find the batteries are ok, then reset your heat & Glo ignition system. To reset you can watch the video.

      Hopefully, you’ll get the solution.

      Wish you all the best!


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