How To Reset Heat And Glo Fireplace [5 Easy Steps]

Today we will tell you how to reset Heat and Glo fireplace so that you can instantly fix some of your fireplace issues just by resetting your fireplace. You don’t need to hire a technician and spend your pocket.

For example, if the fireplace fails to light, the receiver box is not working, or pilot lights fail to ignite, all these you can fix by resetting your fireplace.

how to reset heat and glo fireplace

Therefore, you should know how to reset your Heat N Glo fireplace to fix all these minor problems immediately by yourself. So go reading sharply and learn the fireplace resetting process.

How To Reset Heat And Glo Fireplace [5 Easy Steps]

Resetting the Heat n Glo fireplace is a simple process. To reset it, you need to find the fireplace module. The module consists of a reset switch setting. You will get the module below the fireplace. The reset steps are:

Step 1: At first, turn off your Heat N Glo fireplace. If the switch buttons remain on, it could cause mischief. Make sure you put it off.

Step 2: Unplug your fireplace unit from the outlet or wall.

Step 3: If the fireplace’s switches remain in the “ON” position, you need to bring them to the “Off” position. Thus, move or turn the Heat N Glo fireplace’s selector switch to its middle position.

Step 4: Wait for a few minutes (5 minutes). Give it some time to organize itself.

Step 5: After 5 minutes, switch your fireplace to the right and get back to the remote (On) position. It will produce a beep sound. If you hear it, that means it’s now ready to operate. It’s back in its place. So, power back on, and reset is done.


Why my Heat N Glo fireplace is beeping?

Your Heat N Glo fireplace beeping to tell you that you need to replace the batteries. The signal-receiving unit frequently requires fresh batteries compared to the remote control. Beeping indicates the fireplace receiver’s battery changing time.

How do I turn the heat on my electric fireplace?

Press your electric fireplace’s F button, and its heat/flame function will turn on. It produces heat when the fireplace’s B is more significant than A. Set B lower than A, and the heat will turn off. Press the F button to heat on.

Why is my gas fireplace is not giving off heat?

Your gas fireplace stops giving heat because of too low efficiency or a lower BTU rating. When the fireplace’s flame won’t stay lit, it fails to give off the heat. Too low a thermostat setting, too many walls, or inappropriate air circulation can cause this issue.


Now you know how to reset Heat n Glo fireplace. Hopefully, if your Heat n Glo fireplace starts malfunctioning, you will be able to reset it yourself. Properly follow the above resetting steps and let us know your result. We always welcome you to make comments about your issues.

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