Kozi Pellet Stove Problems [9 Easy Solutions]

The most common and maintenance-concerned Kozi pellet stove problems are:

  • The stove not lighting or taking so long to light.
  • Keeps shutting off.
  • The stove not turning on.
  • The stove not turning off. 
  • Pellet is not feeding properly.

Plus, the stove not ignites, blowing cold air, the flame going out constantly, and jammed auger are also some of the common stove problems. 

kozi pellet stove problems

No worry! Our comprehensive troubleshooting guide on the Kozi pellet stove will help you to solve any of the above problems quickly. Let’s get started.

Kozi Pellet Stove Problems [9 Easy Solutions]

Here we have assembled the most common problems of the pellet stove. Also, you will find quick and effective solving procedures for each of the issues. Scroll down to learn in-depth. 

1. Pellet Stove Not Lighting Or Taking So Long To Light

It is the most typical problem in the Kozi pellet stove. The problem signs that the unit going through a serious ignition problem. If there is not enough power to the igniter or at times failure of the igniter occurs this issue. 

pellet stove not lighting

Also, insufficient fuel supply, a dirty burn pot, a lack of airflow, a blown fuse, and a slipped-out igniter from the igniter tube lead pellet not lighting. 

How To Fix:

You can solve this issue with ease by applying the below methods:

First off, verify whether there is a fluent power supply to the unit. If needed, replace the control board.

Then, move forward to test the igniter of the stove. Make sure the igniter is in its correct place or push it to confirm. Also, if the problem occurs due to the bad igniter of the stove, you have to replace it.

replace the kozi pellet stove bad igniter

Next, check and remove debris from the burner pot properly to confirm proper airflow into the combustion chamber.

Lastly, if all does not work, replace the fuse and see whether the problem is resolved or not. If needed, contact Kozy customer care

2. Pellet Stove Keeps Shutting Off

If your pellet stove keeps turning off, it is a clear sign that your stove needs proper cleaning. either the burner pot is clogged or the air inlet is being blocked.

pellet stove keeps shutting off

In both cases, there will lack of airflow that leads to the unit turning off frequently. Roll on your eyes to the other possible reasons:

  • Loose or damaged wiring.
  • Defective combustion Blower.
  • Incorrect pellet feeding.
  • Obstacles to fuel supply.

How To Fix:

The below procedures will solve the problem. So, go through with us:

Start by cleaning your stove or pot, and removing all clogs from there. To do so, take a scraper tool and scrape down all the build-up ashes from the burn pot.  

clean out the burn pot

Clean out the air inlet to ensure proper air supply through the unit. Plus, clean out grills for good airflow. Then, check for any loose or damaged wiring in the stove. Fix it first. Replace the damaged ones.

Inspect the entire parts to see any type of defection. If there are any have, don’t delay to repair that. 

Check and verify that pellets are correctly feeding. Plus, make sure the hopper is cleaned. Remove the defective combustion blower and replace it with a new one. 

3. Pellet Stove Not Feeding Pellets

If your pellet stove fails to feed pellets, it indicates that the hopper is empty. Other possible reasons include: 

  • A blocked auger.
  • Defective auger motor.
  • And blocked air inlet. 

No worries. The below solutions method will definitely solve this stove’s trouble.

How To Fix:

First up, check the hopper to see whether there is sufficient pellet to burn. If not, refill it with an adequate amount of pellets. But before that, vacuum out the ash and unburned pellets stick into the hopper. 

clean the hopper

Plus, check for proper seal and closure of the unit. Now, move through the auger. Remove all the blocked debris from the auger system. Also, clean the auger periodically to keep your pellet stove well working.

Check and inspect the auger motor. If there are clogged specks of dirt in the auger motor, it will fail to rotate correctly. So, clean out the motor ASAP. If you are technically inclined, better to contact a kozi dealer to handle the task. 

Besides all those, don’t forget to clean the air inlet as well. Ensure proper ventilation of your stove. 

4. Pellet Stove Not Igniting

The Pellet stove not igniting indicates that there must be a problem with your stove’s ignition system. The first reason would be the blocked ignition area. 

Also, a faulty combustion blower, ventilation issues, having not enough pellets, or using low-quality pellets will not let the stove ignite anymore.

How To Fix:

  • First, check out the ignition area. You will find lots of ash or unburnt pellets there. So, clean the entire ignition area and ensure it is in working order. 
  • Verify hopper is enough filled by the pellet. Never compromise on using bad-quality pellets. 
  • Most of the time, the issue is related to the combustion blower. Inspect the blower and check whether there are any signs of damage or faults. If required, you need to replace it. Contact the kozi dealer to replace the bad combustion blower.

5. Pellet Stove Blowing Cold Air

There are a few major reasons behind the stove blowing cold air instead of warm air. The most common reasons are:

  • Using low wood pellets supply.
  • Blocked air damper.
  • Defective convection blower.
  • Dirty stove, and entire components. 

However, let’s solve the issue by maintaining the below quick-solving procedures:

How To Fix:

First, check the temperature setting of the stove. If it is set extremely low, the stove will fail to blow hot air. Increase the temperature to a maximum level. 

Note: Always set the desired room temperature higher than your room current temperature.

Next, clean out the complete stove properly, especially the combustion chamber and hopper. Besides, clean out the burner pot as well. You have to ensure the proper cleanness of the entire stove at least once a week to prevent such issues.

inspect and clean the stove

Then, check the hopper and verify if there has stocked sufficient wood pellets. If still blowing cold air, it’s better to contact kozi pellet stove customer care. 

6. Pellet Stove Not Turning Off

If your pellet stove won’t turn off, it is a sign of a faulty exhaust fan. When the exhaust fan’s thermal disk starts malfunctioning, the unit won’t run off. 

Also, defective control mode and non-operational thermostat occur this issue. Don’t get hassle. You can solve this problem quickly by yourself. See the solution section:

How To Fix:

For the first step, do a quick solution by resetting your pellet stove. To do so, open the side of the stove. You will see a manual reset button located on the thermal disk. Press the red reset button, and your stove will shut off.

If still, the stove is not turning off, check the exhaust fan thermal disc. If there is any defect, replace it.

Besides, check the control board as well. Ensure all the wires are tightened and well-working order. If needed, you have to replace the stove’s control board. We recommend you contact the manufacturer to handle the task.

7. Kozi Pellet Stove Flame Keeps Going Out

A pellet stove’s flame keeps going out is a clear indication that you are using low-quality wood pellets as fuel. If you are using lower-quality pellets for burning, there will lack optimal oxygen which turns off the flame frequently. 

But that’s not all! There are a few major reasons why the flame is not staying on.  That includes:

  • Blocked burn pot.
  • Using a clogged auger.
  • Blocked air inlet.
  • Insufficient air flowing.
  • Not enough pellets in the hopper.

How To Fix:

Fix the issue following the below methods:

First, check the hopper. If there is no or low pellet, refill it first. Plus, always use high-quality wood pellets for burning. Make sure the pellets are low ash content and the moisture amount should be below 6.5%.

use high-quality wood pellets

Inspect the burner pot for any type of clogged unburnt pellets or ash. Clean out the burner pot properly and ensure no blockage there. Besides, remove the blockage of the auger as well.

Don’t forget to check and clean the air inlet. At times, due to a blocked air inlet, the unit goes through an insufficient air supply, and for this the burner fails to hold the flame. So, better to remove all the stuck debris from there. 

8. Pellet Stove Not Burning Pellet Completely

It is the most common problem of any pellet stove.  It indicates that there is some malfunction in the ventilation system or in the supplied pellets. 

Either you are using poor-quality pellets, or the hopper is not in good condition. Plus blocked air inlet and a defective combustion blower leads to this trouble. 

How To Fix:

First off, ensure you are using high-quality pellets for burning. Always try to use wood pellets from a high-end brand that ensures crinkle and moisture-free fuel. 

Besides, you have to ensure the hopper is clean and there is no damage. Clean out the hopper after each cooking session. 

Clean out the combustion chamber as well after using the stove. Plus, remove the blockage of the air inlet to ensure good airflow.

Lastly, check the combustion blower. If there is any type of defect, replace it ASAP.

9. Pellet Stove Augur Keeps Jamming

The Major reasons the kozi pellet stove auger keeps jamming include:

  • Clogged auger and auger motor.
  • Using improper-sized wood pellets.
  • Too much pellet dust in the hopper.
  • Specks of dust stuck in the bottom of the hopper.

How To Fix:

Here, we have included some well-effective tips & tricks that will assist you to deal with this issue like a pro:

First off, remove the stuck pellets or dust from the auger manually. You will find an auger feed button on the control panel that is featured to feed pellets through the system manually.  

Once the auger gets unclogged, do concentrate on the hopper. Remove all the dust from the hopper and fill it with fresh pellets again. Don’t miss cleaning the blockages from the combustion chamber. 

Next, replace your remaining pellets with high-quality ones that will ensure clean burning without smoking. Also, make sure you are using right sized pellets as it matters a lot for the auger jamming. 

 using right sized pellets

Clean out the blockage of the auger and auger motor using a vacuum. After cleaning, use your fingers or a screwdriver to rotate the auger. If all above fails, contact the pellet stove manufacturer.


How do I rest my pellet stove?

Most of the stoves have a reset button to perform the reset operation. But if your pellet stove doesn’t have that, simply turn off the stove. Leave it for 20-30 seconds and turn it on again. Your pellet stove is being reset.

Is it safe and worth using a pellet stove?

A Pellet stove is the most wonderful appliance that offers effective warming methods in your home. Moreover, it is completely safe if you know the operating methods properly. 

Final Verdict:

At times, Kozy users encounter several types of problems with their units that are quite annoying. To break down the issue, it is essential to learn all the responsive factors behind the problems and the corresponding effective solving processes. 

Our above pellet stove troubleshooting guide is enough to finalize any problem regarding the pellet stove without any failure. Hopefully, it has helped you also. Don’t hesitate to ask us if still you have any questions.

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  1. I have problem with bay win stove. Bottom flashing light goes out when I try to adjust damper. Closed damper will make light to come back on. Is it exhaust or air intake issue.

    • Hi Danny

      It is an air intake issue. First, try adjusting the airflow. To do this, locate the damper rod on your pellet stove that you use to increase or decrease the airflow. Pull the rod out and push it back toward the stove to decrease the airflow or pull the rod toward you to increase the airflow.


  2. My stove is putting out to much pellets into the burn pot while on low, I can go do something else and come back and will have pellets and fire starting to inter the shoot where pellets fall into the burn pot. I just replaced the auger motor. How do I fix this problem?

    Thomas Jack

    • Hi Thomas

      Check the setup of the feeding rate and clean your stove completely. As your pellet stove may feed too many pellets due to an incorrect setup of the feeding rate, or a blocked or dirty stove that doesn’t allow adequate air into the combustion chamber.

      Plus, to get more information you can read our guide on pellet stove keeps feeding pellets.
      Hopefully, you will get the solution.


  3. HI; should the distribution motor show a short circuit across the leads before installing?? Does the temp switch open the circuit on the motor??

    Tony D


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