Lynx Grill Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

Most common Lynx Grill Problems you can face are Lynx grill igniter problem, Lynx sear burner problem, faulty grill lights, Lynx grill not getting hot enough, the rotisserie burner not staying lit, front of the Lynx grill is too hot, and excessive flare.

If you face these problems, this article is just for you. Here you will learn the easiest Lynx grill troubleshooting. By the end of this article, you will be able to fix any issue you may have with your Grill. So, let’s start…

Lynx Grill Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

In this section, you will find the problems you possibly have with your own Lynx grill. Take a look and solve the issue by yourself.

1. Lynx Grill Igniter Problem

If the igniter doesn’t work on your Lynx grill, then the grill is basically useless. Several factors, such as a disconnected igniter, dead battery, or incorrect installation, can be the reason behind the igniter problem.


Here’s what you can do to solve the issue:

  • Open the Lynx grills control panel.
  • Make sure that the wires are properly connected to the igniter
  • Make sure that the battery is not dead

If the igniter is broken, you have to replace it. For this, you have to remove the igniter shield from behind the control panel and remove the wire connected to the igniter. After this, you have to grab a new igniter, connect it to the wires and set up the igniter shield.

2. Lynx Sear Burner Problem

With time, the sear burner will definitely get dirty and clogged. Once that happens, the burner will not be able to generate sufficient heat, but the burner itself will become hot.


To get rid of this problem, you have to clean the sear burner thoroughly by following the below steps:

  • Remove the grill from the top of the device.
  • Underneath the grill, locate the dirty, clogged burner
  • Take a hand-held vacuum cleaner can suck in the dirt from the clogged burner
  • Thoroughly cover every inch of the burner
  • Put everything back on

Now the device should work just fine. Remember, you should never use a brush to clean the burner because it will only spread dust or possibly push the dirt inside the burner.

3. Faulty Grill Lights

Grill lights are an important yet delicate part of your Lynx grill. There are two types of grill lights in the Lynx grill.

The first one you will get in white color and the second one in blue color. If either is broken or stops working, you should take immediate steps.


To deal with the faulty grill lights, go through the following steps:

  • Make sure that your Lynx grill is plugged in and the buttons are pressed to on
  • See if the bulbs are properly installed.
  • Check if the outlet the grill is connected to is okay.

If none of these is the issue, then you have to consider a replacement. If the white bulb or the halogen light is faulty, it means the light is burned out. You have to replace it. The same goes for blue LED light as well. 

Just screw the bulb, pull them out of its place, and screw a new one in its position. Call Lynx Grill customer service at 888-289-5969 to buy new bulbs.

4. Lynx Grill Not Getting Hot Enough

Your Lynx grill is supposed to get up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is necessary to get a nice, juicy steak. However, your grill may not get hot enough for many reasons, such as an insufficient gas supply, a clogged burner, or excessive heat.

If the grill gets too hot, it will reduce the gas supply automatically to deal with the excessive heat. As a result, the grill will reach a colder temperature after a few minutes, and its heat won’t increase further.


Here are a few things you can try out if your Lynx grill is not getting hot enough:

  • See if there is a sufficient amount of fuel supply in the device
  • Clean the burner and make sure nothing is clogging it
  • Turn off the device, let it cool down for a while, and then turn it on again.

This should solve your problem. If it doesn’t, then you have to consult an expert.

5. The Rotisserie Burner Not Staying Lit

The rotisserie burner usually doesn’t stay lit for misusage or faulty installation. When such a problem occurs, your grilling experience can be seriously hampered. 


Getting the Rotisserie burner perfectly lit is what you should aim for. To do it, just…

  • Push the knob in and keep it holding there for 5 to 7 seconds
  • Look if the igniter in the back is glowing
  • Make sure to set the igniter cover just slightly in front of the burner
  • Push the thermal couple gently back toward the burner

Now your rotisserie should light perfectly. However, if you face further problems, contact Lynx customer service at  888-289-5969.

6. Front Of The Lynx Grill Is Too Hot

You may face this problem after months of usage. However, if the front of the Lynx grill gets too hot, you have nothing to worry about. This is easily solvable.


Here’s how to deal with too hot Lynx grill front:

  • Make sure that the burner is perfectly seated. The orifice should be in the center of the mouth of the burner
  • See if the burner ports are clogged with residue or chunks of food. Clean them out by using a brush.
  • Open the hood of the burner, and clean every clog and residue. Make sure to vacuum every inch

This should get your Lynx grill usable again.

7. Excessive Flare

Excessive flare will not only ruin your meat, but it can also be pretty dangerous. This can happen due to grease buildup, too fatty meat, high cooking temperature, etc.


As serious as the problem sounds, its solution is actually quite simple. To fix the excessive flaring issue, you can follow the instructions below :

  • Clean your grill by removing the grease. Rub vinegar on the grill, and it should do the trick.
  • Don’t cook too fatty meat. Instead, trim the fat before grilling.
  • Set the perfect temperature for grilling. Examine the cooking instructions to identify the ideal temperature

And if the flare is out of control, just simply turn the gas supply off. After this, everything will slowly get back to normal.


How hot should Lynx Grill get?

A Lynx grill temperature can rise up to 550 degrees Celsius.

Who manufactures Lynx grills?

Middleby Corporation manufactured Lynx grills.

What is the bad side of Lynx grills?

Modifying the temperature setting can be a bit difficult with Lynx grills.

Can Lynx freestanding grill be built in?

Yes, it is possible. In fact, it can give you the most comfortable and convenient grilling experience.

Is infrared cooking dangerous for your health?

No, it’s not. The food resulting from infrared cooking is perfectly safe for human consumption.


Lynx grill problems sound scary but they are quite simple to deal with. Well, it’s simple if you know the right method.

Fortunately, by now, you have learned all about that as well. If you have given this article a thorough read, you shouldn’t have any difficulty with your Lynx Grill.

However, if you still have any issues, feel free to comment below. 

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  1. William

    I have the exact issue you describe with Lynx Sear Burner Problem and vacuumed the burner thoroughly and the problem persists. I have an L30 Lynx grill do you have anu other suggestions?

    Need help
    Thank You
    Mario Andrade

    • Hi Mario
      Have you vacuumed the dirt from the clogged burner thoroughly?
      If yes & the problem still exists, then take help from the Lynx grill customer support center.

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