Masterbuilt Smoker Control Panel Not Working [3 Steps To Fix]

Is your Masterbuilt BBQ smoker acting weird like it was never before? If your Masterbuilt smoker control panel not working, then most probably you are hearing the beep sound over and over. From our side, we get to hear it 5 times while pushing the temp button. 

Most of the users do what in that case? Well, they jump into the Masterbuilt electric smoker manual and do as the manual says. The manual troubleshooting is pretty basic and they ask for unplugging the cable for 10 seconds and plugging it in. 

However, in crucial times, most of us have no luck with this trick. That’s why, in this guide, we will share an easy solution with you so that you can get your control panel working fine! 

So, grab a coffee and read between the lines to fix your Masterbuilt electric smoker digital control problems right now.

Things To Consider Before Troubleshooting The Control Panel

Troubleshooting ain’t easy! It brings many hazards when you don’t know your electric appliance very well and the safety hacks. Here is why, before you jump the gun on how to troubleshoot  your control panel, make sure to go through the following tips: 

Tip 1: Oftentimes we use the smoker indoors and move it outdoors or to the backyard then we fix stuff. Well, in that case, don’t forget to keep the unit completely cool and then do whatsoever with it. 

Tip 2: When you are fixing the control panel unit, then remember to empty the food chamber. However, the very little possibility remains that the defective control panel will kick the unit up a notch by an abnormal temperature of your MB smoker

Tip 3: This is a must-follow tip that you can not escape before troubleshooting. Disconnect the electricity or unplug the smoker and also turn off the control panel. 

How To Fix When Masterbuilt Smoker Control Panel Not Working?

There would be so many reasons why your Masterbuilt control panel is not working. If it is caused by any physical damage, then maybe our solution won’t work out.

Here you may go with the Masterbuilt smoker control panel replacement. But we believe in most cases, our coming-up tips will help you. So before you are going to fix it, make sure you have the following tools: 

  1. WD-40
  2. Compressed air can
  3. Head screwdriver

Now, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Open Up The Control Panel

Using the head screws, you will remove screws from the panel which is attached to the smokers. Afterward, carefully pull the controller. Also, unclip the clips from it. Once you are done, then you will find four more head screws so unscrew them as well. Then, you will see the control buttons will pop up. 

Step 2: Spraying Over The Buttons

Now gently lay those buttons on a paper towel. The time comes up to spray WD-40 over the control panels. Once you are done, bring out the compressed oxygen and make them dry again. The through blows off across the clips and keep them back to the wire. 

Step 3: Assemble The System

Now go with the reverse process to assemble the control panel. Here you have cleaned up the inside junk. So it’s pretty sure the Masterbuilt smoker beeping issue has been resolved yet and the panel will start working. 

Note: If your control panel is outdated, then you should better go for replacement. Have a new smoker digital control panel and simply do the masterbuilt smoker digital control panel replacement following our above steps. Or you can watch the video to get more help with the replacement:

Instruction: However, whenever you have this issue, then you will get to see the Masterbuilt smoker error codes on the control panel and fix the issue following our simple guide.


How do you reset a Masterbuilt electric smoker?

While resetting make sure you will turn off the MES controller switch. When you will turn it off by unplugging then you can open up the control panel and reset it. 

Why is my Masterbuilt electric smoker not smoking?

There are plenty of reasons. And one of the main reasons is the faulty GFCI. Besides, the GFCI outlet keeps tripping. 

How do you sync a remote to a Masterbuilt smoker?

Well, it’s easy to do so press and hit on the temp button. Afterward, you will hear a beep sound then this will sync to your Masterbuilt smoker.

Why is my masterbuilt smoker tripping the breaker?

Due to many reasons and among them the most common issue is the excess moisture on the heating element. Besides, the ground fault is another common reason behind it. 

Is the Masterbuilt control panel remote any good?

The remote assistance of Masterbuilt has many flaws compared to the digital panel. However, for the outdoor application, it is a breeze. But you can not take it as an alternative to the real control panel

Final Words

A control panel unit is like a steer of a car. It takes the smoker to different temperature levels so you can cater your dish and make it yummy. Unless the control panel becomes totally unworthy to restore, you can use our follow our guidelines.

We believe about 3 out of 5 control panels are not faulty at all rather you need to clear up the debris. To do so, we have shown the way of fixing the issue when your Masterbuilt smoker control panel not working. It worked for us.

So we believe, it will work for you too.  

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