Masterbuilt Smoker Instructions [Step By Step Guide]

Whether you are new or pro, this guide on Masterbuilt smoker instructions will make you a master in using your Masterbuilt electric smoker. From this guide, you are going to learn:

masterbuilt smoker instructions
  • How to assemble and operate control panel of Masterbuilt smoker
  • How to cook or smoke using this smoker
  • Pro tips for a better-smoked result
  • Masterbuilt smoker safety tips
  • How to clean the smoker

So, let’s start…

Masterbuilt Smoker Instructions

Indeed, it’s a complete guide that breaks down everything you need to learn for using your smoker and smoking foods like a pro. 

How To Assemble Your Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Here is the step-by-step instruction to assemble your Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. But, before starting your job, you should have a head screwdriver.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to adjust the feet of the Masterbuilt Smoker. To do that, upright the unit and turn the feet clockwise/counter-clockwise to adjust and level up. After leveling up the feet, position the back leg securely by attaching the tension nuts. 

 adjust the feet of the masterbuilt smoker

Step 2: Place the control panel at the top of your smoker. Then, align the slot from the control panel with a tab on the wire connector on the smoker and connect them. 

set the control panel

Step 3: Insert the stabilizing screw head into the keyhole to mount the control panel. 

insert the stabilizing screw

Step 4: Using the provided Panhead screws, secure the control panel to the smoker. 

 Step 5Load your flavored wood pellets or wood chips in the chip box. Then put the wood chip tray in your smoker. Later, position the water bowl onto the lower bracket inside the smoker. Next, below your electric smoker heating element, keep the drip tray inside the smoker.

place the wood chips tray & water bowl

Step 6Glide the cooking racks onto guides inside the smoker. 

place the cooking racks

Step 7: Glide brackets on the back of the grease tray onto tabs until the grease tray stops. Now, you are ready to use your Masterbuilt Smoker as you know how the smoker is working. But, remember, if you are using a Masterbuilt propane smoker, it’s wise to explore the propane smoker ultimate manual for a better cooking experience.

Control Panel Operating Guide

To operate the control panel, you don’t need to preheat the unit. Just follow the below instructions to know the Masterbuilt control panel operation:

Set The Temperature

  • Press the on button and then the Set TEMP button. 
  • Use the +/- option to adjust the temperature. 
  • To lock in temperature, tap on the Set TEMP button again. 
set the temperature

If you don’t follow the temperature setting steps, you may face troubles with temperature and finally find your Masterbuilt smoker not heating up

Set The Timer

Until you set the timer, the heating will not begin. Here is how you can set the timer:

set the timer
  • Tap on the Set Time button and use the +/- button to adjust the hours
  • To lock in hours, press the Set Time button again. 
  • Use the +/- button to set minutes and tap on the Set Time button to lock in minutes

Reset the Control Panel

If you see error messages in the control panel, firstly, turn the smoker off. Disconnect it from the outlet. Wait a few seconds. And then plug in the unit and turn on the smoker, which reset the control panel. Following the procedure will certainly reduce your masterbuilt electric smoker digital control problems.

Masterbuilt Smoker Cooking Instructions

Now, you know how to assemble the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker and the way of operating its control panel. So, what’s next? Cooking, right? Here we go…

1. Season Your Smoker First

Before starting your cooking, season your masterbuilt smoker first. This small effort will reward you later by providing juicy and evenly smoked meat. Here is how you rightly season your smoker: 

  • Ensure every smoker’s equipment is in place
  • Plug the cord into the nearest outlet and turn the unit on
  • Set your smoker at the highest temperature
  • Run your electric smoker for two-three hours full of wood chips into its wood tray
seasoning the masterbuilt electric smoker

2. Prepare Your Meat

What recipe you are going to cook determines the way of preparing your meat. Each of the recipes needs different ingredients to season and take time to marinate. We recommend you make your meat ready according to your recipe

prepare the meat

3. Preheat Your Smoker

You must preheat the smoker before putting meat or food into it. Add wood chips to the wood tray and run the unit for 45 minutes to an hour. Never add foils on the rack as it prevents circulating the heat evenly. 

preheat the smoker

4. Set the Cooking Temperature

The ideal temperature for smoking meat like pork but, fish is 225-degree F. So, adjust your smoker temperature at this level to get the best cooking result. But don’t mistake checking the internal temperature of the smoked meat using your meat probe to ensure better taste.

set the cooking temperature

5. Add More Chips and Refill the Water Pan

If required, put more wood chips in the wood tray. Don’t overdose the tray with wood chunks. Otherwise, it affects the cooking result. Then, refill the water pan according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. The steam water will help to soften the smoking meat and bring a juicy flavor during the smoking period. 

add more chips and refill the water pan

6. Load the Meat

When you observe enough smoke is produced, you can load the smoker with meat on top of the smoker grill tray. 

load the meat in the smoker

7. Put more Wood Chips During the Smoking Process

We recommend you put more wood chips to get the best-smoked result. However, never put more than half of the cup at once. Observe how much smoke ring is producing. If it doesn’t produce enough smoke, you can add more wood chips to get a smoke ring in your electric smoker perfectly.

8. Remove the Meat from the Smoker

Generally, it takes 2-3 hours to complete the smoked process. So, look at the clock and remove the meat from your bbq grill at the right. Now, your meat is ready to eat with your family and friends. 

Pro Tips For Better Smoked Result

The following tips will help you to use your smoker like a pro and enjoy super delicious foods:

  • Always set the temperature of the smoker at the max level (275°F). 
  • You must keep the wood chip loader and wood chip holder in place when using the smoker.
  • It is mandatory to use wood chips to produce smoke and bring the smoke flavor. 
  • Check the grease tray often and empty it when it gets full. 
  • Don’t open the smoker door until you need to open it. Otherwise, it may cause the wood to flare up as the heat may escape while you open it. 
  • Never leave the wood-burning trash in the wood tray. Clean the messes when the ash gets cold. 

Masterbuilt Smoker Safety Tips

Maintain the following safety tips to avoid potential accidents. 

  • Never try to modify your electric smoker. 
  • Don’t move the smoker when you are using it. Move or store it when it gets cold after use. 
  • Always take precautions when removing something from the smoker as the interior part is hot and it may burn your skin. Wear safety gloves to avoid burning your skin. 
  • Don’t wrap the cooking racks with foil.
  • Before unplugging the unit, turn the control panel off first.
  • Don’t use it for other things than its intended purpose.
  • While using your smoker indoors, don’t forget to ensure all the smoker indoor use precautions.

Masterbuilt Smoker Cleaning Instructions

Before cleaning, make sure you unplug the smoker and let it cool so that it doesn’t burn your skin. Then, follow the cleaning tips to tidy up your electric smoker. 

cleaning the masterbuilt electric smoker
  • Use mild detergent to tidy up the cooking racks, drip tray, and water bowl. Then, wash them away with clean water. 
  • Remove any build-up, residue, and dirt from the wood chip holder and wood chip loader. 
  • Use a damp mop to sweep the interior and exterior of the smoker. Never try out any cleaning agent. 
  • You must clean the door seal, inside seam & smoking chamber after every use of the smoker to keep it in good condition. 

But knowing the step-by-step ultimate guide on cleaning a Masterbuilt smoker will make your cleaning task easy and simple. Also, it will help you to enhance your smoker’s cooking performance and strengthen its lifespan.


Do you soak wood chips for a Masterbuilt propane smoker?

Yes, you can soak wood chips as pre-soaked wood chips burn slower and produce smoke enough to cook your meat.

Do you soak wood chips for a Masterbuilt digital electric smoker?

No, you don’t need to soak the wood chips if you use the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. You can generate more flavor without soaking the woods. 

Pellet smoker vs. charcoal smoker-which one is better for smoking?

A charcoal smoker is better for smoking juicy, succulent, and delicious meat. No matter what types of smokers you use, it’s hard to beat Charcoal Smoker. Therefore, pellet smokers are limited in their temp range. But Charcoal Smokers produce more smoke and heat to get the best smoking result. 

How often do you add wood chips to a Masterbuilt electric smoker?

You can add wood chips every four hours till the end of cooking time.

Why is there no smoke coming out of my electric smoker?

The following reasons may be responsible for not smoking your electric smoker. You may wet the wood chips, which may impede smoke production. The wood tray may not be clean, or dirt may build on it. 

Can you use aluminum foil in an electric smoker?

There is no health concern associated with using aluminum foil in your electric smoker. In other words, you can use it.

Is an offset smoker better?

Offset smokers will provide you with better smoking food if you use charcoal and wood chunks at a time as fuel. 

Can I use wood chips in my pellet grill?

Yes, you can use wet wood chips in your pellet grill for a better smoky flavor. 

How to preheat your Masterbuilt smoker?

To preheat your Masterbuilt electric smoker, first plug the smoker power cord into the outlet. Then turn on the smoker and set the smoker temperature to 275F and the timer to 3 hours. Then take a few wood chips and add them to the chip tray before the 45-50 minutes of three hours.


We hope you find this guide on Masterbuilt Smoker Instructions helpful. Throughout this guide, we discussed everything related to Masterbuilt Smoker from assembly to how to cook in it. 

We also elaborated on what safety precautions you should consider when using this smoker. Besides, you also learned how to clean it evenly but safely. Indeed, as a newbie, now you know everything about Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. 

Still, have questions about this term? Then, leave a comment below to let us know. 

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