Masterbuilt Smoker Not Getting Hot Enough [7 Easy Solutions]

Your Masterbuilt smoker not getting hot enough due to several reasons such as heating element issues, untidy or loose chip tray, water pan issues, inaccurate temperature controller.

Plus closed vents, lack of gas or power supply, and power cord difficulty are also responsible for your Masterbuilt not heating up.

masterbuilt smoker not getting hot enough (complete solution guide)

However, in this article, we will explore each of the reasons behind this Masterbuilt smoker temperature problem and easy solutions. So, stay tuned…

Masterbuilt Smoker Not Getting Hot Enough [7 Easy Solutions]

The factors discussed in this article are the main culprits for your masterbuilt electric smoker not being hot enough. We’ll look into all the problems with their in-depth solutions. Let’s start the discussion.

1. Heating Element Issues

This problem sometimes occurs from a defective heating element. You need to examine the heating element to whether it has melted or burned. One of the major problems of masterbuilt electric smokers is short-circuiting. 

Identify if there were any burned signs in the connectors, wires, and around the smokers.  


If you find any issues regarding the heating element of your electric smoker, you need to replace it because most heating elements can’t usually be repaired. You have to replace the heating element.

  • You need to bring out the entire heating element. 
  • Replace it with the new one. 
  • Tightly tighten the screws and reconnect the wires to new elements.    

2. Untidy or Loose Chip Tray

An untidy or loose chip tray may cause your Masterbuilt smoker not to be hot enough. It can be in such condition from the burner element.

As a result, the wood chips couldn’t get enough heat. This ultimately obstructed your Masterbuilt smokers from heating up.


If your chip tray becomes loose, you should tighten it carefully. This allows for the wood chips to receive adequate heat. Clean the chip tray, if needed. This process will help your smoker get sufficiently hot.

3. Due To Water Pan Issues

The Masterbuilt electric smokers don’t reach high temperatures. It usually gets to around 210-250 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your smoker is incapable of smoking at around 210-250 degrees Fahrenheit, then it might be difficult for the device to function properly. Such conditions can result from the water pan.


Every Masterbuilt electric smoker has a water chamber and pan. This pan is essential for smoking but it sometimes causes heating issues. 

To get the maximum temperature from your smoker, you should keep the water pan dry. Otherwise, the water can be an obstacle and slow down the heating system. 

Drying the water pan is not difficult. Just make sure to pull it out every time you are smoking and leave it for drying. 

4. Inaccurate Temperature Controller

If you face difficulty regarding the heating process, then you need to examine the temperature controller.

Examine your controller whether it is functioning properly or not. A defective controller won’t display the accurate temperature.  


If you assure that your controller isn’t working properly, you should replace it. We suggest you buy a digital temperature controller.

It is easy to install. A digital temperature controller can show you the internal temperature of the meat you cook. 

5. The lack of Oxygen

The lack of oxygen in your Masterbuilt smoker is one of the most prominent causes of the smoker not heating adequately.

Your smoker will struggle to acquire the oxygen it needs if the intake vents aren’t wide enough. In that case, your smoker will sufficiently warm up due to the lack of air circulation.


If you notice that your Masterbuilt smoker isn’t heating properly because of the lack of oxygen in the cooking chamber, you should open the vents widely so that it can get enough air circulation. 

Ensuring adequate airflow in your Masterbuilt smoker will resolve this problem.

6. Power Cord Difficulty

An unplugged or disconnected power cord is a common reason why Masterbuilt smoker is not getting hot enough.

Check the power cord and whether it is inserted correctly into the socket. If you find any loose wires, cuts, or chipping, it is the reason your smoker won’t heat.


Assure that your Masterbuilt smoker has the proper connection to the socket. Verify the parent connection if you are using an extension.

It is recommended to use a direct connection instead of an extension. A stable electric connection will help your smoker to work perfectly.

7. Bad Spade Terminals

A bad spade terminal can be one of the probable causes for your smoker not getting hot enough. Spade terminals can get burned.

This can happen for many reasons. If your smoker is not warming up, you should check the spade terminals whether they are in sound condition or not. 


You need to replace the spade terminals if you discover that they are the culprit. A crimping tool and some spade terminals are all you need for this.

It is recommended that you buy thicker terminals for replacement because it tolerates heat and current better and they also last longer.   

To install, you need to remove the old terminals. Then, using the crimp tool, strip the cable and crimp on the new spade terminals.


Why won’t my wood chips smoke?

If the wood doesn’t have any moisture, you’ll get very little or no smoke. To get better results, you’ll need to use wood chips that have a decent amount of moisture in them.

Can I use pellets in a masterbuilt smoker?

Masterbuilt is a leading manufacturer of barbecue smokers. Using only wood chunks and chips in your Masterbuilt Electric Smoker, propane Smoker, or cold smoking attachment is highly recommended. Masterbuilt recommends using only pellets in its pellet smokers.

Should I open the vent of the smoker?

During the initial stages of preheating your electric smoker, you should always keep the door open to allow maximum oxygen and fuel to enter the smoker. When the temperature rises, the bottom vent can be closed through the top vent is open.

Do I add water to masterbuilt smoker?

Smokers can use water to regulate the temperature of their smoke. If it’s cold outside, you can speed up the warming process by adding hot or boiling water to the pan. Adding cold water to the smoker if it gets too hot will help keep the temperature where you want it.

Can I use aluminum foil in my electric smoker?

Aluminum foil may be safely used in an electric smoker if we ignore the broader health concerns about the metal seeping into food and only focus on the safety of electric smokers.


You now know what to do if your Masterbuilt smoker is not reaching the desired temperature. There are several reasons behind this and we discussed all of them here.

You just need to identify the correct reason behind your issue and solve it according to the solution we have provided. If you can maintain it all, you can hope to have a smooth smoking experience with your Masterbuilt smoker. 

Happy Smoking! 

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