Pit Boss P Setting For 225 [Explained]

Grilling is always an incredible cooking form to cook better foods and infuse better flavor results. But when the fact is about grilling in lower temperatures climate, humid, and windy areas, there will be enough obstacles.

Here P setting on the pellet grill plays a vital role in completing the cooking efficiently.

pit boss p setting for 225

Now, while using the P Setting in Pit Boss Grills, most owners have a common query about the Pit boss p setting for 225. The process is not so hard as long as you know the right methods.

From the below article, we will explore all those methods to make your grilling more effective at any temperature.

Pit Boss P Setting For 225 [Know A-Z]

Before moving to the main part, let’s know what the setting is P setting and how it works on pit boss smokers.

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What Is P Setting On Pit Boss

In the pit boss smoker, the P setting is a well-known feature. Here the word “P” mainly refers to the “Pause” feature.

This pause is basically the timing of the pellet cycling. In this P setting, there are many levels referred to as the pellet cycles.

When you turn up the level that means you are increasing the timing of each cycle. The higher level of the setting indicates a higher pause. 

When you set the higher level on the P settings, it will provide less amount of the pellet for burning. As a result, the grill won’t heat up or decrease the heat output and lower the ambient temperature of the grill.

For this, the pellets inside of the firebox will start smoldering and produce a greater amount of smoky flavor.

In the case of lower-level on the P settings, the firebox intakes the pellet steadily. Also, the pellet will start igniting at a faster rate and increase the grill temperature. At this higher temperature, the smoke production in foods will be reduced. 

In short, the complete feature will provide you with good temperature control to let you set it as your preference.

Furthermore, it will prove effective in many circumstances, including cooking in strong wind and excessive humidity environments, and also best for slow cooking.

How Does The P Setting Work On A Pit Boss Smoker

The ‘P’ setting on a Pit Boss smoker mainly works the smoke setting. The term smoke stings basically refer to the cycling mode.

In this cycling mode, users set the grill temperature to slow and low. Grilling low and slow is better for producing more smoke in food. 

But settings the grill for lower and slower is not so easy as long as you aren’t an expert on it. If you fail to go for the right setting, you may face temperature issues.

For example, if you set the temperature too low and burn the grill for so long, the food safety temperature will not continue and will lead to the temperature danger zone.

It is highly hampered for food as the growth of the bacteria will multiply in this zone. 

On the contrary, if setting the grill temperature too high, you will never get the smoke you desire. So the necessity for a feature to control the temperature for grilling and smoking is obvious.

In this case, the ‘P’ setting on the pit boss proves quite effective. Have a look through the pit boss p setting temp chart for a better understanding:

P’ SettingAuger On  ( Cycle)Auger Off  ( Cycle )
P018 seconds55 seconds
P118 seconds70 seconds
P218 seconds85 seconds
P318 seconds100 seconds
P418 seconds115 seconds
P518 seconds130 seconds
P618 seconds140 seconds
P718 seconds150 seconds

When you turn on the temperature control, it will set the P setting level at P4 as the default factory. Either you can leave it on this setting to continue the setting or change the level.

When you are setting on a lower P setting, the auger will feed more pellets with a shorter pause resulting increase in the temperature. When you are using the higher P level, the grill will keep the temperature low. 

How To Adjust P Setting On Pit Boss

P setting mainly refers to the interference in the auger system. Thus by adjusting the P setting on your smoker, you are mainly interfering with the auger system.

A user needs to know how to adjust the P setting on their unit. By rapidly increasing and decreasing the P level, it hampers the grilling system mostly.

  • You will find the button “P” on the front of the PID controller board of the smoker which stands for P settings. Lightly press the button using your finger. 
  • After pressing the P button, it will set P4 as a default setting while the lowest setting is P1 and the highest setting is P6. Now adjust the button by pressing the same button.
  • If you desire to have more smoke, adjust the P button at P1 or P2. Here there will be higher temperatures and produce less smoke.
  • Grilling to a P5 or P6 will allow the auger to burn more pellets, and decrease the temperature, which results in more smoke in the grill.
  • Make sure you are changing one setting at one time. Leave the unit at least 30 minutes reset before making the next adjustment. Because moving the setting too quickly or making the changes too often will die out the flame too frequently. 

Does Pit Boss Smoke At 225

Every smoker, including Pit boss smokers, has a temperature controller. On this temperature controller, there have adjustable settings including smoke, 200°F, 225°F, 250°F, 300°F, 350°F, 400°F, 475°F, and “High“.

The grill’s internal temperature stays between 200°F and 225°F at the smoke function. 

That means P settings will not control temperature unless the smoke setting. In the P0, the temperature range will be 250-260 degrees F.

Additionally in the P4 default setting, it will be 205-230 degrees F, and in P7, the temperature will be 170-190 degrees F. So, here, you can see, that you can easily Smoke at 225 in the level of P4.

How Do I Get My Pit Boss To Smoke At 225

When the fact comes about smoke on food, the pit boss smoker always stays in the first row. One can easily infuse the food with more smoke flavor by smoke setting on this pit boss grill. 

By setting the pit boss grill in smoke setting, the grill starts feeding the pellets in the firepot, but the temperature will fluctuate between 180°-225°F / 65°-107°C.

This means, within the smoke setting, the temperature will not exceed 225°F, and it is enough to infuse irresistible smoke flavor into your food.

Anyway, follow the below-mentioned steps to smoke any food of your choice without any difficulty in the pit boss.

  • First, you have to check the fuel supplied in the firebox. The hopper should be filled with quality wood pellets. There have multiple flavored hardwood pellets for use in Pit boos. Choose an ideal option to smoke different types of foods.
  • Besides, ensure that the firebox is completely neat and neat to get the best smoke. In the next step, you have to plug your smoker into an electrical outlet. Now, set the dialer to “Smoke” mode.
  • Open the grill lid and press the power button to start up. The fan will come on, and the grill starts to roar. Here the grill will take a few minutes to feed pellets in the firebox, and the smoke output will be thick, heavy, and white.
  • Leave the grill lid open for approximately 3-5 minutes until the smoke clears out. After five minutes, the pellets catch fire and start smoldering during this process.
  • If you want to cook or smoke at 225, you may need to preheat the grill at a bit higher temperature. Once the grill is preheated, it will start smoking a thin blue smoke.
  • First, set the temperature at low and continue it for about 30 minutes to an hour. Then turn up the temperature to 225 degrees. Now, place the food directly on the grates. 
  • Once the desired temperature will be reached, the auger will stop feeding pellets. Now, you can control the temperature and the smoke amount by adjusting the P setting. By this, it will start cycling pellets on the basis of the P setting.


When Should You Use The P Setting?

If the grill is set to smoke mode and the temperature fluctuates after setting it below 200 degrees Fahrenheit, it is time to adjust the P setting. 

When To Use Smoke Setting On Pit Boss?

The main purpose of using smoke settings is to add smoke flavor to foods. In this setting, the temperature develops between 150 and 180 Fahrenheit and produces a good amount of smoke.

Can You Cook On The Smoke Setting?

Definitely!! One can cook in the smoke setting, but it will take a bit longer time. In this mode, the grill stays above 200°F and below 225°F. Make sure the temp is never going down below 180°F to stay out of the food from the danger zone. 

How Long Do Wood Pellets Last In A Smoker?

The fact depends on the quality of pellets and how hot your smoker is running. But generally, a smoker can able to burn 1 to 3 pounds of pellets per hour. Also, for cooking for about 6 to 20 hours, the grill needs about 20 pounds of pellets.

Wrapping Thoughts

Well!! Hopefully, now you have a better idea about pit boss P setting for 225. Our explored each of the methods will prove well when you will face trouble setting the temperature on the pit boss. 

We can expect you can set your desired temperature along with the P setting. Still, if you have any queries regarding fixing any issues with your Pit Boss grill, don’t be late to let us know through comments. We will come back ASAP.

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