7 Pit Boss Temperature Problems [Easy Solutions]

If you are struggling with Pit Boss temperature problems, then stop! Here we are going to give you the proper solution to your issues.

By the end of this article, you will know everything you need to fix your Pit Boss smoker or grill. All you have to do is give our easy instructions a read. If you are ready for it, then let’s get started. 

7 Pit Boss Temperature Problems [Easy Solutions]

Pit Boss can give you trouble, but knowing the proper solution will protect you from its difficulties. The most common Pit Boss temperature problems are temperature blinking, temperature swings, grills not heating up, temperature dropping, faulty heating elements, incorrect temperature setting, and too much smoke.

Stay tuned till the end if you want to know the getaway of all these situations. 

Problem 1: Pit Boss Temperature Blinking

Have you ever noticed the temperature flashing on your Pit Boss smokers display? If you did, then you must have wondered, “why is my pit boss temperature blinking?”

Well, the temperature on the Pit Boss smoker blinks when the grill doesn’t heat up to a certain heat. The reason why your grill is not hot enough can be insufficiency of fuel, dirty probes, and obstructed pellet-feeding system.


This issue can be solved easily in the following methods:

  • Check if there is enough fuel or pellets in the hopper
  • Clear any obstruction from auger motor and oil it
  • Clean the temperature probes or replace them if you can
  • Look for obstructions in the feed system. Remove whatever is stuck there
  • Shut off the pellet stove and then start it again

This should fix your Pit Boss temperature blinking issue. 

Note: Sometimes, obstructed pellet-feeding auger may shut off your smoker. Then you can fix the issue reading our why Pit Boss smoker shuts off and easy solution guide.

Problem 2: Pit Boss Temperature Swings

If you notice Pit Boss pellet grill temperature fluctuations, then your unit is probably old. After a long period of continuous usage, your pellet stove will eventually have temperature swings. 

This issue especially occurs when you are using the pellet grill for an extended period of time. You will notice the temperature falling and rising quite frequently. It’s not the fault of the device. In fact, it’s normal for any old pellet grill. 


As this is a normal problem for old pellet grills, there is nothing much for you to do here. However, Pit Boss offers 5 years of warranty. So if you face the problem of temperature swings within 5 years of purchase, you can consult their customer care and get the fix for free.  

In case your Pit Boss pellet grill is older than 5 years, you can try fixing the issue all by yourself. The main culprit behind such conditions is usually the temperature probes. There will be fluctuation in temperature if the temp probe is dirty. So you need to clean it. Here’s how to do it:

  • Make sure that the probes are not connected to any electrical connection
  • Wash the probe with warm water
  • Rub it lightly with a sponge till all the visible gunks vanish
  • Rinse the temp probe with cold water
  • Put the probe on a clean spot, away from the sun, to let it dry

And this way, your Pit Boss temperature will be steady again.

Problem 3: Pit Boss Grill Not Heating Up

Your Pit Boss grill will not heat up if the device doesn’t start in the first place. As a result, the unit becomes as useless as nothing. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for it.


If your Pit Boss grill doesn’t heat up, try the following method:

  • Plug out the unit from the power outlet and test it to see if everything is okay
  • Plug it back in properly if everything seems fine
  • If either of these parts is broken, then replace it with a new one
  • Check the circuit breaker and see if the GFI circuit has tripped
  • Set the temperature dial to “OFF” and then to “Smoke”, setting

If this doesn’t do anything for you, check the grill’s igniter and clean it with a brush. However, if the situation remains the same, call the manufacturer and let them fix your unit.

Problem 4: Pit Boss Temperature Dropping

The temperature drops in Pit Boss grill for many reasons such as humidity, inconsistent oxygen supply, bad pellets quality, and clogged dirt in the system. As a result of these issues, you never get the desired temperature, and your food remains uncooked.


Ensuring certain things will get your Pit Boss functioning properly. Here’s what to do:

  • Use your Pit Boss grill outside but not in the direct sun
  • Make sure that the lid is not too much open or too much close
  • Always use dry hard-wood pellets
  • Clean the interior of the grill regularly
  • Ensure a persistent supply of fuel

These points should be enough to keep your Pit Boss temperature at the perfect level.

Problem 5: Pit Boss Heating Element Not Working

The heating element of Pit Boss grills is the ignitor. If this part of the device doesn’t work, there won’t be any fire to burn the pellets with. Simply put, a faulty heating element will ruin the functionality of the unit.


There are two ways of fixing the heating elements of the Pit Boss pellet grill. Firstly, you can try cleaning the ignitor. Here’s how to do it:

  • Remove the racks, frames, and other elements from the inside of the grill
  • Reach the ignitor with a Phillips screwdriver
  • Unscrew the ignitor and pull it out only a little so that its wires don’t get affected
  • Lightly rub the gunks off and move the obstructions away
  • Install the ignitor back to its place

However, if this doesn’t solve your issue, you have to replace the ignitor. You can do it in the following way,

  • Unscrew the ignitor in the above-mentioned way
  • After unscrewing the ignitor, put it through the burn tube. This will get your ignitor out into the hopper
  • Remove the bottom of the pellet hopper to reach the ignitor
  • Cut the zip-ties holding the wires and disconnect its purple and white wires
  • Take the new ignitor and attach the white and purple wire to it
  • Reverse the whole process to install the ignitor in its place tightly

And now that you have replaced the ignitor, there won’t be any heating element issue.

Problem 6: Pit Boss Too Much Smoke

You need smoke in your Pit Boss grill to give your meat a flavour. But too much smoke will not only ruin your food, it will damage your smoker as well. 

Bad pellet quality can be the reason behind this issue. However, if you are using good quality pellets and still getting too much smoke, the P-setting is the culprit.


P-setting in the Pit Boss grill is a feature that helps to determine the duration of pellet supply in the system. If the P-setting is too high, there will be too many pellets in the burner. As a result, more and more smoke will generate in the whole unit. Here’s how to adjust P-setting on Pit Boss:

  • Locate the P-setting option beside the power button
  • Press it to check the current setting on the display
  • Keep pressing the P-setting button till it reaches the P-1 or p-2 option

Give the unit a bit of time to settle down in its new adjustment. After 5 to 10 minutes, there will not be excessive smoke anymore. But our ultimate solution guide with Pit smoking too much will help you more to fix this smoke issue perfectly.

Problem 7: Pit Boss Temperature Settings

Pit Boss smokers temperature setting is a great feature. It helps you to get the grilling temperature you need with utmost ease. Just rotate the dial to the level of heat you are looking for, and everything will be set within a few moments.

But sometimes, the temperature setting fails to generate the heat you want. However, it’s easily fixable.


The reason behind the imbalance between the temperature setting and the actual heat is the problematic P-setting.

As we have discussed earlier, P-setting determines the number of pellets your system will receive after a certain duration of time. If the P-setting is too high while your temperature setting is too low, or vice-versa, there will never be the temperature you need.

So to get things to normal, all you have to do is adjust the P-setting in accordance with the temperature level you have set on the dial. This should get everything working. If you can handle all these situations according to the instructions, you will never have to face the Pit Boss temperature problem again. 


How do I make my Pit Boss hotter?

You can lift the chimney cup to increase the airflow in the system. This will raise the temperature.

What is the highest smoke setting on Pit Boss?

The smoke setting of the Pit Boss smoker is basically the P-setting. And it gets as high as P-7.

What does ErL mean on Pit Boss?

The ErL or Er1 code on the Pit Boss smoker means that the temp probe has lost connection.

Do Pit Boss pellet smokers make enough smoke?

Yes, you can get a sufficient amount of smoke from your Pit Boss pellet smoker.

Where is the fuse on a Pit Boss pellet grill?

The Pit Boss pellet grill fuse is located behind the control board.

Final Verdict:

Dealing with the Pit Boss temperature problem doesn’t seem like much of an issue now, does it? There is no need for complicated modifications or expensive replacements if such problems occur. Just follow what this article tells you, and you are good to go.

However, if you have any questions, then leave a comment below.

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