Quadra Fire Pellet Stove Won’t Stay Lit [5 Easy Solutions]

The most common reasons for the Quadra fire pellet stove won’t stay lit include a blocked burn pot, a jammed auger, and obstacles to air flowing.

Additionally, low-quality pellets and defective combustion blowers are responsible for this issue.

quadra fire pellet stove won't stay lit

If you face such annoying problems on your stove, consider your issue is solved. We have come here to bring simple solutions to your pellet stove issues. Just go through the following guide. 

Quadra Fire Pellet Stove Won’t Stay Lit [5 Easy Solutions]

In this section, we will explain why your quadra fire pellet stove keeps turning off and their effective solutions that will successfully work. So, let’s dive into the article…

1. Blocked Burn Pot

The burn pot is basically located inside the combustion chamber. It works like a carburetor of the stove, where air and fuel are mixed to create combustion. The burnt pellet’s ash stays in this pot, resulting in it clogging up. 

clean the blocked burn pot

If it is so long when you are not going through its cleaning process, the fire will not stay long for this. After or before using, you must go through the cleaning procedures of the burn pot.

How To Clean The Pellet Stove Burn Pot Clogging

  • Before starting, turn off the stove.
  • Leave the stove for about 30-40 minutes in order to let it cool completely.
  • Make sure that the burn is cold. Then, inspect your pellet stove.
  • Slightly vacuum the ashes of a burn pot with a vacuum cleaner.
  • You will find the burning port easily removable. Take out the pot very carefully.
  • Now, look through the pot. The air hole is clogged with clinkers, ashes, and debris.
  • Take a poker to clean the holes.
  • Now clean the pot by wiping it with a damp cloth in soapy water. Never use chemically aggressive detergent for cleaning.
  • Finally, reassemble the cleaned pot.

2. Jammed Auger System

Auger acts as a long motorized screw that delivers the pellets from the hopper into the burn pot. It mainly fixes the temperature of the stove. When there builds dust inside the auger, it stops the igniting process. 

quadra fire pellet stove jammed auger

Also, using the wrong size pellet, or worn auger motor causes auger jamming. Anyway, without getting late, clean your auger right now.

How To Unclog a Pellet Stove Auger

  • First of all, turn off the pellet and unplug it from the main socket.
  • To get access to the auger, remove the back panel of the unit.
  • Now, take a screwdriver and unscrew all the attachments that hold the auger.
  • Take out the auger motor carefully.
  • Then, vacuum all the specks of dust from the air using a vacuum cleaner. Don’t use water to do this.
  • Have a look through the motor as well. If there are defects, repair or replace them if needed.
  • Then, reassemble the auger and motor properly. 

3. Insufficient Air Flowing

The next prominent reasons why your Quadra Fire pellet stove keeps turning off are the poor or insufficient air flowing from the stove.

Insufficient oxygen prevents the pellets from burning properly, and constantly the fire will go out. 

To keep the efficiency of the stove, you should be concerned about the air-flowing system of the stove as well. Sometimes, there may have absences of air or sometimes excessive air entering the stove.


  • First of all, check that the door is closed tightly.
  • Have a look through the door seal as well. If there are leaks, the function of the air flowing will start malfunctioning. Replace the seal if required.
  • If you don’t clean the burned pot yet, you should clean it right now.
  • Now it’s time to check the air vents and pipe. Make sure that there is no blockage or clogged debris. Clean out the area properly.

4. Defective Combustion Blower

A faulty combustion blower is one of the main reasons for causing the igniting problem of the stove.

It is located on the right side of the unit, which pulls in combustion air by pushing out the exhaust. A well-functioned combustion blower is a must need to operate the stove accurately.

Change The Faulty Combustion Blower:

  • Turn off the stove and unplug it from the main socket.
  • Now take a screwdriver and start unscrewing the right-side panel of the stove.
  • After inspecting, you will see a blower there.
  • Then, unscrew all the attached screws with the blower and remove the old one.
  • Replace a new blower and reassemble the stove.
  • You may contact the manufacturer if needed. 

5. Low Quality Or Not Enough Pellets

Using low-quality pellets is sometimes the main culprit of the igniting system of the stove. Poor-quality pellets are highly responsible for slowing igniting or blowing out fire frequently. 

low quality pellets

These kinds of pellets cause uneven burning and produce incomplete burnt ashes.

Thus, it increases the chance of creating blockages inside the stove and many other problems like smoke or blackening of the stove glass.


  • Always use Class A1 pellets for burning.
  • Make sure you are using the right standard of pellets, particularly designed for your stove model.
  • Ensure that there are enough pellets are place for burning.


Why is my pellet auger not turning on?

The main reason for the pellet auger not turning on is the broken or worn-out of this component. Also, the misadjusted or broken belt causes this issue.

How do I clean the pellet hopper?

In order to clean the hopper, turn the stove off and let it be cool. Use a vacuum for sucking all the residue debris from this. 

Wrapping Up:

We can expect that you have successfully fixed your fireplace issue by following our Pellet stove troubleshooting guide. Don’t hesitate if still, any query is bothering you. Just hit comment and let us know your query. We are always ready for your convenience.

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