Quadra Fire Pellet Stoves Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

Stoves keep shutting off, backing up, ignition problems, jammed auger, poor combusting fire, blowing cold air are the most known problems of Quadra fire pellet stoves. You need the Quadra-Fire Pellet Stoves troubleshooting guide article to combat all the problems you may face while using this stove. Whenever you encounter a problem with your stove, you can go through this article and quickly solve your problem. 

Quadra Fire Pellet Stoves Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

For several problems in your Quadra fire pellet stoves, it may stop operating, and it may stop producing heat. However, let’s discuss the common issues and solutions that users usually face.

1. Stove Won’t Ignite

The blocked ignition system is mainly responsible for the problem of Quadra fire pellet stoves won’t igniting. However, other factors are also causing these problems, and those are the following:

  • Faulty ignition system
  • Insufficient airflow
  • Faulty fume extractor
  • Low-quality pellet-burning


Thoroughly clean the ignition area of Quadra fire pellet stoves to resolve the problem. The other ways to solve the problem are the following:

  • Contact a technician and replace the faulty ignition system if required
  • Ensure proper airflow supply to the firepot
  • Replace the defective fume extractor
  • Use high-quality pellet for burning

2. Stove Keeps Shutting Off

If your Quadra fire pellet stoves keep shutting off, it indicates something wrong with the furnace or requires proper cleaning. The other reasons for this problem are the following:

  • Blocked air supply
  • Blocked fuel supply/hopper
  • Dirty stove
  • Error log in the pellet stove
  • Worn pellet stove


Thorough cleaning of the Quadra fire pellet stoves, hopper, and combustion chamber is the leading solution to this problem. The other keys are the following:

  • Clean the leftover unburnt pellets and ash to remove the air supply blockage
  • Ensure proper delivery of ammunition to the fire
  • Clean the pellet stove properly
  • Use the shots correct size to solve the problem
  • Replace worn pellet stove

3. Stove Keeps Backing Up

Improper combustion of the pellets is the main culprit for which Quadra fire pellet stoves keep backing up. The other reasons for this problem are the following:

  • Poor quality pellets/ poorly burning pellets
  • Pellets leaving huge ash
  • Shells stuck in the hopper
  • Pellet dust build up in auger


If your Quadra fire pellet stoves keep backing up continuously, you can prevent it in the following ways.

  • Use high-quality pellet for burning to ensure better combustion
  • Before starting each fire, clean the ashtray or boil the pot
  • Check the too big pellet size to prevent its sticking in the hopper
  • Clean the hoppers pellet dust

4. Stove Auger Keeps Jamming

Using too many pellets or wrong size pellets in auger causes the auger jamming in Quadra fire pellet stoves. Look at the following factors which also are causes of this problem.

  • Using too large pellets in the stove
  • Dust build-up in auger and hoppers bottom
  • Blockage in pellet chute
  • Worn auger motor


Whenever you use a particular Quadra fire pellet stoves model, you should use a pellet according to that model’s size. The solutions to combat this auger jamming problem are the following:

  • At regular intervals, clean the auger and hopper
  • Use high quality and exact size pellets
  • Clean the hoppers dust
  • Contact a technician to replace the worn auger motor

5. Poor Combustion Fire

Poor combusting fire of Quadra fire pellet stoves indicates that the stove is smoking. Usually, the smoking problem is related to fuel or airflow. But other factors are also responsible, those are: 

  • Poor quality fuel
  • Pellet stove burning black
  • Smoking pellet stove
  • Blocked airflow
  • Leak in combustion blower 


To prevent the poor combusting fire problem, you can follow the solutions below: 

  • Use high-quality fuel which tackles the ash or moisture content
  • Clean the combustion chambers air inlet
  • Remove the unburn pellet or ash build-up from the burn pot
  • Take professional help to check the leakage or blockages in the combustion blower

6. Stove Blowing Cold Air

Quadra fire pellet stoves blowing cold air means that the convection blower is not generating heat even if it is working. The factors that create this problem are the following:

  • Dirty fuel or air supply components
  • Too low output temperature
  • Damaged hopper or combustion chamber 


If your stove starts to blow cold air, you should maintain a regular cleaning routine of its principal components. The other solutions are:

  • Regularly clean the air supply components 
  • The current room temperature should be lower than the desired room temperature
  • Replace the damaged hopper or combustion chamber

7. Defective Pellet Feed System

Quadra fire pellet stoves’ defective pellet feed system causes too many feeding pellets or stove stops feeding pellets. The common reasons for faulty pellet feed systems are: 

  • Empty hopper
  • Jammed auger
  • Damaged auger motor
  • Blockage in the air inlet
  • Incorrect feed rate set up


If your stove has a defective pellet feed system, it would stop feeding or operating correctly. Solve the faulty pellet system in the following ways: 

  • Fill the empty hopper
  • Clean the blockage or jam in the auger
  • Replace the damaged auger motor
  • Set up the feed rate correctly

Note: To keep your pellet stove in good condition, don’t forget to maintain your Quadra Fire Pellet stove according to the manufacturer.


1. How long should a Quadra fire pellet stove last?

Typically, a pellet stove lasts up to 10 years with typical usages. However, cheaply made stoves may last less than ten years with regular use. But a sporadically used and well-maintained pellet stoves life expectancy is more than ten years.

2. Where is the model number on a Quadra-Fire pellet stove?

Each model of every stove or fireplace consists of a rating plate and serial number. Usually, the serial number and rating plate are listed on the furnace. However, the model number can locate at under the stove or inside or back of the stove.

3. What does a thermocouple do on a Quadra-fire pellet stove?

The thermocouple on the stove asks for more fuel by sending signals to the control box. It asks for power when the flame reaches a definite temperature level. Thermocouple signals the control box to pause the pellet feed when it senses the exact firepot heat level.


Hopefully, all the factors responsible for creating problems in Quadra-Fire Pellet Stoves are clear to you now. This Quadra-fire pellet stoves troubleshooting guide aims to provide a thorough idea about all the issues and solutions. If you have any new ideas or other unknown problems, you can inform us by commenting on the comment box. 

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