Char Griller Pellet Grill Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

Char griller pellet grill problems are it won’t turn on, auger fails to turn on, won’t ignite, flash various error messages, the fire goes out suddenly, and temperature issues.

If you see your pellet grill suddenly stop functioning, be sure that any of these single or multiple factors are the culprit behind it.

Keep reading our guide, you will surely learn how to detect and fix your pellet grill’s issues by yourself.

Char Griller Pellet Grill Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

Char griller pellet grill’s 7 major problems and their solutions are the following:

1. Grill Won’t Turn On

The Char griller pellet grill’s most common issue is it stops turning on. Various factors are responsible for this, but the most common causes are the following:

  • The outlet’s tripped GFI (Ground Fault Interpreter)
  • Defective power outlet and cables
  • Extension cord malfunction / broken power cord
  • Blown fuse on the controller’s back
  • Temperature dial is in the “ON” position


If you suddenly experience your pellet grill stopping turning on, you should check the above causes and find out which one is the culprit. Then go with the following solutions:

  • Check whether the GFI and power cord are connected or not. If yes, then reset the tripped GFI.
  • Repair and replace the faulty power cables and outlets
  • Replace the blown fuse, faulty extension cord, and power cord
  • Ensure the temperature dials are in the off position

2. Auger Not Turning On

Over time with the pellet grill’s extensive use, the most common crisis users face is its auger fails to turn on.

When your pellet grill’s auger not turning on, there are enough chances that the following reasons cause this trouble. The factors are:

  • Motor failure
  • Faulty pressure switch
  • Defective power source in which the grill’s plugin
  • The auger motor pin is not in the appropriate place
  • Auger malfunction
  • Worn out or defective controller


Contact a technician to find the culprit for which your grill’s auger is not turning on. You can also solve the issue in the following way:

  • Replace the damaged or failed motor and faulty pressure switch
  • Repair the grill’s power outlet or replace if required
  • Bring new auger to replace the old one
  • Replace the worn-out controller

3. Grill Won’t Ignite

Is your Char griller pellet grill won’t ignite, but it is not succeeding at all? The following factors are the culprits for which your grill’s igniter fails to ignite.

  • Dirty firepot
  • Defective igniter
  • The hot rod fails to produce enough heat to ignite
  • Empty hopper (No pellets remain in it)
  • Combustion fan not working


Check the igniter at first, whether it’s smoothly operating or not. If the igniter is okay, then the culprit could be anyone else. Follow the solutions below to solve it:

  • Properly clean the grill’s fire pot and ash on it
  • Adjust the hot rod towards the fire pot’s center
  • Replace the faulty igniter
  • Check the hopper and make sure it has enough or is full of pellets
  • Inspect the combustion fan and repair it. If required, replace it

4. GFI Keeps Tripping

Ground Fault Interpreter keeps tripping is another issue you may encounter while using your Char griller pellet grill. The most common causes of tripped GFI are the following:

  • Used extension cord over 25″
  • The grill is positioned close to any structure
  • Blown fuse within the grill (Not in home’s circuit breaker)
  • Damaged or worn out wires
  • Defective mechanical component


Make sure you use the recommended 12 gauge wire in connecting your grill; otherwise, it will cause the GFI tripping. The other solutions are the following:

  • Ensure the grill’s extension cord is below 25″
  • Keep your pellet grill at least 3″ away from your home’s structure
  • Contact a technician to check the grill’s blown fuse and replace it if required
  • Replace the damaged wire and faulty mechanical components

5. Grill Flashing Error Message

Char griller pellet grill’s another concerning matter is flashing various error messages. Usually, it flashes the following error messages:

  • “ErH” message
  • “ErP” message
  • “ErR” message

i) Error Code ErH: The causes and solutions of flashing “ErH” messages are the following:

  • The grill’s temperature is greater than 570 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Turning off of igniter, auger, and draft fan
  • Defective heat sensor (Temperature detector)


If your grill’s LCD shows the above error messages, you should do the following:

  • Ensure the grill temperature is operating within 570 degrees F
  • Make sure the igniter, auger, and draft fan are running properly
  • Replace the faulty heat sensor

ii) Error Code ErP: When the AC Power and grill are connected, but the temperature dial is in on position, it causes a flashing “ErP” message.


To solve it, you should follow the steps below:

  • Ensure the temperature dial’s turn off position
  • Wait for 5 seconds
  • Choose the desired temperature setting

iii) Error Code ErR: Flashing the “ErR” message on your grill’s LCD implies heat sensor malfunction. The solution of it is also simple. Replace the defective heat sensor, and your grill will stop flashing “ErR.”

6. Temperature Issues

The Char griller pellet grill’s temperature issue includes two major aspects, and those are the following:

Now the most common reasons behind the above two problems are the following:

  • Moist, old or low-quality pellets
  • Bad weather
  • Jammed auger
  • Blocked firepot filled with wood dust and ash
  • Fan stops running
  • Using pellets in excessive numbers
  • Severe corrosion in the burn pot


If you encounter your pellet grill frequently getting too hot or producing no hot at all, you should follow the solutions below:

  • Use dry and high-quality Char Griller pellets
  • Ensure the auger is running properly by using right size pellets
  • Properly clean the firepot
  • Check the burn pot and replace it if required

7. Grill Fire Goes Out

Another Char griller pellet problem is its fire goes out. The following factors could cause it:

  • Fire pot’s excessive ash
  • Poor quality pellets
  • Inconsistent pellets supply


The firepot’s periodic cleaning causes the fire to go out on the pellet grill. Thus clean the firepot’s ash properly. Furthermore, use dry and high-quality pellets and ensure the consistent pellets supply to solve it.


Why do Char Griller pellet grills explode?

Char griller pellet grill could explode for various reasons, including sudden power outage or short circuit, pellets fail to burn properly, frequently the fire goes out, too much fuel on your grill, etc.

Is it safe to leave a Char Griller pellet grill unattended?

If you are cooking at a low temperature, you could leave your pellet grill unattended. But you should not leave it for a long time. Moreover, leaving the grill unattended at a high temperature could cause another level of destruction.

How do you clean a Char Griller pellet grill?

To properly clean your pellet grill, use a cloth and wipe down the grill. Then apply oiling on the grill’s outside in the best way. Oiling it properly will ensure its great shape and will keep it clean.

How do you maintain a Char Griller?

To maintain your Char griller, regularly season its grates, especially with your new grill. Once the grilling becomes complete, wait for some time to cool it. Then use a scraper or grill brush to clean the grate’s burnt residue.

How do you season cast iron grill grates Char Griller?

For your grill’s complete seasoning, use a paper towel or brush to coat its interior. Also, coat the grates on both sides using either fat or oil. Moreover, you can use vegetables, flaxseed, or peanut to create high smoke points.


Now you know what the major Char griller pellet grill problems are. Hopefully, you will be able to detect and fix your pellet grill’s troubles by yourself.

Still, if you face any other issue except those mentioned above, comment on it. We’ll soon provide the solution for you.

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