Edenpure Heater Troubleshooting [9 Easy Solutions]

Edenpure heater troubleshooting guide outlined the solutions to the heater’s problems, including it won’t turn on, won’t turn off, keep shutting off, the fan not working, and the heater has no power.

The other troubles are temperature issues, i.e. heater is not heating or overheating, heater’s loud fan, heater blowing cold air, and heater beeps 3 times.

edenpure heater troubleshooting

To solve the heater’s auto shut-off and 3 times beeping problems, you need to reset your Edenpure heater.

Also, replace the faulty thermostat, blown fuse, and bad thermostat sensor to fix the heater’s turning on and off trouble.

Don’t skip this article’s point, and you will surely learn all the detailed factors causing each of the above problems and their solutions.

Edenpure Heater Troubleshooting [9 Easy Solutions]

Edenpure heater’s major issues and their simple solutions are:

1. The Heater Won’t Turn On

The Edenpure heater operates best below 75 degrees temperature. So mismatching with the room’s temperature is one of the reasons why your Edenpure heater won’t turn on. The causes of it are:

  • Too warm room or room temperatures is more than 75 degrees
  • Storing the heater at freezing temperature
  • The heater didn’t get enough time to warm up
  • The power outlet is not supplying enough power
  • The front power switch of your Edenpure is set to off position
  • Faulty internal thermal protection
  • Baffled thermostat


After plugging your Edenpure heater at the electric outlet, if it fails to turn on, then check the power supply outlet and repair it if required. The other solutions are:

  • Make sure your room is not too warm, or the temperature is below 75 degrees
  • Don’t store your heater at freezing temperature  
  • Ensure the heater is getting enough time to warm up properly
  • Check the power outlet, replace the defective outlet, and make sure it is supplying enough power
  • Set your Edenpure heater’s front power switch to the on position
  • Replace the defective internal thermal protection and faulty thermostat

2. Heater Keeps Shutting Off

After turning on your Edenpure heater, it may keep shutting off after a few seconds on its own without notifying you. Automatically heater shutting off is another issue, and the factors accountable for it are:

  • Dirty filter
  • Broken overheat limit sensor
  • Thermostat malfunction  
  • Broken sequencer
  • Thermostat’s damaged wiring or loose connection


The Edenpure heater won’t stay lit is a major trouble, and it creates a disturbance to the user in using the heater. The heater’s automatic shut-off requires resetting it. The other fixing ways are:

  • Properly clean the filter
  • Replace the damaged overheat limit sensor, faulty thermostat, and broken sequencer
  • Check the thermostat’s wires and connection. Tighten the loose connection and replace the damaged or corrupted wiring

3. Fan Not Working

Edenpure heater fan not working or stopping working is another reason for which you require the troubleshooting guide.

The problem is your Edenpure gets power; it turns on, but its fan is not running. As a result, the heater stops working. The responsible factors for it are:

  • Dirty or clogged filters
  • Blown-out thermal fuses
  • Tripped or overloaded circuit breakers
  • Fan’s improper installation
  • High temperatures
  • Overused Quartz inside the heater


For solving the above-mentioned troubles, follow the easy fixing ways below:

  • Clean the filter’s dirt and debris build-up
  • Replace the blown-out thermal fuses and tripped circuit breakers
  • Avoid using too many appliances in one outlet to reduce its overloading
  • Ensure the fan’s proper installation inside the heater
  • Before turning on your heater, check the room’s temperature

4. The Heater Has No Power

Edenpure heater has no power is a big reason why your heater stops working. No power supply to the heater hinders the heater’s smooth operation. The main reasons behind it are:

  • Defective power transformer
  • Blown fuse
  • Front control board malfunction
  • Faulty high-limit switch (heat sensor)
  • Thermostat malfunction
  • Bad AC cord and its ground


Solve your Edenpure heater’s no-power issue following the fixing ways below:

  • Check and replace the malfunctioning power transformer, blown fuse, bad front control board, and lousy high-limit switch
  • Replace the defective thermostat
  • Inspect the AC cord’s ground and replace the flawed AC cord

5. Temperature Issues

Depending on the temperature issues, your heater may go through two types of troubles. Those are: Edenpure heater not heating and Edenpure heater overheating. Let’s discuss the details causes and solutions of these two situations:

i) Edenpure Heater No Heat or Limited Heat

The Edenpure heater turns on, but no heat is a common problem that the users often go through.

If you experience your Edenpure heater is producing no heat, limited heat, or the fan not heating at all, be sure that the following factors are creating troubles:

  • Heating element’s improper resistance
  • Non-working or faulty heating elements
  • Defective high-limit switch
  • Broken, cracked, or discolored ceramic ends of the bulb
  • Damaged quartz elements
  • Excessively whitened wire insulation
  • Faulty thermostat


If your Edenpure heater goes through all of the above problems, you should follow the easy solving ways below:

  • Test your Edenpure heater’s proper resistance. The resistance measure should be between 14Ω +/- 5% (13.3Ω – 14.7Ω).
  • Visually inspect the heating element’s connection and replace the bad heating elements.
  • Replace the faulty high-limit switch or bulb with broken, cracked, or discolored ceramic ends and damaged quartz elements
  • Also, replace the excessively whitened wire insulation and defective thermostat.

ii) Edenpure Heater Overheating

Edenpure heater overheating is another aspect of the temperature issue. If you see your heater is overheating, you should check the following factors responsible for it:

  • The fan is not spinning freely
  • The fan’s motor or bearing is making excessive noise
  • Dust or dirt build-up in the fan
  • Faulty fan sensor
  • Defective high-limit switch
  • Heating elements malfunction, and their improper connections or wiring


Even if your Edenpure heater is off, the shorted wires in your heater cause the heating element to get power. Thus ensure there are no shorted wires in your heater. The other solutions are:

  • Inspect the fan and ensure that it is spinning freely
  • Make sure the fan’s motor or bearing is not generating excessive noise
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to clean the fan’s dirt or dust build-up.
  • Replace the defective fan sensor, and bad high-limit switch
  • Ensure the heating element’s proper wiring and connection and replace the malfunctioning heating elements

6. Heater’s Loud Fan

Loud fan or fan making noise while running is another issue that the users frequently face in using the Edenpure heater. You may encounter it for the following reasons:

  • The fan is not mounted properly
  • Dirt or dust build-up in the fan’s blade
  • Bad bearing or motor
  • Faulty fan assembly


If you notice your Edenpure heater’s fan is making noise, you should immediately do the following to fix it:

  • Visually inspect your heater’s fan and ensure it is mounted properly
  • Clean the dust and debris build-up on the fan’s blade. Use a soft-bristle brush to clean the fan’s blade
  • Replace the malfunctioning bearings or motor and defective fan assembly

7. Heater Blowing Cold Air

Your Edenpure heater is blowing cold air because it is not functioning properly or operating correctly. Your unit is likely blowing cold air for the following reasons:

  • Dirt or dust builds up in the filter
  • Improper thermostat setting or thermostat is not set to “Heating Mode.”
  • Vents improper adjustments


To fix the above troubles, first, turn off your heater and then follow the effective ways below:

  • Clean the filter’s dirt or dust build-up
  • Check the thermostat setting and make sure your thermostat is set to “Heating Mode
  • Properly adjust vents

8. Heater Beeps 3 Times

Another major problem is that your Edenpure heater beeps 3 times after heating the power button, and then it stops working.

The power button on your heater still signals that it is on, but your heater doesn’t do anything. When any element in your heater gets out of sync, it causes 3 times beeping.


To fix your heater’s three times beeping fact, you have to reset your heater. Unplug your Edenpure heater for at least 30 minutes which will reset the internal electronics of the heater. Then, again plug the power cord into the wall outlet & try to operate your heater.

9. Heater Won’t Turn Off

Usually, after running for a short time, the heater will stop working once you dial the heater’s power switch to the “Off” position.

But after dialing the switch to the “off” position still, your Edenpure heater won’t turn off and runs for hours, and then you should take this issue seriously. The reasons leading to this are:

  • Faulty temperature sensor
  • The temperature sensor fails to reset
  • Malfunctioning On/Off control switch
  • The master power switch of your heater is set to the Off position


After turning off the heater, your Edenpure heater’s fan runs for a few minutes to cool down, and it’s normal.

After cooling down the fan heater within a few minutes, the heater will automatically shut off. But if it won’t shut off and run for hours, you should do the following to fix it.

  • Replace the defective temperature sensor and faulty ON/Off control switch
  • Make sure your heater’s temperature sensor is taking reset perfectly
  • Ensure the master power switch of your Edenpure heater is set to the “On” position

How To Reset An Edenpure Heater

You need to reset it whenever your Edenpure heater shuts off automatically or starts beeping. There is no reset button in the Edenpure heater. You need to reset your heater manually by following the easy steps below:

  • Turn off your heater’s power switch or down to “0”. Stand the unit upright in case of a tripped unit.
  • From the electrical wall outlet, unplug the heater’s power cord. Wait for 30 minutes and leave your Edenpure heater to unplug. Within these 30 minutes, your heater’s internal sensors will reset perfectly.
  • Now re-plug the power cord to the electric outlet.
  • Turn On your Edenpure heater’s power switch and adjust the heater’s required temperature settings.


Do EdenPure heaters have a fuse?

Yes, the Edenpure heaters have a fuse. The EdenPure heaters are rigged with a very good-grade thermal fuse. 

Is an EdenPure heater worth the money?

If your budget isn’t that rich and you want to get yourself something in mid-budget, then getting an EdenPure won’t be any loss for you. Implies, it is certainly worth it. 


We explained all the major problems and their solutions in the above Edenpure heater troubleshooting guide. Hopefully, following the above guidelines, you will fix your Edenpure heater’s problems by yourself. 

Still, if you struggle to resolve any issue, don’t forget to let us know. Just comment in the comment section, and you will definitely get the solution.

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    • Hi Hung

      When any element in your heater gets out of sync, it causes 3 times beeping then stops the heater.

      However, to solve the issue, you have to reset the heater. First, unplug your Edenpure heater for at least 30 minutes which will reset the internal electronics of the heater. Then, plug the power cord into the wall outlet again & try to operate your heater.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Best of luck!

    • Hi Randy

      Generally, a heater shuts off or blows cold air due to a dirty filter.

      Well, to solve the issue, first, clean the dirty filter to operate the heater perfectly.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Best of luck!

    • Hi Randy

      Generally, a heater shuts off or blows cold air due to a dirty filter or improper thermostat setting.

      Well, as the thermostat setting is high, to solve the issue, clean the dirty filter to operate the heater perfectly.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Best of luck!

  1. my eden pure gen 4 was new in box and stored for 10 yrs. it started and run perfict for one day. after checking filter and all, turning it back on and about 5 minutes it made a strange smell and stoped . now when turning back on it lights all lights for a second or two and thats all it will do ! Can you help me, or do I need to send it for repair ? Gale Friend 541 944 0793 thank you can help me.

    • Hi Gale

      Your heater is a new one but it was stored for 10 years. Well, to fix this heater issue, it would be wise to contact the Edenpure customer support center.

      Wish you all the best!

  2. We have an Edenpure XL1000. It worked fine the last time we used it 3 yrs ago. Now It just beeps a few times when we plug it in. Any suggestions? Sandra

    • Hi Sandra

      To fix your Edenpure beeping issue, reset your heater.

      To reset, unplug your Edenpure heater for at least 30 minutes which will reset the internal electronics of the heater.

      Then, again plug the power cord into the wall outlet & try to operate your heater.

      Hopefully, your heater beeping issue will be solved.

      Best of luck!

  3. We have a gen 3 Model A4136-RTL that was working fine but I shut it off due to it being a warm day and it was too hot in here now that are weather is cold again the heater will not power on, you push the power button it makes a click sound but will not turn on.

    • Hi Brenda

      To fix your Edenpure heater won’t turn on issue, first, make sure the front power switch is set to the “on” position. Then, reset it.

      To reset, unplug the power for 30 minutes. Then plug in the power again (Which will reset the internal sensors) & try to operate your heater.

      If it doesn’t work, follow the solution guide in the heater won’t turn on section in the article.

      Hopefully, you’ll get the solution.

      Wish you all the best!

  4. Our Edenpure heater works fine but it has an annoying squeak. We cleaned the fan and filter, and made sure the fan is mounted right, but it still squeaks. I put a phone book under the left wheel and it stops squeaking for awhile, but then starts up again. Is there another solution?

    • Hi Linda

      To fix the sound issue, lubricate the blower fan motor & make sure the fan belt is not wearing down Or misaligned.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best!

  5. I have the Gen4 and even after leaving for 30min or even a day to reset the unit it still runs for about 1-2min then shuts off with 3 beeps.

  6. Hello. I have an edenpure gen 3 that doesn’t get hot enough to heat a room. I have replaced all elements. They all glow but cant see the glow out the front. Im getting about 50 volt at all elements. Is this enough? Could the thermostat cause this?

  7. I have a Gen Model 500. It is a 2008 year model. We have never used it that much. This year we turned it on and it will not heat. All the lights come on when we turned the switch on and then it beeps 3 times. I did what the info said and unplug it from the wall but it did not reset. Any suggestions on what to do next. Are there places I can take it for repair.

  8. I have a Gen 3 Model 1000 that worked last winter. When I tried it recently, the red power light comes on, but neither the front panel buttons, nor the remote, will turn it on. No beeps. Filter is clean, and the unit has sat for more than 1/2 hour. What might I check/do next? Thanks!


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