Rec Tec RT 700 Problems [5 Easy Solutions] 

The major Rec Tec RT 700 problems are it is not igniting, won’t turn on, auger not working, temperature issue, and fire goes out. The temperature issue includes the Rec Tec RT 700 overheating or not heating.

All of these troubles cause much suffering for the users. Thus we have explored all the problems, the reason behind each issue and their solutions.

So keep reading, you will learn how to encounter all these major troubles with your Rec Tec RT 700 pellet grill.

Rec Tec RT 700 Problems [5 Easy Solutions]

This Rec Tec RT 700 troubleshooting guide contains all the major problems that you may encounter and their practical solutions. So let’s start the discussion:

1. Rec Tec 700 Not Igniting

Rec Tec 700 not igniting is one of the major problems of this wood pellet grill. When the grills don’t get enough power supply, it fails to ignite. The leading concerning causes of it are:

  • The igniter switch is in the off position
  • Excessive ash build-up or dirty firepot
  • Using low-quality or old wood pellets
  • A faulty hot rod igniter or hot rod is not producing heat
  • Auger is not feeding the pellets
  • Damaged power cable
  • Blown fuse


For fixing the above issues, follow the ways below:

  • Ensure that the igniter switch is in the “On” position
  • Remove the fire pot’s excessive ash build-up and clean it properly
  • Use high-quality and dry wood pellets
  • Replace the defective hot rod igniter, blown fuse, and corroded power cable
  • Ensure there are enough pellets in the hopper and the auger is feeding perfectly

2. Rec Tec Won’t Turn On

Another problem you may encounter is Rec Tec RT 700 won’t turn on. Mainly several factors are responsible for this issue, including the following:

  • Faulty hot rod igniter
  • Dirty burn pot and pellet grill
  • Damaged extension cord and power cord
  • Tripped internal breaker or tripped GFCI
  • Compromised controller
  • Defective power outlet
  • Blown fuse


The easy solutions to the above troubles are the following:

  • Replace the malfunctioning hot rod igniter, tripped GFCI, or internal breaker
  • Thoroughly maintain and clean your pellet grill and burn the pot
  • Repair the damaged cord. If not possible, replace it
  • Rec Tec RT 700 controller replacement is the best solution for compromised controller
  • Inspect the power outlet and repair or replace it

3. Auger Not Working

Rec Tec RT 700 auger not working is a common problem of this pellet grill. And several factors prevent the auger from spinning, including the following:

  • The defective or failed auger motor
  • Jammed auger
  • Auger stopped feeding wood pellets
  • Clogged auger due to debris and pellets
  • Pressure switch failure
  • Broken shear pin
  • Broken auger cable


To solve the above issues, you should follow the easy fixing ways below:

  • Replace the failed auger motor and faulty pressure switch
  • Remove the auger’s jam
  • Ensure the auger is feeding wood pellets properly
  • Remove the auger’s blockage by cleaning debris and pellets
  • Replace the auger’s broken shear pin and damaged auger cable

4. Rec Tec RT 700 Temperature Problem

Sudden temperature fluctuation is one of the major troubles users often encounter in using Rec Tec RT 700. The Rec Tec RT 700 temperature fluctuates abnormally.

For example, you set 250 degrees F at your grill’s controller, but suddenly it climbs up to 325 degrees F or drops to 200 degrees F. The two main aspects of your Rec-Tec temperature issues are:

(i) Rec Tec 700 Overheating

Rec Tec 700 overheating is one of the main aspects of the temperature issue. Suddenly this pellet grill’s temperature climbs up from the preset temperature and starts overheating. The main factors are:

  • Opening the lid frequently
  • Excessive wood dust and ash accumulation on the fire pot
  • Improper placement of heat baffle
  • Low-quality pellet-burning
  • Grill’s improper startup
  • Too many pellets in the firepot
  • Improper P-setting


The easy fixing ways of the above troubles are the following:

  • Don’t frequently open your grill’s lid
  • Remove the fire pot’s ash accumulation and wood dust and adequately clean it
  • Correctly place the heat baffle
  • Use high-quality pellets for burning
  • Perfectly set up the grill and its internal burning components
  • Remove excess pellets from the firepot
  • Properly maintain the P-setting

(ii) Rec Tec RT 700 Not Heating

Rec Tec RT 700, not heating is another temperature issue of this wood pellet grill. When the grill fails to heat up, it doesn’t stay at the right temperature.

Or when the Rec Tec RT 700 max temperature is not reaching correctly, the grill ends without getting hot. Several factors are responsible for this, including the following:

  • Moist or low-quality pellets
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Blocked or dirty firepot
  • Faulty auger
  • Deteriorated hot rod
  • Insufficient fuel supply or lack of enough pellets
  • Blown fuse


If your Rec Tec RT 700 fails to heat up correctly, you should follow the simple solutions below:

  • Use dry and well-seasoned pellets
  • Avoid using your pellet grill in extreme weather conditions
  • Remove the firepot’s blockage and adequately clean it
  • Replace the defective auger, faulty hot rod, and blown fuse
  • Ensure there are enough pellets in the grill

5. Fire Goes Out

Rec Tec RT 700 won’t stay lit, or the fire going out after a few minutes is a significant issue. The main accountable factors for it are:

  • Faulty temperature sensor
  • Dirty RTD probe
  • Filthy burn pot or excessive ash accumulation on it
  • Inconsistent pellet supply
  • Using a low-quality pellet
  • Auger jammed due to wet pellet  


If suddenly or frequently fire goes out in your Rec Tec RT 700 wood pellet grill, you should follow the ways below to solve it:

  • Replace the defective temperature sensor
  • Properly clean the RTD probe
  • Remove the burn pot’s ash or dirt build-up and clean it
  • Supply pellet consistently in enough amount
  • Use high-quality dry pellets
  • Remove the auger jam


How do I get more smoke from my Tec 700?

Add more pellets to your Rec Tec RT 700 grill to get more smoke. You will get a deflector under your grill’s drip pan and put a couple of chunks of fuel on it. It will help to get more smoke by removing the pellet feeding limit.

How long does it take a Rec Tec 700 to heat up?

Your selected temperature in the grill, and the weather conditions are two crucial factors determining how long the Rec Tec 700 grill requires for heating up. In general, 20-30 minutes need to heat the temperature at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why is smoke coming out of my Rec Tec Hopper?

Smoke is coming out of your Rec Tech hopper, and this situation is called Blackburn. The main reasons this Blackburn occurs are the auger is heating to the specific smoke point, defective grill, the auger is not feeding pellets, dirty firepot, etc.

How do I get extreme smoke on my Rec Tec?

You can get extreme smoke on your Rec Tec at 180 degrees. If you have limited time to smoke at 225 or 235 degrees, you could use this Rec Tec RT 700 extreme smoke option.


Now you know what the major Rec Tec RT 700 problems are and their effective solutions. If you face any of the above issues, don’t get scared.

Instead, follow our solutions mentioned above and fix the trouble yourself. Still, if you fail, we are here to help you. So comment and let us know whether you succeed or not.

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