Master Forge Electric Smoker Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

The most common Master Forge electric smoker problems include not turning on, keeps tripping the GFCI breaker, constantly shutting down, not smoking foods. Smoker not heating up, leaking out grease, jammed, or not burning properly are also some of the general problems with your electric smoker. 

master forge electric smoker problems

Our comprehensive master forge smoker troubleshooting guide will help to break drown your current smoker problem. So, stay connected with our website till the end. 

Master Forge Electric Smoker Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

While operating an electric fireplace, you may face several issues. Operating the system having the problem is quite impossible.

There need for some effective and quick solutions. Here, you will get effective solutions to all common problems. Let’s get started…

1. Smoker Won’t Turn On

It’s a very common scene that sometimes the smoker is not turning on. There are several reasons behind this problem. The first reason is your smoker is not plugged in correctly. 

Also, blown fuses, and tripped circuit breaker easily leads to this situation. When the controller wire is not connected to your electric smoker, your unit will not turn on. Now have a look through the fixing methods:


  • First, start checking the power whether it is connected properly or not.
  • Now check the fuse box. If there are any defective, replace them ASAP.
  • Check all the connections of the smoker. In the case of any loose wiring or component, tight them.
  • Then, verify that the GFCI breaker is not tripped. If it is tripped, see the section below to fix the issue.

2. Smoker Keeps Tripping GFCI Breaker

Smoker keeps tripping the breaker is one of the most typical problems of any electric smoker. First, let’s know the reasons for occurring this issue-

  • Internal moisture elements
  • If too many appliances are plugged into one circuit
  • Rust spots on the heating element.


  • First, plug the smoker into a different outlet.
  • Then check if your electric smoker is plugged in correctly. 
  • If all that doesn’t work, turn off the smoker. Unplug it from the main socket.
  • After that, inspect the smoker. Now check if there are any moisture or greasy smoker component. If so, dry out quickly.
  • Have a look at the heating element also. If there are any spots on any part, clean out it or replace that element.
  • Now remove all the residues of the smoker properly. Use soap and water for better cleaning.
  • After drying out, plug in the unit again. 
  • If this problem still occurs, confirm the smoker is using the correct voltage.
  • Now rest the smoker. If you don’t find the electric smoker reset button in your model, there is another way. Just hold down the clear button from the control for 5-10 seconds.

3. Smoker Not Smoking

Placing the smoker in windy elements, not enough preheating, having a damp cloth, and not enough or no more wood chips will occur Master Forge digital electric smoker not smoking problem.

No worries, you can solve this tiny issue by following our below-suggested methods:


  • At, first give your smoker enough time to get heated. Eventually, the smoker properly works within 200-250 degrees.
  • If there is any damping cloth near the cooking system, remove it.
  • Don’t place the smoker in an open windy area.
  • Also, check whether you are placing foods inside the smoker in the correct place and correct manner.
  • Add more wood chips to burn if there is not enough.
  • Avoid inserting uneven food into the smoker.

4. Electric Smoker Not Getting Hot Enough

If you can notice that your Master Forge smoker is not heating element, you should fix it to operate the smoker again manually. If the control malfunctions, the smoker will not heat. 

Additionally, the incorrect venting system pulled electric lead, insufficient fuel supply, and faulty wirings will cause your smoker temperature issue. However, you can fix all the issues. Have a look through below:


  • First, turn off the power switch and unplug the smoker.
  • Inspect the smoker carefully.
  • Then adjust the controller correctly.
  • Set the thermoset temperature accurately for cooking.
  • Make sure that there is enough fuel supply to the system. If not, refill the tank.
  • Place the unit in a sheltered area, not a windy environment, to control heat loss.
  • Don’t forget to check the smoker lid is tightly held. 

5. Smoker Leaking Grease

While operating a smoker, sometimes it seems that grease is leaking out smoker through the door and legs.

The situation is not quite normal and needs to be a quick troubleshot. But before that, have a look through why this problem is causing:

  • If the drip pan is not in place.
  • By building up excess grease and oil in the unit.
  • Defective drain tube.

Now go through the below solutions processes:


  • Start by repositioning the drip pan. Ensure that the holes line up with the unit’s drain hole.
  • If there is excessive oil and grease in the system, properly clean out these.
  • Now check the drain tube that is perfectly draining. 

6. Smoker Not Burning or Jammed

Sometimes, it is also seen that the smoker is thoroughly jammed or damaged and is not burning correctly. This stops the normal working flow of the smoker. 

A few reasons are responsible for causing this problem. Trapped wood chips, very softwood chips, clogged smoking elements, and dirty appliances often lead your smoker to this problem. 


  • First, remove all debris from the appliance and clean out the smoker properly.
  • Then, remove the trapped wood chips if there are any.
  • Ensure that you are using perfect wood chips for smoking. Don’t use pine or fir for smoking.
  • The rusted element should be replaced or cleaned out to fix the problem.  

7. Smoker Keeps Turning Off

A problematic control probe is the first and foremost reason for causing your electric smoker keeps shutting of frequently. Electric won’t get power on a faulty control prob. 

Also, malfunctioning of the GFCI breaker, rusted smoker component, clogged heating element, electricity loss, and sometimes a very old system cause the smoker to shut off constantly. The quick-solving procedures are:


  • First, turn off the smoker and unplug it.
  • Then scrutinize the smoker.
  • After that, unplug the probe and check whether there are any damaged pins.
  • If you find faulty pins, you have to replace the prob.
  • Also, replace all the rusted components. But before that, try to clean it with soapy water.
  • Always try to place smokers in dry areas to prevent rust spots.
  • Replace the GFCI out in case it’s faulty. 
  • Verify all the entire parts and wires tighten perfectly. 


Why does my smoker take a long time to heat up?

If the unit is plugged into with an extension cord, the electric smoker will take time to heat up. Also, the malfunctioning of the controller, and opened door causes this problem.

Why is there a gap between the door and the smoker?

The problem will occur in your electric smoker if the door is not aligned or for a damaged door seal.

Final Verdict:

Throughout this article, we have covered the most happening problems with your Master Forge smoker and their complete solutions. Hopefully, our discussion could be helpful and informative for you. Still, if you have any quires, don’t forget to ask us in the comment box. 

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